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You Can’t Love Your Family TOO Much | Elyse Y. Robinson

You Can't Love Your Family TOO Much

July 31, 2020

You Can't Love Your Family TOO Much

Real, truthful updates on Mexico and how I feel about still being here during the pandemic. I instantly know who is not moving overseas by this one statement. Getting the fuck up out of dodge!

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Hey y’all.

My name is Elise Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico? Because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And so I quit my whole life in order to take care of my mother and how about my family. And so since I had nothing left, I decided to go explore the world and ended up in Mexico, Mexico City in particular, which is one of the largest cities on Earth. I see about put the yard, Cancun and Cabo but I had never heard of Mexico City, even though I live on the border twice. And so I’ve never stepped foot in Mexico either, because people always tell me and cartel is so dangerous also accomplish it. So

Mexico City was my first trip to Mexico.

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ended up falling in love with the place and call my father about a month, month and a half into something I was never coming back. And so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Be sure to like this video be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. If you listen to me our podcast Be sure to subscribe to that so you get the updates whenever I decide to update. Be sure to check out the blog at least robinson.com make sure you sign up for updates with fat Be sure to check out be a foreigner calm if you’re thinking about moving overseas. So if you have any questions about moving abroad and becoming a resident China Guatemala, Mexico anything, anything the visa process anything we should pack that’s necessary in another country doing $20 before questions I’ve dedicated about 15 minutes or so to questions and let you know what I find on it and give you very important information and accurate information if I don’t know I’ll direct you to somebody that does. And if you love me, be sure to hit the Donate link down below and my cash app which is Ms. Elise Robinson, and students who and I’ll just this this one is going to be about updates about Mexico Of course in the Coronavirus because it ain’t going nowhere no time soon, of course, um and also I want to talk about having the juice and people that love a family, which there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong because I love mine. I love mine to death but We’ll talk about it. So, update. So Mexico,

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the numbers are going up and down,

up and down, up and down. But again, like I’ve said in my previous YouTube videos and podcast, we don’t know the real numbers because, um, even Mexico has said that the numbers are up to 10 excuse me, eight times higher, eight times higher because people are paying corners all for death certificates and putting other shit on the death certificate. So if the person died from Coronavirus, they might push hard to get some because there’s a huge stigma supposedly in Mexico about dying from the Coronavirus. Nobody wants to relatives a data firm in which Oh understand Also it’s a huge thing that people don’t not think it exists here. They think that the government is killing people which I don’t know how that’s possible when every country on this earth is suffering from the shit, but maybe they don’t. Maybe the news ain’t telling the whole story. Oh no, because news I tell the whole story in the state so. But again, my sister is a essential health care worker so I get insider information.

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so blessed that

my friend He lives in another part of Mexico. She gives me information about her part of what’s going on in Mexico when she told me that one of her friends that lives in Mexico City said that there was a number of people that died on his streets alone. His streets unknown k m, which is very, very concerned.


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like I said, I have predicted months ago, when when I was sick with the shit that Mexico has Mexico’s gonna go through hell with this shit because people are obese people are overweight, they got high rates of diabetes and high rates a high blood pressure was not to be mean not to be evil not to be rude, but I mean already one foot in the grave, as they say you have underlying conditions unfortunately. So I’m putting them in a Bear Bear position. They said that one out of 10 people have diabetes in Mexico. That is a lot. That is a lot I don’t know if I talked about in my other podcast and the last one in my YouTube video, but I was with my Mexican family. And they’re literally snacking in front of me. And Funny enough, I brought I brought her a thing of yogurt to drink, and they have these little bottles of yoga to drink and I love them. They’re delicious. We have all kinds of flavors. She said she had never had one before, so I brought her one and whatever, but they were snacking on breadsticks. Okay, breadsticks and these little corn. I guess they’re like checks because like Mexican checks, doesn’t they would be like a check. That’s fucking disgusting. I think I have some of this Mexican checks in. Yes, but it’s like Mexican checks.

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So I’m like,

this far y’all look like that And y’all unhealthy and the dude was drinking Coke, like a big ass bottle of Coke. Like you know I clean my toilet that sometimes I order to get my American fix from Chili’s. So this is actually good here though discussing in the fucking states, um, get my American food fix and they have you order a drink with it as forced on you and I get cold I don’t drink it. I don’t drink it I pour down my toilet and clean it pour down there cleaning and sanitizing and everything else. That’s what I do with. So when you leave laughing

when you look in six months pregnant

So, like I predicted,

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people are dropping like flies, and it’s very unfortunate. I don’t know anyone personally though. I don’t know me personally, my friends. There’s another part of my squishy nose, I believe for people are reading for people and this was like within a span of a month like people were dropping it actually means no new personally. not here anymore. Um So yeah, so yeah, it’s, it’s terrible. And I’m not in a big city so I don’t even want to know what the hell is going on in Mexico City Cancun Cabo cuz it’s pretty damn bad here. Pretty damn bad here like I told you in my last podcast YouTube video. Like they said there was no ambulances, because they’re transporting COVID patients back and forth, which is really concerning, really concerning. So if any ambulance or somebody I know and he’s an alias to somebody else, and he’s in Lance, he can’t get one. And now that we have curfews At 1030 there are no Ubers there are no taxis there’s nothing out there. No buses no nothing. So it’s kind of like a death wish at this point. I’m not to say that Coronavirus I mean you could have anything you know, in the middle of the frickin night. So


gonna see what else they told. They have said that they’re not accepting any more patients at the private hospitals here that I keep saying that they’re not overflowing but if they’re not accepting any more patients does that make any sense now just so they can live they want to they can live they want to buy

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oh man

I mean, the hospitals are overflowing in the States. I mean, the States does have two times the population. But Mexico is way worse with the healthcare than the United States. So if the United States is overflowing Where do you think Mexico is doing? They’re overflowing to United States have death panels. I read months ago that Mexico had death panels. So this is numerous reveals online. I’m gonna go home with my family for a little bit, and my friends, some hopefully by then, we will at least have curfew. Oh, and it took away liquor, not to say that I’m alcoholic or anything. But you know, when I want a glass of wine, you know, once or twice a week, I should be able to get it. And then cutting off alcohol causes even more problems because if you’re an alcoholic, I mean Now you’re at the hospital because you’re going to die. So I don’t know whose bright ideas these are. Because this is the second time then, you know, LASIK, LASIK as they call it dry, dry long. So, yeah, I’m gonna go home and drink

coffee, go home and love on my family.

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I’m gonna go home and maybe we could take a vacation somewhere we’re doing no people got in the middle of freaking nowhere. Actually, I should go visit my relatives or in a car and visit my relatives on the middle of nowhere. Speaking of Russia, see how they do it out there? Like nothing anything. That’d be the perfect place to be at this point in time they got a lake and the river and everything else going on out there. It will be perfect. So

That’s what I’m gonna go do.


going to speak on cancon because I do have information on that too. Um, so cacoon is in Katana room, which is the state and so we have different colors I think I talked about this in my last podcast YouTube video different colors on green, yellow, orange and red so I believe my state has an effect in red and Katana Rue is back in red which is where Kane Cooney is right. So contado Rue went back to red, but can Kuhn is not in red. Now.

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Like I said, before,

cacoon never shut the fuck down. there was all kinds of Americans bringing as is here and I was just in my black groups. I don’t even know what the hell is going on in the white groups and Whatever. They were still coming in the middle of fucking epic pandemic, spread and shit. But Oh, no. So clean and everything. People are still moving here to. I don’t understand why Mexico has not closed down the borders. Well, I do. I need the money. Tourism is I believe they said 40% of the economy so I mean, I get it. I do. But my prediction gonna be right and I hope it ain’t. Mexico’s going to overtake. ever thought about moving overseas. The idea of moving to a different country seems exciting and can as well be tricky. going without a plan might not be the best idea. Seeing ways to go about moving to a different country can be challenging as you have to provide answers to questions like do I need a residency visa or work permit to stay or how do I secure a job what opportunities abound around the world, and how do I take advantage? Those are just a few minor issues to think about. Not to worry, be a foreigner and online community that helps people move overseas is exactly what you need. register with our online community then find opportunities, jobs, scholarships, online events, courses and more. Taking United States with this, mark my words going to overtake the United States with that, because number one, healthcare is not up to par any little, little towns, you know, that’s, that’s, that’s the fucked up part. And people keep bringing to ask they’re spreading the shit. And number three, and people are very unhealthy here. So when you see Mexicans in the state with a typical Mexican body, it’s a million times worse.

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That’s worse.

So yeah, I mean,

I don’t I don’t want to be worse but

I’m predicting it will be.

And the leadership here is just as bad as leadership in the States. The President was going around kissing on babies and saying he has some amulet that’s gonna protect him and he has something else he has something else to say was not protected by remember the animal.

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So yeah.

Honestly might leave Mexico for a little bit, maybe six months or so. And come back when it’s been. Because I am about to keep dealing with this damn shit for more months when I could be in another place that’s not doing the shit and now I’m on top of safety because y’all know what the fuck you’re doing out there either.


anyways, can cause naccho so if you want to come vacation and cancel you can and risk catching a virus because it’s bad out there very bad or something can happen like a car accident or something during break a finger and you will get health care because the hospitals Oh, but yeah, I hear that from me.

I hear definitely, but it’s the truth.

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Um and another hotspot is to loom that you know Americans like to vacation it to me and that’s the hotspot for the virus right now so, so come on down and catch the catch the fucking virus. Catch it cuz I caught it here. I caught it here. Cut it pretty fucking fairly soon. Cotton when I came back from the states in January, I think I caught it in Certain Way because I was out and about caught it and it got worse



speaking of flights out of here I posted in this one group and it was like a stuck I was like I am fucking stuck because flysky getting his so booked to fly and it was canceled and now I’m about to fly out and oh damn midnight. No, that’s not happening. Cuz if I go to the fucking you know what I can’t even go to the damn airport at midnight because we got a fucking curfew I have to be gone at nine o’clock and then what if they cancel the flight I want so I told me I’m getting my fucking money back and I’ll book it on another airline. So when I booked on the airline on this new one, I don’t think any I think I might be the only person on the flight so that’s probably going to get canceled too. And there are no direct flights flying out of here to where I’m trying to go, cuz I’m not about to do for freaking layovers to get home. So, um,

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plus is cheaper and cheaper to go through the big city.

But I gotta get to the big city first. I gotta get there first. So um, yeah, just cover your flights don’t mean don’t mean it to be able to go anywhere. They could potentially be canceled because Ain’t nobody fine. I mean, when I’m out, handling business out here. I mean, there’s nobody even on the streets driving around. It’s pretty damn scary. It’s very scary. When I have went downtown for my piercing to get repairs, no one was out and that’s just not normal. That’s just not normal. And that was what last month we actually That was what the second weekend June 2 weekend.

No one was out. So

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I just gotta keep trying and I have something very important I got to take care of when I leave in Mexico City, so I’m hoping this next fighting canceled class will be pretty damn fucked. I mean, hopefully they’ll let me reschedule them because it’s not like I have to go that day. But I just been trying to get out of here. I’m like really trying to get out of here. So, that’s that on that. I guess we get into the topic even though it is like 20 minutes.


So, um, this is where I got the idea for this. From that I was talking to a lady. And she was telling me that she wanted to come and Mexico and Mexico City in Marietta. And she was thinking about moving keyboard on thinking. It’s possible that I never go leave from a mile away at this point because I’m four years in this game four years in this damn game. So

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she mentioned her family.

And most people do mention a family on reasons why it would be hard for them to leave. Now, like I said, in the beginning, I love my family to death and every chance I get, I want to go home and visit them. Especially my nephew. That’s my heart. That’s my baby. Um, but I love my lifestyle more. So, you know, I chose this I chose this and it hurts sometimes it does hurt I would love for my family to be here with me. But it’s not time yet because I believe eventually they will move down here with me or wherever I’m gonna be here. Um, but those people that mentioned their family, I know immediately that they’re not leaving anywhere because that is such a strong pool of people. Most people cannot up and move somewhere without a family you know? And their friends and

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start a new you know,

I was I was I wasn’t in a good headspace when I left. Of course my mother passed away, but I just wanted to be by myself and to heal

and that’s what I did.

So, family didn’t come into play phrase and come into play. And I can always go back home. You know, Mexico’s right there. So it wasn’t like I was in China or Thailand or is another hotspot that people like to run off to. Ghana, Ghana, you know, it’s a freakin hour and a half flight. You know. So

when people mentioned family,

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I know immediately they ain’t going nowhere. They got to get rid of that whole, that whole family pool and be independent. Because if you got to depend on someone else, you’re not gonna make it. You’re not gonna make it sorry. Because you have to come and set up in a place you know nothing about, especially here in Mexico where, you know, you probably not gonna be able to speak the language. I mean, maybe Maybe God is different maybe tile is different because people actually speak English there. But by speaking English like that here, so you know how to figure out how to mind you they know English science, you know what I’m saying? And so the only person I had to depend on was myself and I didn’t make any contacts before I came in. I recommend everyone to make contacts before I go anywhere. Don’t don’t do what I did. I’m saying I was really old way of course. But yeah, I gotta get over that whole Oh, I mean, my mom. I mean, my daddy. I mean, my sister and my brother and my cousin my best friend. Cuz betting didn’t go work. Didn’t go more. If you need to go knock on a door right quick. That’s not gonna work. That’s not gonna work. Also, I told her before, before I left I mean, I had left what

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six years before to six years before that I left and

moved away from my family. So I only saw my family once a year because I mean flights are ridiculously expensive in states literally dropped five $600 which is have you read

on the banned plane ticket?

So you know, I had to Well, I take me back when I lived in San Diego in LA was cheap, it was a lot cheaper. So I used to go home a lot because fights committed would be like $100 if that and then I racked up flight points. So I’ve used those a lot. But when I landed in Boston when I went to Arizona and go home because

flies are expensive.

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So I was already on the kick of being independent. You know, I was already on the kick of being independent in not needed my family as much as As much as I used to and I thought I see my family more than I ever did when I lived in the States because why is this cheap in places right there they got direct fights going on everywhere. So

in this vast thing

Don’t get me nowhere unless we cool like that. Okay? Unless we cool like that or you put some money in my pocket because people have repeatedly hit me up asking about the situation in Mexico and oh no you I don’t know if you’d like that. So I’m going direct choice to these videos until y’all I get tired of saying the same shit over and over again. I mean, I ain’t got a blog and got a YouTube channel I ain’t got no podcast for no fucking reason I am so over here me out. No, we’re talking about what’s the status in Mexico right now. Let’s be cool. Cuz you know, I talked I talked about My expat friends, immigrant friends All the time. So that’s different like I was talking to somebody the other day about in Colombia what’s going on there and then you know, catch him up about what’s going on here in Mexico. But if I don’t know you I never spoke to you though in my life. Don’t ask me shit unless you go and put some money in my pocket, which means actually put money in my pocket cash app. Me or fill out the $20 for photo questions, or watch a YouTube video and listen to the bigger pockets. Okay. So, again, my name is Elise Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Be sure to check out the blog at least Protestant crew if you’re thinking about moving overseas and you need a job scholarship, go to school, whatever check out via foreigner COMM And subscribe to that. Be sure to like this video. Subscribe to the channel. If you want already, subscribe to the podcast if you have not already. Hit the donate button link down below. And my cash app is Miss ms Elise Robinson and

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y’all stay safe out there.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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