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Elyse Y. Robinson

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I am an expert in moving abroad and staying abroad with a business mindset. I have a passion for improving an individual's quality of life by moving abroad. The country you live in may not be for you! I have a great understanding of moving abroad as this is my everyday life.

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Do not hesitate to approach me for speaking opportunities related to inspiration and making changes in your life, moving and living abroad, and/or expatriate life. I can also can act as MC, presenter, dialogue facilitator, and moderator at business conferences.


📝 My Blog

My blog about my daily life in Mexico or wherever I am at the time. Hints, tips, and tricks on how to move and stay abroad.

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👩‍🏫 Leave That Life | Udemy

Check out my course for what to do before and after you move abroad.

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Check out my book for what to do before and after you move abroad.

Undefeatable Foundation

A nonprofit that helps American youth travel and learn a language. Help give youth a valuable skill, another language, for the 21st century so each youth will become a valued global citizen.

🎨 Paintings | For Sale

Abstract, beautiful, and colorful paintings for sale, hand painted by me.

🥄 Overeat.it | Food Blog

My food critic blog, since I live in Mexico, I decided to write about all the tasty foods I eat weekly.