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Black American Woman in Mexico

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part IV | Elyse Y. Robinson

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part IV

March 29, 2020

Part 4 Insta

Midweek update on the coronavirus cases here in Mexico…They are rising.

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To this is episode number 73. My name is Elise Robinson. I’m a black American woman that lives in Mexico. And why did I live in Mexico because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And I’ve pretty much been here ever since. Quit my life to take care of my mother and help out my family. And after that, I didn’t have anything left. And so I decided to start a new life somewhere else. I mean, why not try another country, right? So I narrowed it down to Mexico, and you always hear about Puerto Vallarta, Cabo Cancun. And so I decided to check out Mexico City have never heard of Mexico City. I had never even stepped foot in Mexico. Even though I live on the border twice. You always hear about so dangerous and cartels and all this other kind of stuff. So I said check it out anyway because what I do in it I’ve fallen in love with the place and call my father up and telling him I’m not coming back daddy not coming back now one bit and so I’m going into my fourth year here I’ve been doing updates on the corona virus here in Mexico because you know it’s it’s a major issue in the world right now right? Please make sure you subscribe to the channel make sure you hit the like button if you love me. Check out my blog at least Robinson comm check out my business be a foreigner calm if you think about move overseas after this, although borders might be closed for a very long time after this and probably not accepting any new foreigners because ain’t gonna be none left at this point. So what think so yeah, just updates I’ll probably do start doing updates to three times a week at this point because it’s getting skin up there. It’s getting up there. So I’m sure I’m going to write down the right numbers. But I know they were these if I give off wrong numbers, they’re close enough Okay, they’re approximate and they’re probably approximate numbers anyway. So because I don’t think any, any government at this point is is got the real numbers. So but I haven’t been outside in a couple of days. If you’ve been watching my past videos, my asthma has been killing me, killing me and my allergies. So I decided I was going to stay in the house. Everything is still operating as normal as normal can get the schools have shut down. Like I said in my prior YouTube video podcast drivers DMV driver get your driver’s license I shut down what are some of the things I shut down just meant essential stuff that’s all I know that shut down my sponsor shut down. I want to get a Mani pedi before you know she started getting real real and they were like yeah we’re closed I’m like wow like damn I know I should just stop procrastinating and get my toes down cuz they looking busted so and I’m not going to know news five because I’ve tried like five different places here and they just wasn’t on point like my spa even on my spas would be costly expensive, but they do me right so what else closed down? I need to go to the barber but like I said, I’m scared to go outside. So I’m just gonna be looking like Whatever from like y’all don’t see me in a couple months when this stuff all over and done with my hair Don’t be all the way down here so yeah, I guess that’s that’s done at this point I won’t be going to the barber. Oh no, I might try to go Monday or something to see but like I said I’m like terrified to go outside every time I go outside and I’m like ill last time I went outside I couldn’t barely keep my eyes open up that it was like hey deed and I was gonna call 911 or something. I just need to sleep. Ah, trying to think what else um grocery stores are still open. I went to the grocery store.

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Thursday, last Thursday.

I’m gonna spend Tuesday, Tuesday I went to the grocery store and everything was fine. Like I talked about in my last podcast so yeah, I get deliveries and so I try to get enough things to where if they say something is out of stock I have something else seems to be working at this point. I’ve been getting everything that I wanted so far.

So yeah, trying to think what else was going on with helicopters and stuff in the military and start looking outside my window? cuz I’ve never heard those noises before, so I don’t know exactly what it is. But yeah, let me get on the numbers. So I begin information for my peeps. They are very good resources here. The numbers as of yet Today, like I said, I don’t I should have looked at him to look at it before I got on here but it was 585 585 cases. And today was 707 cases. I believe those numbers were. So they draw they jumped almost 200 cases. Those are confirmed cases. So it’s getting up there most of the cases are in Mexico City.

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I do

not live in the big city anymore and I’m I’m happy for that.

Someone someone’s looking out for me here.

Because of course it’s going to be so much worse than the big cities so much worse in a big city. In the UK ton state which is where I am. There have been as of yet Yesterday there were 36 cases, I think the number was 36 confirmed cases. I don’t even know if they’re in my city, because they’re going by state, which kind of sucks at this point, because I don’t know if they’re here in my city, which is Marietta, or if it’s somewhere else. So that’s how Mexico is counting their stuff. And someone sent me an article saying that they’re also counting cases as an ammonia and not the virus. So I don’t know what to think of that. Don’t know if it’s true or not. But like I said, I believe all government same coordinate real numbers, could be much less can be much worse. We don’t really know. We’ll I guess we’ll probably never know. I don’t know if I look tired or exhausted, but I try to get as much sleep as possible. I’m going to go here and probably take me a net right now and it’s only about 11

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I’ve been up since early working on stuff

and talking to my peeps so getting get all kinds of info we’d be out early chat and crack a frickin dawn

which is okay, which is okay, it’s fine with me.

But I you have to understand I have two countries I have to worry about. I have Mexico to worry about and I have the United States to worry about. So it gets very difficult, very difficult. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in Mexico. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in the States. And of course, my Spanish I’m not, I’m not 100% fluent in Spanish. So a lot of stuff goes over my head, you know, but I can make out a lot of this stuff and I understand entiendo mucho, entiendo mucho. So I understand a lot And of course I talked to the locals here. I talked to my housekeeper she said that everything was fine in her Colonia which would be considered a neighborhood in the United States in English. My front office lady swears Nothing’s going on. She thinks the heats gonna kill it, which I don’t rightly know. But it has been 100 freakin degrees every day here. I’ve been trying to stay cool. Cool cause possible here. Oh, flights. So I should add like, like some tears kind of like last night. I was out last night talking to my sister. And I decided to check the flights because in my last podcast, YouTube video talked about how the last flight for me to actually go out of here direct was on Tuesday. And so that was 495 dollars if I wanted to leave. So that was my last chance to go direct.

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But I checked last night and

it’s getting harder and harder for me to leave.

If I wanted to

only American and delta is flying now mind you, spirit JetBlue united united is a major player in Mexico. The Mexican airlines are not flying to the states anymore because of the border. locked down. So no more aeromexico no more energetic no more. Viva Arab goose. No more layers. I think those are the only only airlines Fly better Mexican airlines fly to the states Southwest has stopped they’ll stop at the end of April. I think they said so no more Southwest was another airline that flew here from tear I didn’t see from here on the list. So I’m thinking they stopped some other airlines so yeah, just American and delta and Delta’s air al Mexico at this point, so I guess aeromexico is still flying. Fly so ridiculously cheap if you buy home if I wanted to fly out of Cancun for $60 one way $60 but I have to either land in Atlanta first or Dallas first. And I think American I even had to land in Miami. So I had to layovers to get back home to get back to Houston. So um yeah. Kind of a kind of cry a little bit because I don’t know when you know this will this will finish up. I don’t know if we’ll get fights back, you know a lot of things a lot of things will go out of business because no one is working. And everyone is on quarantine.

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trying to think what else? And I was last night My sister was up looking. I’m trying to think I have to go outside. Yeah, like I said, I’m gonna go outside on Monday. Hopefully my chest is feeling a lot better by being in quarantine for a couple of days. Because I had to, I have to I got a new modem that came in switched out my modem. My internet so I have to return that URL so I’m going to still get billed for it. And I’m gonna see the barber at least not my child get a Mani pedi today this is looking bad.

Let me see what else. My only big concern about sheltering in place is that I can actually shelter in place. I mean, I’ve prepared myself for this for years like seriously. I prepare myself for this for years. So

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as long as you laundry laundry, I’m gonna have to get out

my bucket and soak everything that I wear every single day. And you know, scrub it off a little bit with some Ace which is tight. And I just soak a little bit, scrub it and hang it up. Everything that we’re good thing is hot here and things dry, fast. I pretty much only wear dresses.


that’d be quick and easy everyday tasks to do probably shouldn’t take any more about 1015 minutes at this point. Um


yeah, but at this point that’s my only concern is laundry. Because Yeah, I’m just not filling going outside with my asthma. I’m going to order me a nebulizer and see if that makes me feel better. At this point. I did give me a stay away, but I’m scared to take it because it’s immunosuppressant. I’m already on allergy medicine, which is another amino suppressant. So I don’t want to take too much and be jacked up

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out here. It’s to

the point where I’m terrified to even open my windows because you know, I don’t know if my neighbors are sneezing because it’s allergies or they got the shit.

You know? Saying

and as airborne, so

I can fly through my window right?

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I’m terrified

to even turn on their air conditioner


you know where the air comes from right outside, so

I’m scared to even do that.

But like I say it’s 100 degrees outside so I gotta have something. I gotta have something else I’m gonna be like Kentucky Fried Chicken any

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time I think I’ve been trying to

stay focused,

stay focused on you know what I need to stay focused on. I went through emails last night. That was fun. I thought the corona virus and

I got through about 100 of them

wasted damn time. Everybody mama want to send emails about Corona virus and what they’re doing

to 240 employees and

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stuff, which I get I understand but still

Yeah, it’s still still okay here in Mexico at

this point.

Like I said, I’m

not gonna go out until Monday

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and the wind the wind has been terrible here last night. It must have been like a bad storm out there on the ocean. Because the way it was just like terrible was actually kind of scary stuff flying everywhere and you know another thing that’s coming up people don’t don’t understand is hurricane season so hurricane season from June to November. I’m hoping and praying that this stuff is over and done with by them but if not now, I think it’s bad now. It’s gonna be worse. It’s gonna be worse and I think this is going to be a bad year because this wind has been blowing like crazy.

For a long time now,

a long time, but wind has been blowing. And so if you don’t know I’m on the Caribbean side, which was where the Hurricanes hit, right? So scared I win and this has been terrible, like memory every two weeks or so we’ll get a bad windstorm. There’s no rain, no nothing. There’s just a terrible, terrible windstorm. And it throws all kinds of stuff around. And the sad part is they want to the wind wants to come on the days that the trash gets picked up. So it makes it even worse. Trash flying around and we’re she that’s why people sick, trash flying.

It’s been a tragic story.

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And then we get up off of here because I don’t want to

be on here too long. Give me a base. I just

want to give y’all some numbers and stuff and show you tell y’all where Mexico was. everything’s still fine here but since I’ve been stressed ain’t been eating my fruits and vegetables and there are say out I’ve wasted me to waste the meat too because I thought

I was gonna cook it but I didn’t

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in the order of food right?

And so,

um, I don’t know if they dig it in my garbage

or what? But

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so my language partner it’s like Elysee waste too much food no my way Are you talking about right now? Only my garbage. So

to like yeah,

like not to be rude or mean or anything but you waste a lot of food. I’m like,

that’s what

I’m like, Okay. What are you getting at? She’s like, yeah, here in Mexico. We always feel like that. I’m like, man, the shit is rotten. Okay, and like she got green. She don’t it don’t smell good. What the hell y’all doing with that?

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But I don’t remember,

still in a third world shithole country is Trump’s is an anomaly and I’m looking at her like, you know, the same stuff goes on in the States. You know what I’m saying? It’s not as bad but I have seen some stuff. You know what I’m saying? I have experienced some stuff.


I’m like, Okay, ma’am, I don’t know what you want me to do with this rotten spoil food, but it’s bad enough that you know, the last trash pickup is on Friday, and I got to hold stuff till Monday. That’s like, that’s like four days. It’s like four days worth of trash and it’d be in here kicking, because it’d be hot. Okay. So I don’t know what you want me to do with this rotten food? Is y’all do y’all got like a special picker? They come and get the right food. I mean, what do you what do you want me to do with this?

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You know, so

I don’t know what she wants, like as you go and you won’t even come knock on my door, like every day and be like Elise, you got rotten food you can give me you know what I’m saying? Like, like what is what is we supposed to do here? Because otherwise it’s going in the garbage and y’all can just dig it out. Because I’m not saving spoil food in my refrigerator isn’t I’m not,

I’m not touching it. I

mean, I already give, you know, especially my housekeeper, I give her my old stuff that I don’t want anymore. Like she literally took my old shower curtain. I ordered myself a black woman, shower curtain, right? Because I’m a black woman. And I said I wanted

my shower. So

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she took my own shower curtain and say, Yo, I’m taking this back. Like we can use this. I’m like, okay, whatever. You know, she takes my plastic bottles, she takes, you know, whatever whatever she wants, I let her have it, it don’t bother me, because it’s gonna go in the garbage for me.

So, um

yeah, you know, I’m I’m trying to explain to her like the same stuff goes on in the States, you know people recycle people reuse. People use Bofu, you know, who is you just don’t hear about it, you know, because America puts on a huge facade. But

people do. People do.

But yeah, just a little story.

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So that’s Mexico updates. I’ll probably do another video Monday or Tuesday? Possibly. Huh? Cuz stuff is changing second by second is it’s Scary out here it’s very scary

please be sure to like this video if you’re on my podcast, write a review. like it subscribe subscribe to my channel send donations if you love me is down below that I hit the like button on this donations you can hit me up on cash chat and you can hit me up on my blog I have a donation there become a Patreon


porfa porfa and

check out via foreigner comm if you think about moving overseas, and honestly I only really been updating because

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I got I got other stuff that

I’m going through right now if you can understand but

I’m gonna try to get back to it to get back to it. But I guess at this point, I don’t really matter because everything’s at a standstill. You can’t even fly no matter where if you wanted to so and so my name is Elise Robinson. I’m a black woman that lives in Mexico


take care

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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