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I Almost Died in Mexico | Elyse Y. Robinson

I Almost Died in Mexico

July 25, 2019

I Almost Died

This has been a trying past few days. I almost died…

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This is episode number 61 and I’ve been sick yeah almost died and Mexico so I call myself going to TJF because I was hungry I’ve been taking these B vitamin pills and yard AB heavy starving like in pain starving Okay, I’m stop taking them because I got tired of the pain but I mean like bout to claw my stomach out

and strangle somebody type pain hungers,


or hunger pains Excuse me.

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Hunger Bay’s like the B vitamins are no joke but I read that if you are a B vitamin deficient it will increase your appetite because you’re deficient and one of the side effects of being deficient in B vitamins is not being hungry as much as you as you should be. I mean, I was I was dropping dollars on eat now because I couldn’t cook fast enough to eat I will eat my food before I was able to you know the literally could get

so yeah, I had to stop them vitamins

don’t show

my little bony ass but

so I found myself going to TGIF again something he because I was hungry and I usually go there and get a burger and now the burgers in Mexico are disgusting for a country that seasons their food so damn well okay. You You won’t have like bland food unless you go to one of these expensive ass restaurants and in Mexico at least in Mexico City. I’m married is hit hit or miss on some damn leg for real really found and where I’m just like OMG like I gotta go to it every day of my life. Mexico City is different because the big city of course but

it food the same bland here.

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then burgers though.

I don’t know who told him it’s like they don’t even put salt and pepper on it. They just put the shit on the grill and just like the hair. So I go to the American restaurants to get my burger fix. And so I usually go to TGI if I need to check out Texas Roadhouse and their burgers and see if they’re good, but and I tried chilis there’s a don’t have no flavor. So chilies is out.


I get pork belly nachos. No, no pun intended on the belly. And I shouldn’t know because they were like lukewarm they weren’t even high. So I ate them. You know Friday, Friday, Friday afternoon Friday night was on the toilet. Oh my gosh it Here we go again. So if you listen to my previous podcast I did one on food poisoning here so this will be my third time I think first time was a sandwich. I still ain’t found a sandwich that was that damn good as that sandwich I had a and second time was Indian food they were real ass Indians. They cook my food so is about as real Indian is it going to be but any food is third time TGI if your phone Oh no. So I mean it’s like a three course a three day course sickness. I mean I’ve never been sick for longer than that. I couldn’t eat and being off and B vitamin pill jobs I was about ready to kill somebody that’s that’s when I stopped taking them because otherwise I would have started i would i would i would probably committed suicide for Reba why she commits suicide she was hungry. She was hungry and she couldn’t take it like and not to say that suicide is a laughing matter but like I’m telling you out and B vitamins had me like ready to hurt somebody like literally hurt someone. So

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yeah, that’s what I could take an A B vitamins.

And I survived basically a water emergency for the electrolytes because you don’t want to have diarrhea and not replenish your electrolytes. And garlic since is supposed to be a natural anti biotic for the body. I think it’s the antifungal to so

took that

ain’t really hadn’t eat till Sunday night because by that time I was like okay, you’re going to be in passed out to little bony ass.

So I decided

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to open up a can of chicken noodle soup chicken and rice. They said rice is supposed to be good for your gut. Because the rice whole holds and you’re good and Won’t you know just just come out usually. So I finally got something to eat Sunday night. Monday, my stomach was still kinda kind of hurting men today I had a beef beef steak burrito, which was delicious. I did another one of those. So yeah, I probably won’t be back to TG if they can, they can lick my ass as I like the same

name phone with them no more.

So that’s that. Then Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, early Wednesday morning. I call myself purging is bad energy that’s been going on. So I lit up some sage. Now my apartment is cool, it’s livable, I could definitely do better for what number one for what I’m paying.

Number two

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especially since it’s low season now there’s all kinds of opportunities to move. But I just don’t know what my life is looking like at this point.

And I definitely want to move back to Mexico City.

So I didn’t want to lock into another six months or 12 months lease I’m on a month to month right now. And hopefully I have some kind of epiphany in December where she was like you got to pay another contract fee I’m like I’m gonna sign a contract with the honey another contract fee for it but anyway

so my apartment

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in my bedroom, a very well ventilated, the living room I’m never in because there’s no AC out there it’s just hot if I don’t get up at four o’clock in the morning and go sit in my living room and be out probably by 9am

at 18 being in my living room like that.

So I don’t even get to enjoy it my living room it be who had in there now what I could do is leave my AC own All night All day long and it will be cool in there cool enough to live but

Ain’t nobody got time for that right now I have my

fan on so because it’s not that hot it’s been raining.

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I have tiny windows in here there’s not very much sunlight I mean you can see the sun behind me but it ain’t really popping like that. I have my lights on in here that’s given me light because otherwise would be pretty damn dark in here for a turn my lights out.

So this is my living situation.

And plus when I moved here it was high season there wasn’t very many apartments available. Like a lot of white folks come from Canada and you know New York and Nebraska and shit and bring the ass down here. And then I leave in when it gets ridiculously high because you know they can’t stay in the sun so so now there’s all kinds of apartments available and this is one reason why they give six months leases because they bring the ass down here and take up all the properties. So like I said I could move but i’m not i’m just gonna stick it out.

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So yeah, burnt that sage.

Then let it air out enough. My allergies been kicking my ass because it is whether it changed drastically. Since this hurricane season, it’s been raining that rain and every day, but enough rain is storm dress today. It probably will storm again today.


So with all that factored in, I had an asthma attack about two o’clock in the morning. So I get up you know, feeling like a fish out of water

and then put on asthma pump.

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me working fast enough for me. So I start to have panic. Now I do have panic attacks. I will have one on you when the quickness. So I run over to my neighbor, and I’m knocking on his door and I’m like sir, like, I came Bry like, I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t breathe. He’s like calm down like fuck,

yo, calm down. Okay, and breathe.

So I’m like all night one way.

And so he calls


  1. For me, I’m not really paying attention where he talks about because you know about today. So the police comes first probably because he told I did hear that I’m American. I heard that party America. No.

Make sure there’s no foul play probably

is just my crazy old neighbor. Thank you mama for sending him like a mean, I mean to everybody. I mean to him, but

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he adores

my eyes. I love him to death. But that’s my new boo. We don’t get married.

So he hold me like I’m his baby, you know what I’m saying? And I’m just like, thank you. Thank you. And then ambulance comes now, again, I’m in panic mode. I don’t know how long it took, but it felt like it took forever.


So, I don’t know,

I couldn’t even give you a time on how long it took for an ambulance to come. And neither. I don’t know what my neighbor told them either. He brighter told him is not emergency she ain’t bleeding.

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they might have took a sweet time. I don’t really know. But not to say that I’m, you know, happy to have experience just so I can see how long it takes. But I mean, it’s a story. It’s the story. You know, when I do my

lifetime movie, it’s gonna be so late. Yeah,

it’s gonna be so late.

It’s gonna be so late.

But um,

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yeah, so that was my experience like tuesday wednesday night. And then they came in check my oxygen levels and check my blood pressure me shit wrong me and it’s like, okay, little black girl. Little Black.

Y’all right? Now the thing is,

I don’t know if I’m gonna get a bill for the ambulance. I don’t know if the taxpayers food or way you know. Cuz you know, I’ve been an ambulance couple of times. I’ll call the ambulance a couple of times. And you’ll get $1,000 bill in the mail. Easy.

And then you have to pay it.

I didn’t sign anything. My neighbor sign stuff. I mean, they they didn’t write my name down. Right? That’s for sure.

Because I saw, but

um, and I meant to ask my neighbor, before I got on on the cam camera. So I could have a definite answer for you guys. But I’ll find out.

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that’s that free, free healthcare. And I’ve talked about this before and other podcast but asthma pumps. So it was a little bit more expensive in Mexico City. I don’t know why. Now, I don’t know in the States, if prescriptions are different in Houston than if it would be in and La than it would be in you know, Miami or something like that. If y’all could find an answer out, I appreciate it. I have us good RX. And I know that the different stores have different prices, but I don’t know if the different areas have prices. That’s actually a good question. Now, asthma pump here was 55 pesos. I think it was 85 pesos in Mexico City. And so 55 pesos is less than $3 Oh. So in the States, I was paying $40 for a pump. Okay, now here I can walk into the pharmacy because you know, as my serious, I know I have asthma, I don’t need no one to tell me I got it. I don’t mean no one to write me a prescription. I don’t know need to see a doctor. Every time I need a new pump. Okay, I just walk into the pharmacy, tell them what I need. And they give it to me for less than $3 in the states what would you have to do? Call make an appointment, it’d be a week out two weeks out.

Save time off from work school, whatever.

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You know, it, that’s assuming you got sick leave,

I would have to go to the doctor, pay a co payment waste more time. Then they’ll put in a prescription for me walk my ass over to Walgreens and pick wait for it Wait for it to get picked, you know for them to put my name on it and everything else cuz you know, everything has to be labeled. Then pay my low $40 copayment and I’d be done so we’re probably at a minimum minimum $150 Meanwhile, I’ll just walk into the pharmacy tell him what I need and get it there’s no there’s no wait I was in and out and five minutes or so. The only real wait was that there was other customers in front of me that was the way she went back there. Got the pump came back. Okay, that’s the price that’s

okay pay and go about my business.

And we can add that to the list on reasons on why I just cannot. I cannot.

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So imma leave

two of my favorite quotes.

Nothing is promised. You only live once. That’s what I live by.


over now

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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