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April 2021

Double Life With a New Career in IT ☁

March 2021

Career Hacks for Free Technical Certifications
#HIREBLACK Shoot your Shot LIVE - 5 minute pitches

February 2021

America Almost Kill Me
I Know It's Been A Long Time

November 2020

Do's and Don'ts of Living in a Foreign Country

October 2020

I'm Back!

July 2020

You Can't Love Your Family TOO Much
How is the Diet and Food in México?
Home Buying Tour #2 in Merida, Mexico
I Am Buying a Home in Mexico

June 2020

I'm Getting Married
México Finally Reopens
Redesigned the Web Site

May 2020

Killing The Blacks Make the Coronavirus Disappear
What Are Are You Afraid of Exactly? #Fearlessness
Will México Reopen Next Week?
When Will México Reopen?

April 2020

I Went Outside on Day 26 of Quarantine in Mexico
Obesity & the Coronavirus
Stay in Your Home Without the Coronavirus
Stop Waiting On Other People

March 2020

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part V
How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part IV
How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part III
How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part II
How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico

February 2020

What is my favorite candy in Mexico?
Expatriate Health Insurance

December 2019

Merry Christmas!
I Finished My First University Course in Mexico

November 2019

My 3 Year Anniversary of Leaving America
Get Off of Me!
Review of Hotel Lira...a Sex Hotel in Mexico City

October 2019

Scammed by Manos Accelerator
Second Time: Meal Prep Delivery Service in Mexico
Take A Look at a Brand New Neighborhood Outside of Merida, Mexico

September 2019

I Tried A Meal Prep Delivery Service in Mexico
A Visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor in Mexico
I Took A Cooking Class in Mexico
What Skills Are Needed Overseas?

August 2019

Eye Healthcare in Mexico
But Did You Die Though?!
A Look Inside an Old Merida, Mexico Home
Seven Corners Insurance Review
I Got a Piercing and Microblading in Mexico

July 2019

I Almost Died in Mexico
Terrible Dental Care & My Crazy Ass Neighbor

June 2019

My Grocery Bill For 06/29/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico
My Day Trip to Telchac and San Crisanto
I Saw A Nutritionist in Mexico
My Grocery Bill For 06/15/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico
How to Live RIGHT in a Shit Hole Country
My Grocery Bill For 06/06/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico
I Got Major Surgery in Mexico

May 2019

My Feet, My Neck, My Back, My Hips, My BLOOD

April 2019

Healthcare in Mexico and Why it’s So Bad
My Grocery Bill For 04/19/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico
My Grocery Bill For 04/09/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico
Can You Plan Your Life?
I Scratched My First Lottery Ticket in Mexico

March 2019

Sorry, Moving Overseas Ain’t For Everyone
My One Year Anniversary of Being an Immigrant to Mexico
My Grocery Bill For 03/28/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico
No Honors, No Awards
Reverse Culture Shock and My First Pitch
Culture Shock
Mexican Zucaritas or United States Frosted Flakes?

February 2019

Entrepreneur Life
My First Electric Bill in Merida
A Green Orange 🍊 in Mexico - Naranja Agria
My First Date in Merida

January 2019

Black Art in Mexico
Bucket List Item Checked
My First Facebook Live About Living Overseas in Mexico
Walking Through a Merida Neighborhood
Signs and Symbols
Do other countries have warnings about Dairy, Meat, etc?
Welcome to Jekyll!
2018 is over! What did you do this year that was out of this world?

December 2018

I Just Knew
How to Open a Coconut
In Awe of this Melanin and Health in Another Country
What is IT? A Vibrator in My Luggage
Finding an Apartment in Merida
THIS is my new home in Merida, Mexico!
My New Home in Merida, Mexico
Life Changes, I Deal

November 2018

Lake Atitlán and Pacaya Volcano Adventure Videos
Pacaya Volcano and Lake Atitlán Adventure
Time for Vacation in Guatemala

October 2018

The Market in Antigua, Guatemala
My Last Day of Spanish School in Guatemala
Ready to Leave Guatemala
Guatemala Sucks
First Time in a Foreign Hospital in Antigua, Guatemala

September 2018

A Disrespectful Bitch Trying to Play Me in Guatemala
I Did Ziplining in Guatemala
My Spanish Teacher in Guatemala Loves Me
The Gawking in Guatemala
Smoking Volcano in Guatemala
Dos Cucarachas and Living in Guatemala for a Month
Black = Novelty

August 2018

Toe Fuckery at the Spa - Bamboo Antigua Spa
Spanish Progress in Guatemala
Free Private Tour in Antigua, Guatemala
Progress With Spanish and Food Poisoning in Guatemala
The Struggle in Antigua, Guatemala
Chocolate Museum and Wine Tasting in Guatemala
My First Week in Guatemala is Over!
Videos of GORGEOUS Antigua, Guatemala
A Black American Woman Does A Homestay in Guatemala
My First Day at Spanish School
I Have Arrived in Guatemala
Guatemala and Language Immersion

July 2018

A New Adventure in Antigua, Guatemala
Am I Lactose Intolerant in Mexico?
Struggling in the US
What can $196 pesos get me in Mexico City?
Grabbing Some Tacos at a Taco Cart in Mexico City
Deodorant Review #6 of 12 - Stank Stop Deodorant
Review on Google Voice
Out and About with Steak Tacos in Mexico City
I'm Growing Jalapenos in Mexico City
Black Folks Get Followed All the Time
I Visited the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland
New York City Day Trip

June 2018

Jobs Here in Mexico City
Black in Mexico and Hair, Body Care and I Don’t Want For Anything
Zombie Fest in Mexico City
Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!
First Time Flying as a Mexican Resident
Do I Miss the United States?

May 2018

Becoming a Mexican National and Taxes as a US Citizen
BeAForeigner.com and The Lonely Expat Life
My First Interview in Mexico City
Medicine is Much, Much Cheaper in Mexico
Robbery in Mexico City
How To Live overseas Without Going Broke
A Mexico City Bull Fight #BRUTAL

April 2018

Deodorant #5 of 12 Review - PiperWai
A Bad Storm in Mexico City
Charles Schwab Bank - Best Bank for Americans that Travel and Live Overseas
I Had a Seizure in Mexico City

March 2018

Review of Rappi - Latin America's Wonderful Delivery App
I Straddle Two Worlds
I'm OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY a Permanent Resident of Mexican!

February 2018

My First Time Going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
After the Earthquake in Mexico City

January 2018

Deodorant Test #4 - Thinksport Unscented Natural Deodorant
A Look Inside a Mexico City Condo For Sale
Date at the Pyramids in Mexico City
Deodorant Test #3 - Lafes Roll on Deodorant
Deodorant Test #2 - Thai Deodorant Mist Roll-On
2 Delicious Fruits You Can Find in Mexico
Deodorant Review #1 - Weleda Wild Rose Spray Deodorant

December 2017

I Got in a Car Accident in Mexico City

November 2017

Chemtrails and Processed/Preservatives in Food
My 1 Year Anniversary and Ricky Martin
Festival Internacional del Globo de Leon
Cat Calling in Mexico City
What is dairy like in Mexico?
Gym Costs in Mexico City and I Got A Filling
I Got a Haircut in Mexico City

October 2017

I Went to Mexico City's First Day of the Dead 2017
Another Apartment for Rent in Mexico City
Another Apartment for Rent in Mexico City
After the 2017 Earthquake in Mexico City

September 2017

I Was Not in the 2017 Mexico City Earthquake
How I Almost Died From A Sandwich in Mexico City
2017 Earthquake in Mexico City, I'm Safe!
UPDATE: My Living Expenses in Mexico City
Agave, Chocolate, Cafe Fest in Mexico City

August 2017

My Family is Safe in Houston from Hurricane Harvey
Dinner in the Sky Mexico City at the Teotihuacan Pyramids
My Second Date in Mexico City
How Moving Overseas Forces You to Become A Minimalist
My First Date in Mexico City
Reggae Night and My First Mexican Fight on the Train

July 2017

Torta Food Festival in Mexico City
Review of The Lena Cup Menstrual Cup
My Daddy is Fine Now, I'm Coming Back to Mexico City
My Father is Sick
Minimize Your Expenses While Living Overseas
Review: VivaAerobus Mexico's Discount Airline

June 2017

How Easy it is to Obtain Medicine in Mexico
Pics From Cancun
Review: Airbnb in Cancun
Made it to Cancun!
Review: Telmex - Internet in Mexico
Cancun and Dating
My First Mexican Festival

May 2017

Huge List of Teaching English Online Companies
Review: Raw Chicken in Mexico Comparison
How Much I Spend on Groceries in Mexico City
How to Bring Your Dog to Mexico
Review: Black American Museum in Washington DC
Podcast Interview
Review: Priceline Name Your Own Price
Why You Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) When Leaving the Country

April 2017

How to Deal with Homesickness While Overseas
Grutas Tolantongo
Review: World Trade Center - Bellini Restaurant
Happy Easter
I Guess I'm Finally Settled
My First Mexican Festival
Review: Uber Eats in Mexico City
Mexico City Food Tour

March 2017

5 Things I Hate About Mexico City
10 Things I Love About Mexico City
Review: Krystal Grand Reforma Uno in Mexico City
The Expenses I Gave Up By Moving to Mexico
Nigerian Food in Mexico City
Review: Lucha Libre, That Mexican Wrestling, in Mexico City
Review: Xochimilco Boat Ride in Mexico City
Fleeing America: The Grass is Greener
A Black Woman Climbs the Teotihuacan Pyramids
Review: Chapultepec Castle Has Black History

February 2017

Don't Listen in Mexico
Review: Six Flags Mexico

January 2017

Bull Fighting in Mexico City
Real Live Black Expats
Review on WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffel Bag A2021
New Apartment in Mexico City
Review of the Radisson Paraiso Perisur Hotel in Mexico City
I Visited the Zocalo Area of Mexico City

December 2016

Elyse is Missing in Action
Review of the Oasis Coyoacan Mall in Mexico City
A Wasted Day
Another Update to My Life in Mexico City
Explanation to this Life of Mine
My Spanish Progress
Today Was a Good Day in Mexico City
My First Day of Spanish Class in Mexico City
Two Days Before Spanish Classes
I Survived First Week Living in Mexico City
A Wonderful Day in Mexico City

November 2016

I Did Nothing Today in Mexico City
My Second Day is Better in Mexico City
My First Day in Mexico City
I Have Arrived in Mexico City
I'm Moving to Mexico City
Rest in Peace Momma
Countdown Time to Quito, Ecuador

October 2016

Packing List of Medicine
Packing List of Shoes
Packing List of Clothes
Carry On Only
Where Will I Go to Next?
China Driving is Crazy

September 2016

First Class to Beijing on United Airlines
A Review of the Langham Hotel in Beijing

August 2016

My First Day in Mianyang
I Made it to Beijing
I Am Heading to China
Why Am I Moving to China?
The Countdown to Leave for China Starts
I Quit My Good Ol Government Job With No Regrets
I Left Tucson, Arizona for A New Life

July 2016

Buy a China Cell Phone Sim Card Before You Leave
A Weird Dream I Had About China
Booking a Hotel in Beijing
Getting my Work Permit for China
Buying My Plane Tickets to China
American Airlines Points Structure Sucks
Get Health Insurance Before You Leave the Country
I'm Not Going to Costa Rica
Minimalism is the Key
What I Receive as a University Employee in China
Searching for a Flight to China
I'm Moving to China!

June 2016

My Fantastic Trip to Hilo, Hawaii
My First Solo Trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Welcome to My Blog