Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

Elyse Y. Robinson | Black American Woman in Mexico

Double Life With a New Career in IT ☁

New life alert! New life alert! Splitting time between two countries and switching careers after an almost 5 year hiatus.

Career Hacks for Free Technical Certifications

I was invited by Blacks in Technology to discuss 🖨 www.NewsIn.IT and how I have obtained countless free trainings and certifications in IT to start my career.

#HIREBLACK Shoot your Shot LIVE - 5 minute pitches

I signed up to pitch about 🖨 https://www.NewsIn.IT at an event.

America Almost Kill Me

I was in Texas during the snow storm and it was horrible. I have lived in China, Guatemala, and Mexico and I survived.

I Know It's Been A Long Time

Just a quick update on what's been going on in my life. Safe and happy.

Do's and Don'ts of Living in a Foreign Country

Some good stories about what I have seen from dumb foreigners in México. Please don't move to another country and do these things!

I'm Back!

I've been gone in the states for 2 months then a bunch of other stuff happened. Just updates to this Black American in México Life.

You Can't Love Your Family TOO Much

Real, truthful updates on Mexico and how I feel about still being here during the pandemic. I instantly know who is not moving overseas by this one statement. Getting the fuck up out of dodge!

How is the Diet and Food in México?

I have been gone a month, but I haven't felt like being on camera or talking. Just an update on life here in Mexico with the coronavirus. Drastic changes have taken place so I'm going to head out. I did an interview with a friend who is a personal trainer and is wonderful at what he does. We talk about diet and exercise in Mexico.

Home Buying Tour #2 in Merida, Mexico

This home is a little bit more fancy. I almost broke my neck on the rocks in the house. Don't ask me WHY that's a thing here...I think it's stupid. There is nothing around this home because the town is being built up.