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Black American Woman in Mexico

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico | Elyse Y. Robinson

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico

March 10, 2020

Survive Podcast

Is the Coronavirus bad in Mexico? I talk about my past life in China and what I saw and experienced.

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This is episode number 70. I think I’ve deleted a few podcasts and videos and I lost track of my number. So I’m on 70 right now. spend a minute so Hey, y’all. My name is Alisa Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why am I here in Mexico you probably thinking because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And I quit my whole life and to help my family and to take care of my mother.

And so

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after she passed away, I didn’t have anything left. So I figured out try a new adventure in a different country. And so I settled on Mexico, particularly Mexico City. And so you hear about parking. yd Cabo and Cancun, but you’re too much about Mexico City and at least I never heard of Mexico City. I actually lived on the border twice and never even stepped foot in Mexico. Because all you hear about is this dangerous cartel. I don’t take kidney and drug you and rob you and all this other kind of stuff, so

I never went.


I left

a couple days after my mother’s funeral, and I’ve pretty much been here ever since I fell in love with the place I called my daddy up and was like Daddy, I’m not coming back home. It was like okay, whatever. Just make sure you safe and happy, which I am. That’s why I’m still here. So

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Matter of fact today,

which is March 9 2020, I think is the day that I got my permanent residency. So the celebration time for me. Oh, nice Sunday. March, I think is March 9, I had to go back and look at because I didn’t write it down. So, um, it’s my two year anniversary. So I’m excited, I’m happy. I feel blessed. So Mexico has, has done amazing things for me and it will always always have a special place in my heart.

And so

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please make sure you like the video, make sure you hit the donate, link down there below and become a patron if you can check out my blog, Elise Robinson calm I post, my YouTube videos, podcasts and other helpful tips and tricks and things I do in Mexico and other places. When I go there, check out be a foreigner calm, which I post daily opportunities to move overseas. I’m currently working on that, to get a book out with tips and tricks for when you move overseas, every little thing that helped me and that you will need. And I’m trying, I’m doing a whole bunch of this stuff, but as a startup,

you try stuff don’t work, and then

you try other stuff. And it works. So I’m just, I’m taking it day by day, because that’s all you can do anyway, right?

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So this, this this podcast, YouTube video.

So the hype right now is Corona virus, excuse me, I don’t want to say hype, but because people are actually dying from this, but it’s not really a concern at the moment in Mexico. So I want to give an update on what’s going on in Mexico. From what I’ve read what I’ve heard from other people,

and the community, future events,

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Mexico’s readiness on what They claim and everything else so right now supposedly we have six cases I believe they’re all in Mexico City two cases might be might be outside of Mexico City. I’m not in Mexico City anymore I actually live in a small town that’s about 15 minutes from the beach on the good days so it’s it’s usually always hot here actually is kind of weather’s been kind of a little lately. It’s still warm it’s not cold but the wind has been picking up and so when it’s windy i don’t i don’t even go outside because it just I feel half dead when I come out come back in because of my allergies. So an asthma


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I actually like it because it’s not as hot so I don’t know if the hotness will keep the coronavirus away or whatever but and those six cases all came from Italy. Don’t know what the hell is going on in Italy but I read an article yesterday and I said 133 people died in one day elite knees get a shit together and quit sending people out to other countries spreading this stuff.


it really is a really a shithole country

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where the you know, the sanitary conditions is comparable to China. And I’m gonna get on China in a minute because I actually visited in lived in China for a quick hot minute install some things that I would never see in my life. But we all know what’s going on with y’all. But y’all need to get your shit together. And Christiania, people all around the world. So there have been no Mexican cases here that I know of. Anyways, they’ve all

come from Italy.

So that’s that

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and the next question days they’re supposed to have like an import export Expo here and I was actually going to go but I totally forgot that you know, we got this disease floating around. So I probably won’t go because I’m always excited about finding new companies that sell products and things like that. So that I don’t know about by at this point I don’t I don’t think I’m gonna go as they say people are coming from all around the world and that’s just gonna be a hotbed for diseases

at this point, so I’m not gonna go

So China

I guess

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it’s far down on my blog, because that was like the first country that I’ve ever went to in my life. I got a work visa to go work at a university there

and teach business courses there.

And I stay for a little bit but I got sick and

Something told me to leave because of my mother.

I guess I was kind

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of being selfish, you know, but my mother told me to go so I went and you know, experience experienced that and I’m glad I did I glad I did. But I did come back and I’m glad I did to know to tell my mother goodbye and help her with that.

And so

some of the things that I saw in China was ridiculous. Okay. Before I went to China I read as much as I could prepare myself but you know some things even though you read about them as this is shocked because you don’t think people would actually do that people are fucking filthy, just filthy outside of sex. I mean, their hygiene practices are not

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are not

up to cars, you know what they should be?

For example

I went inside of a Chinese teachers room their apartment and his sheets were black. Okay. And I’m talking about like permanent marker color black like a one spot you can see where he continuously lays every night we take

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and it was black

and so I we to you know, my eyes prior was booking. They was booking probably I didn’t say anything though. I’m sure they was bucking. So one of the foreign teachers while I was there, so me Their hygiene practices are not, you know, comparable to what I’m used to. They don’t brush their teeth every day. They don’t wash their ass every day. And so don’t let them get in your face too much because otherwise you might pass the fuck out. Now, I didn’t smell any breath or anything like that from my students or any other Chinese people. But when I saw that bed, I was just like, OMG I didn’t know what to think.

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And so his apartment was dusty.

Like it had never been cleaned. You could see like, an inch of dust on everything. I just didn’t. I didn’t understand I still don’t understand to this day on why somebody’s house would be like that and why you would lay in one spot and not wash your sheets

to where they’re black

so that’s that’s a story one story.

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Next story is so we went out

I can’t remember if I was in mean young

are shun Doom, but we went out to the market

and so you see the food

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cooked and everything which is fine. I didn’t really think anything strange of the rabbit heads but they will cook the whole rabbit head. I mean literally chop chop it off with eyes still attached in Friday. But the thing that stuck out to me was the dead tongues. And so I’m asking what the fuck is that? Because I know what it was. And so do was like it’s duck tongue. And so I learned that ducks are the only animals on this earth that have bones their tongue. I don’t know why, but they have bones in their tongue. And so they eat dog tongues, which I guess, isn’t that strange? I mean, Mexicans here eat tongue from cows. So I don’t I don’t particularly like it but

you know,

I didn’t eat I didn’t see anyone eating anything and like rats or dogs or anything. So, but those two things stuck out to me because that’s what I saw.

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the last strange thing that I saw was, I don’t know if you guys remember the cartoons back in the day where the the the little baby cartoon would have a onesie on the pajamas and it had like the little buttons on the booty. So you can unsnap the buttons and the booty will fall out so the Chinese kid had that on and so I like I said I read about all this stuff before I left America but you still won’t be prepared when you see it so you know the kids run around next thing you know the kid stops and starts pissing on the ground. I mean, they pulled out their little their their private part and started pissing on the ground.

Someone Oh my god, like the kid literally like is peeing on ground.

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Why didn’t the kid tell the mama number one

that he had to go to the bathroom? And number two,

why did the moment take you to the bathroom?

So that is actually a thing to see kids. I don’t know if they shit outside. I don’t know if they do but I definitely saw them piss outside. And so I’m sure that you know contributes to hepatitis and all kinds of other things. Diseases out there you know what I’m saying? Oh one more thing so I don’t know if it’s because of the pollution or people smoke because everybody mama smoke cigarettes out there like I just literally thought that smoking outside of you know like marijuana or something was eradicated around the world but nice not because it’s

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not smoking cigarettes aren’t really a big thing in America anymore

but you’ll see green shit all over the ground when you’re walking people hopping ups you know Hakuna spit and spin it on ground. And so like you’re literally every time you have to watch where you’re going outside of a Chinese person will bring you to fuck over. Because you know, being a pedestrian isn’t a thing out there like you. You literally have to watch what you’re doing. Because they’ll run you over, you have to watch out for spit, like green spit from infections and people’s checks. So I don’t know. But those are the things that is Oh, I got one more freaky for kitten. So we had to go to Chung do so I was in Maine young, which is in the dead center of China in Sichuan Province. That’s where I was teaching at a university in Chengdu is like maybe hour and a half by car. It’s about 40 minutes by train and I loved I love the fast trains in China. I just I don’t understand why other countries just don’t have that. Especially in America because it would be such a beautiful thing. I just thought it was amazing and so efficient. And so we took the train of Shang do to get our health check done.

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And so

there was a lot Have people in there so we, we went back two or three times, I believe. So we were staying in a hostel. The hostel was very nice, it was clean,

and everything they had towels.

I would definitely stay there again.

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It was a nice hostel in shangzhou.


somebody we had to go back a couple of times, but when we finally got our health check, they were, you know, reusing things, they didn’t reuse needles, anything they did show me that, you know, they got the needle out of package, which I guess, technically it don’t really mean nothing, because we will repackage shit up all the time. You’ll see videos in China, especially of people creating things fake things. So if they want to repackage some needles, I’m pretty sure they they could. But I’ve been testing for diseases since then I ain’t got HIV or nothing. So So I if I got it, I didn’t get it from China. I suppose. But they we used like, you know, wipes and things like that, you know, it just it just blew my mind so I’m pretty sure that contributes to a lot of diseases in China.


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you know, I was I was terrified in there in the clinic wasn’t you know, it wasn’t new, it wasn’t dirty it just wasn’t it just wasn’t new ish looking you know everything was outdated.


you know, you put your eyes up on the we get your eyes checked, you put your eyes on there and they didn’t wipe it down so I could have gotten pinkeye you know, or some other kind of disease in my eye. They did change out the earpiece thing that they you know, looking at your with so that was okay. But and then when they took my Blood they had a long to that that the blood would come through, which I’ve never seen before. I haven’t seen it here in Mexico and I and I sure as hell haven’t seen in the states not to say they don’t have it because I’m pretty sure it’s common.

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I’ve never seen it. asked my sister She works in the

health field, but

so that threw me for another loop. But I had fun in China. China is one of those places where

there is no love there’s no love. I

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don’t think I’ve met anyone that said they loved China even some of my peeps that live out there. I don’t even think they’ve ever told me that they loved China. It’s it’s just like, or you hate it there is no love. I mean, I liked China.

If you’re the adventure type is

definitely an adventure

is always something new going on and stuff. You know something To figure out if you want to be challenged on a daily basis, that is definitely a good place to being. I didn’t really get too much of the stairs or people bothering me. The only time I was bothered was when I was with another foreigner which was really odd to me. I guess, you know, the more the merrier. They feel comfortable coming up to you. I was never bothered, but I don’t I don’t really know what that’s about. But, you know, I probably have the Don’t fuck with me face a lot of times, you know? So

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people just people just don’t bother me.

But outside of that,

I got I found a contract with the university to teach business courses I refuse to teach English. I ain’t go school for accounting to teach English. English impossibly university life is so much easier than teaching children of course.

And so I would work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from like eight to three and then be off the rest of the time and so if I had stayed I would have had all kinds of time off every every day of my life with a nice little, you know, monthly, monthly paycheck. They I believe they have no Spanish lessons, Mandarin lessons. I can’t remember though because that was a while back, but they fed you lunch so you would only

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have to have provided my Monday

breakfast and dinner and your cell phone costs. Internet and cable was provided for you Your I had a two bedroom apartment which was which was pretty modern. I wouldn’t say it was new, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t dirty. It wasn’t old. Had a two bedroom two bathroom. So I had a modern bathroom, you know, Western bathroom and then I

had the squat toilet where you shouldn’t piss.

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And I did I did. I did quiet many times and China had to squat many times. I stayed in this most lavish hotel that was by the hotel, by the airport, I flew into Beijing.

The hotel was

it was just so something I’ve never seen before because I’m pretty sure I would never be able to afford something like that in America. guarantee something like that goes for a minimum $1,000 a night. I took my bags to my room, I have free breakfast, and oh my god to this day that is the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life. second best would have to be a super head here in bed. A lentil soup and then a chicken fleece food which was delicious here, but that’s super Han China. Hey I had soup yet that beat it.

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I dream about that soup. Also I had

a raspberry coffee in China that I dream about and I hate coffee. I do not drink coffee. It’s disgusting to me but that raspberry coffee that someone had got for me was it was heaven. I have to say I had some very good beef in China. It was so damn good and tender. Now it might not be in beef. We would like beef to me. Okay.

I want to care for and got it.

And that was an experience in itself seeing all the food laid out and stuff because I guess here in the markets if you go to the market here is like that. But if you go to the grocery stores, it’s not like that. Here very Very different. So, but again, I had the time of my life in China. I flew first class back and forth to China on united, which was a good flight. I didn’t have any issues. But the flight from San Francisco was 13 hours. And so by the nine hour mark, you can only sleep so much you can only eat so much you can only watch so much TV. You can only read so much only listen to so much music.

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I was ready to get the hell up off

the air my last four hours. I don’t know how people fly coach on all these hours. I don’t know how they do it because I was laid up and I was like I’m through. I can imagine sitting up for all those hours. And this is one reason why I don’t travel because I get stir crazy and I have a lot of injuries. So I wouldn’t wear Be able to make it stay stay local. Like if my flight is more than maybe six hours I ain’t gonna be doing I’m not gonna be able to do it. So you know one day I’ll make it to these other places in the world it probably stay a month or two or three are moved there for a while. So I consider myself a little traveler, but yeah flying I don’t know how people do it all the time in culture that so I’m trying to think anything else I can say on China. I can just say that there I can understand why the corona virus attack them. But I mean, I watched a documentary on the Spanish flu and supposedly the Spanish Flu came about to China. And if you ain’t watch the documentary on Spanish flu, please please watch that because that that that blew my mind. That was Some sick stuff like they literally said that people got sick in the morning was dead by the evening so coronavirus ain’t that bad i don’t think but a whole bunch of people is dying Italy okay. So so

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I can say is

be safe be considerate of others okay because my sister is telling me that some lady is going on a cruise and there’s a State Department warning not to take cruises even if she can’t take her ass anyways so zoom is the type of people that get other people killed. Okay. So I don’t know I’ve been checking the one route one direct route that I have back to the states from here is still going but you know if if shoot really starts to pop off and people die and left and right here in Mexico I’m going back home just just let y’all know I’m going back home so at least I can be sick with my family. You know what I’m saying? I don’t want to be sick here.

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I want to be sick with my family. So

that’s that’s what I’m going to do. I’m ain’t got really nothing else to say about China and Mexico in this thing. The economy is jacked right now. I don’t I don’t know what to say on that. A lot of money to be made though. That’s that’s the truth, a lot of money to be made. So I hope you’re making money out there. Cuz it’s ridiculous how much money you can make right now.

The exchange rate is up for me. So my rent went

down. I’m about to go pull out my money today.

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In case it goes haywire, again, but

rate went down. I’m excited about that.

groceries went down everything I’m about to buy went down so I can’t I can’t even complain about that. You can listen to my podcasts on exchange rates on that. exchange rates is a huge thing when you live overseas your rank and literally some of my pieces I live in Europe especially their rent sometimes goes up $50 in a month my might go up maybe five to 10 you know, not in a month because mix the peso isn’t that volatile, but it’s volatile enough to where every couple months like in my in my change. So, but

taking it day by day, that’s all you can do anyway.

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I don’t want to say I’m obsessed with what’s going on with the corona virus, but I do I do read and I get notifications.

Now I’m in a group. So

but I got other things I got to focus on because life doesn’t stop right. So with that said, Again, be safe, wash your hands wash your ass every

day. Okay?

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Don’t go out coughing and sneezing as my grandma was saying. If you ask for six days stay in the house and you know report to someone that you’re sick and that you need assistance. With that said, my name is Elise Robinson please check out my blog Elise Robinson comm check out my business be a foreigner calm and hit the like button hit the subscribe button. If you love me and hit the donate button. The donate link down below and become a patron and donate some money for me


stay alive.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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