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Black American Woman in Mexico

When Will México Reopen? | Elyse Y. Robinson

When Will México Reopen?

May 03, 2020

When will México reopen?

How am I on day #33 of my quarantine in México? Updates on my life and what has been going on with the Coronavirus in México. Is México going to reopen soon for tourism?

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(00:01): This is episode number 81, I believe. Oh, well I lost count.

(00:08): My name is Elyse Robinson

(00:10): And I am a Black American woman

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(00:14): That lives in México. Why do I live in México? Because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November, 2016 and so I have to flight

(00:27): And came here after I quit my life to take care of my mother and help my family out.

(00:34): And so since I didn’t have anything left, I saw where my selfless points could take me. And I was like, well, I’ll try México. Never been to México even though I lived on the border twice. You always hear about how dangerous it is and the cartel and everything. But I decided I was going to come see for myself and México was going to help me more. I came to México city. I never heard of México city before. So he died. They made me go

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(01:02): CD, Amex, D, F

(01:05): And and then I fall in love with the place

(01:09): And I told my father I wasn’t coming back and he was just like, okay.

(01:15): And the rest is history. Be sure to check out our blog, at least robinson.com just like on my business, [inaudible] dot com to help you move overseas if you thinking about it, especially after this

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(01:28): Dimmick.

(01:31): If she loved me, be sure to hit that donate button down below the link.

(01:36): And if you really love me, send me some cash out, quick, fast and easy. And

(01:42): Hit the like button if you’re on YouTube and if you listen to me, hit the subscribe button and leave a review on iTunes. [inaudible] And if there’s a scarred button for you too. So let’s get right on into it. I got, I got a lot to talk about. Of course. I’m gonna talk about what’s going on in my life and what’s been going on here with México, with the pandemic. The Rona Corona virus, they call it a Colby. Now, I don’t know what they call me. I don’t know what the name is. I have no idea. But with me my asthma has less.

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(02:15): I have figured out that the disease

(02:18): Solvable allergy medicine does not work for me. The dissolvable pills for whatever reason, it just don’t work. So I figured that out. I’m back on the tablets. So waste of time, waste of me feeling like shit. It’s not like I’m about to die out here and I feel a whole lot better. I did have to puff on my asthma pump last night though. So I don’t know. I have sleep induced asthma at this point. I don’t know. I’ll, I’ll be in a dead sleep and then I’ll just wake up and feel like I can’t breathe. I don’t know that it’s about, but from what I researched, they said that your hormone levels change during the night and that could be potentially one reason why you have asthma. But the thing is I did not have this shit last year. I’m in the same place, same city and I didn’t have any allergies. I didn’t have any asthma, I’ve never had allergies. I’ve never had asthma like this before in my life.

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(03:28): Never, never, ever, ever.

(03:32): I am constantly on allergy pills and I am constantly asthma pump and I am constantly on advising as my eyes get itching in. They just feel like they about to fall out. So I don’t know what to do because my diet hasn’t changed my sister’s life. Maybe as you died, I’m like, I don’t know. I’m not eating anything new. I don’t know what it is, is something in the atmosphere, something in the air.

(04:02): Mmm.

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(04:04): So that’s that next thing I’m gonna talk about as my clients. So I don’t know if I talked about in my last podcast and into the video, but I decided I was gonna grow some plants to keep myself busy and excited about life. Cause if you could create something from nothing, it makes you happy in life. So I got a couple of stuff on growing our I started off with hydroponics and here’s a little story, side note. So third grade, I remember it like it was yesterday, third grade. And so we, we used to do science experiments, you know, and I got into the science competition for my school and it was hydroponics. Can you grow plants without soil or sunlight? And so I grew some beans, right? I won third place. Now, let me tell you, well I won third place because some white kid won first place and they made boonies.

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(05:11): I can’t remember for life, for me, well who won second place? But it was some stupid shit too. I know that everybody loved my project though. They love my project, but some white kid that made dog booties won first place. So yeah, I’m still upset about that today. That’s how they do little black kids. Yeah, they love my project. That was real creative and they never seen anything before like it. And Oh, what is this? But I won third place. So I started off with hydroponics and I transitioned a couple of them to the soil yesterday and the day before yesterday. And then I’m gonna do a couple more today cause I got, I got one batch that is really grown and it needs to be transferred. So, but I transfer one plant and that was yesterday and I can actually see it sprout out the dirt today.

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(06:03): So like I said, it is, it makes you excited about life. So I’m excited to see what I produce and I can eat it. Now. The only reason why I did not start this when I came here to this new city is because I live in it. I don’t want to say a shitty ass apartment, but I didn’t have any S my bedroom didn’t have any sunlight. And then I only had an air conditioner in my front and my bedroom. I did not have air conditioner in my front rooms. My front room got ridiculously hot and I figured I couldn’t grow anything in there. As you can see, I get plenty of sunlight here so I don’t think growing anything should be a problem. And this apartment, his kid doesn’t get nowhere near as hot as my first apartment. So I should be good to go on that. Today is my third day of exercising and I feel sore as hail sore as hell, but I’m going gonna keep at it. I don’t know if I should rest in between cause I’m doing this walking with weights, but it’s putting a lot of stress on my body cause I haven’t exercised and sh it’s been most four years cause I stopped exercising around the time my mother got sick. So that was probably around

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(07:21): Probably around.

(07:23): Yeah. Let me see. When did I leave?

(07:28): That was August. That was about August. Yeah, July. August, August. Yeah. August because August I quit my job. Yeah. Those podcasts to on, on my podcasts that I quit my job as well. Funny. so yeah, I had quit exercising around August sometimes. So yeah, it’s, it’s been almost four years, almost four years since I’ve gotten back into the exercise. But even though I’m going through a lot of shit in the world, it’s basically crumbling. I have a lot of positive things as that’s been going on, so I can’t complain too much. I can’t complain too much. I’ve been waking up at the crack of Dawn and taking my weights and going out and walking, doing arm and leg lifts and I put on some weight laying in this damn house and just eating. So yeah, I figured it was time. Also, I, in my previous podcasts and YouTube videos, I said, I have been 25 days in the house and I didn’t really leave.

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(08:31): I started taking my garbage out because I was just terrified. And so at 26 days I cracked and that’s when I went out and exercised and I enjoyed it. And I just get up at the crack of Dawn when the ones out and, and just go, just go exercise. So that’s what I’ve been doing. That’s what I’m gonna continue doing to keep my sanity, to keep my health in check. And you go to some other podcasts on the obesity epidemic in the States and how it’s affecting the, the of virus, but yeah, exercising so scratched off my list. So another positive thing. I’m getting ready to make a very big investment in myself and my life for I guess my potential children in the future. I guess if I ever have any talk that take, take that up with the Lord, I guess at this point. But yeah, I’m getting ready to make an investment on Tuesday, so I guess I could talk more about that when, after it happens. So I’m excited about that. I’m excited about that.

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(09:46): Scratch that one off my list. Let me see what else. I did win a grant for my business to, to pay my one employee that I have which is my housekeeper. I talked about her and Hannah in a previous podcast, but she, she’s, she’s wonderful. She’s wonderful. And so I quit, haven’t heard clean come clean my house because number one, I don’t know where she da and you know, it’s risky for me with my asthma to have, you know, multiple people around me that I don’t know what they be doing. So I had to technically fire her until this stuff gets over and done with this. I got a grant to pay her and so I gave her a month of pay and told her, you know, just just go on. And she came here and got the money. I didn’t even talk to where it is basically open the door, hand into her.

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(10:46): She looked okay. So hopefully we both survived this thing and we can continue as my employee cause it’s so hard to find good employees. Oh, y’all really don’t know. It’s hard to find them. So yeah, I paid her I should be able to pay her again if this continues another time. But I, I ain’t do it more than three months, so I ain’t going to do three more than three months. For her. It’s chump change in America of course is, it’s nothing. It’s nothing. So I don’t mind it. She’s, she’s a good employee, so she deserves it. If you ain’t noticed with BIA foreigner and my blog and everything else, if, if you keep up with me, I’ve been in branding and so I’ve been trying to figure things out with my brand and I changed it, updated it, and I’m so excited about that.

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(11:49): I’ve been getting a lot of social media stuff done a lot of art, logo design. I’m getting ready to do a marketing campaign. So if you’re on LinkedIn, maybe you’ll see my video. I’m very excited about that. So I’ve been dropping dollars. I’ve been dropping dollars. So yeah. I’m just, I’m just excited. I’m in a good place right now. I can’t, like I said, nobody [inaudible] I can’t complain too much. So that’s that. I want to give a shout out for one of the side of my business, which is kinda kind of stuck at this point. But I did get my, I think I spoke about this, I got my insurance license the last time I was in the States back in January. So I’m a licensed insurance agent. So if you need anything with travel insurance or insurance in general, how let you go.

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(12:51): But yeah, my main focus on why I got the in my insurance license was to sell travel insurance for my website. Because I’m, I’m kinda in the travel industry, so it would just make sense. Right. So, and it was funny because my first week that I got my license, I sold two policies, two policies. Can you believe it? I haven’t really been marketing it that much, but, and I saw my sister some dental insurance, so I’m waiting on one wait on one commission. Well, you know, one commission. So commissions aren’t bad either. They’re not bad. So I’m not complaining about that now. My boy. Okay. Huh. So yeah, however, I, if you, if you’ve got anything, insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, dental insurance, health insurance, I know that’s big right now. And that’s why I got into it. I need to, I need to get more into that.

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(13:45): Cause everybody’s getting their health insurance on. Everybody’s getting their life insurance on because they’re just scared. And people have lost their jobs. So they’re looking at the Hills marketplace and everything else that goes along with that. So there’s a lot of money to be made in that. So if you’re looking for something to do there’s a lot of hiring with that to get your insurance license. So let’s see. I had been reading about marketing. I’m excited about that. I spoke about this in my last podcast. There’s all kinds of free stuff as being given out due to the Kobe, the owner of the Corona virus. And so I’m taking advantage, I didn’t got all kinds of freestyle, especially for my business. So you to city if I’m saying it right, Uber city is given a free month on Nanodegree so I’m trying to hurry up and knock that out cause I got to May 25th to finish up the course.

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(14:41): And so yesterday I submitted my first assignment, so I’m waiting on feedback for that. 10, 10 lessons with about five, six different short videos in there. And then they give you a project to work on. So I’m taking the marketing, the digital marketing nano degree. So like I said, I’m trying to knock that out. So if you ain’t got men to do learn something, learn something cause they, they doing all kinds of free stuff out here. I also run a one up programming scholarship through another company. And so when I’m done with this, I’m going to start on that. Cause I’m rusty on my programming so, and I do maintain all my own sheet cause I, I can hang her and I’ll buy it right now. So learning programming at 10 years old served a great purpose, a great purpose. Let me see what else. I think that’s it for me on this side. Oh, I got two gray hairs on my head, which I’m very upset about because this shit is just aging me. Just aging me other than my skin. Don’t look all that great no more either. So woke up and you know, got in the shower, throw exercise and saw two gray hairs and the top of my damn head I’m going to go fuck.

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(16:04): Which is very concerning because neither one of my parents, my mother passed away at 56 and she wasn’t great at all. She wasn’t growing and my father doesn’t have any gray hairs either. My grandparents on both of my sides ain’t had no gray hairs really either. So I’m really concerned about gray hairs. There’s Kobe coronaviruses aging motherfuckers. And plus I’ve been going through some things on my asthma, so I don’t even know. Let me see what else. [inaudible]

(16:53): [Inaudible]

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(16:57): Okay. So I guess I can get into México. That’s all I got at this point. So let’s get into the numbers numbers. Let’s see. So far as of today, I’ve had 2061 deaths. That’s throughout the whole México 22,000 and ADA cases. There is, it’s been jumping, it’s been jumping and we’re getting about a thousand new cases every day and about a hundred deaths and new deaths every day. Sometimes they’ll go down a little bit, sometimes they’ll go up a little bit, but it’s, it’s, it’s pretty much the steady staying steady. So here in my state we’ve had 30 deaths and 533 cases. The majority of cases are in México city of course, cause it’s a big city. The outskirts of México city, which is called the state of México and then Baja California, which has Tiawana of course I was saying Ken Kuhn has tons of cases too.

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(17:57): Like it’s like a lot of cases there. So I wouldn’t suggest anyone going to Kim Coon at this point. And speaking of Ken Kuhn, they’re supposed to open back up for travel June 1st cause supposedly the peak is supposed to be this week and then it’s supposed to go down for cases in México. I don’t know nothing about what this peak shit is and what they talking about, but we’ll see. I guess it’s, it’s really stressful because it’s just a waiting game. Right. here in Marietta there was an a food that was acting up. He burned down a tree. I don’t know what that’s about. I guess there’s some famous tree that’s in Marietta and then looting started happening after he burnt down the tree. So there’s been some looting here, but some looting. Oh, I don’t think I’ve talked about this, but there’s been no liquor since the beginning of April. Now. I knew it was common, so I should’ve stacked up cause I do, I do like wine every now and then.

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(19:07): Mmm.

(19:08): But I guess it’s okay because I’ve been going through this allergies and asthma, so I don’t need it. I don’t need it.

(19:14): And

(19:16): So they’ve extended that to the end of this month, I think, end of may. And so they’re claiming that domestic violence has ones down. I don’t know how, because alcohol helps people cope in, some people are addicted to alcohol, so I don’t know how the cases went down. That’s, that’s a dam.

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(19:36): It did rain here on Wednesday, either Tuesday or Wednesday. And so I went outside and played in the rain. It was much needed rain because it’s been hot as hell. 108 damn near every day. It kind of cooled down a little bit. Like right now it’s kinda kind of cool and fun looking at us.

(19:53): So

(19:55): So that helped. And like I said, yeah, I went outside and played in a guest soaking wet, felt so damn good cause I’ve been praying for rain. I’ve been praying so hard and I finally got it. So, you know, I was excited about that. Small wins, small wins. Let me see. The cartel has been feeding people and the president has been mad about that. As far as I know that the government has been doing care packages. I don’t know if that’s all over México though. Cause each state does do something different. Just like in United States, you know, they do something different, but the cartel been feeding people and they’ve been upset about that. But if ain’t nobody else doing it, Hey, might as well, I would be grateful. There is no payment on water, which I don’t pay for water. So it’s really no concern of mine, no payment on water for two months here in my state, and no payment on lights for two months and night stays.

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(20:58): So some kind of relief for people. It’s nothing to me of course, but if something to somebody else, and so that’s always good. Mmm. Let’s see. Medical workers have been getting attacked here in México. People are crazy, like literally crazy. Why would you want to attack medical workers? But I was seeing the same shit in the States. Like people, I told my sister to stop going out in her, in her scrubs if possible. Because people are crazy. The medical workers have been getting attacked. And so my city has a dedicated bus that goes around and picks them up and drops them off. Just, just crazy. There’s a video online of a, of a guy literally getting beat and his face was swollen. It just, it just sick. And I think I mentioned the last podcast and YouTube video that they were threatening to burn down the hospitals because they didn’t want them in their neighborhood.

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(22:04): Just, just crazy. Mmm. Let me see what else. I think that’s it. So I’m still here in México. Maybe when Cancun opens up the buses in the open up the streets and the roads to when I can go home. I mean I can go home now, but it would be cheaper, cheaper for me to go through Cancun. But I guess if I wanted less trouble I could just pay the extra little minimum of money. Cause time is money, right. Pay a little bit amount of money, fly into México city and go that way. But México city is kind of scares me at this point. So, and I don’t like México city, the airport. It sucks. So I guess to go home at this point it would just be more difficult. No more direct flights from here to Houston. Mmm. Yeah. So at this point I’m looking at August, come back home. I don’t, I don’t rightly know when I’ll go back home, but if you know something happens or I feel like I need to go home, I will go. I will make sure that I go home.

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(23:20): Mmm. Oh set this one now y’all, y’all stay safe out there. Where your mass exercise eat right. Cause that is the first step on staying healthy. Eating right. For sure. Drink, drink your water. Mmm. Be sure you check out the blog, at least robinson.com, check out the business, be a foreigner.com. If you’re thinking about moving overseas joined the community, there’s also an app that I have that makes it so much easier to keep track of stuff that I post in there. There is a three day trial if you thinking about signing up and please do. And I’m just waiting on all this branding stuff to get done so I can run my LinkedIn ads and I’m so excited, so excited. And again, my name is Elyse Robinson and if you, if you love me, donate Lincoln Lincoln like in the box cash app is miss Elyse Robinson.

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(24:19): That’s M S E L Y S E R O. B. I, N. S. So in and hit the like button, post a comment and post a review if you’re on my podcast. Oh, if you notice my podcast, who I redesigned my podcast logo cover. So let me know how you liked that cause I really liked it. She hooked me up and I’m a, I’m a post my fiber link. If he, if you guys need any work, use my fiber link to get stuff done cause I get all kinds of stuff done on cyber and yeah, stay safe please.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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