Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part III | Elyse Y. Robinson

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part III

March 25, 2020

Part 3

How am I doing? Has Mexico shut down yet?! How many deaths? Are there food and supplies or are people hoarding? Are we on lock down? Another one week update…

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This is episode number 72. And my name is Elyse Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico.

Why am I here Mexico,

because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And I didn’t have anything left. I had quit my life to take care of my family, my mother quit my job moved away from where I was living, so I had nothing left.

And so I decided to try something new and I moved to another country.

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I had a whole bunch of Southwest points. And so I saw the cheapest points where I could go and Mexico City was one of them. I had never even heard of Mexico City before. You always hear about Cabo and Cancun and put the reactor

so I’ll try Mexico City springs. Soon

Wonderful Southwest yz Oh right.

ended up falling in love with the place and pretty much been here ever since.

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I do live in a smaller city now though,

on the beach about 15 minutes from the beach by bus.

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So this episode is part three of how to survive a Corona virus in Mexico. Just give an update on what’s been going on in my life since last week and

How Mexico was doing here. Um,

I have been fine, I suppose

that has been stress because my sister is a healthcare worker. And she’s on the front lines. So and she is the lungs. She is a respiratory therapist. So she’s the one that has to deal with the pneumonic patients out here. And so I’m terrified for her. Every time she says she has to go to work, she doesn’t work every day. She might work like two or three times a week if that

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she stayed out trying to work, but

I’m terrified for her.

I don’t know what to do when I’m away from home. So

I know Am I my last video? Or maybe it was my first video I said I was thinking about going home. I actually went

wanting to go home? I decided to shelter in place here. I mean, this is my home, you know, Mexico. So I decided to stay

well see if that was a good decision or bad decision when this is all over with right. But

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I think I made a good decision just after the fact that I won’t have healthcare in the States. You know, because the states is so fucked up with that shit.

The guns, not to say that Mexico doesn’t have guns because you hear the cartel but you can’t just walk into a store and buy a gun. I actually found out what the process was from from a little

a little gun shop here. So BB guns.

And he said I would have to go to a different state and apply for a permit, take tests and things and then I would have to

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By the gun from them so it’s like totally traceable. So they don’t make it easy. I’m

not saying what I have here because

come up in here you’re gonna get some some hot lead. But, um

so coming here we want to, um but yeah, I mean just off those two things alone I decided I was gonna stay here Mexico oh and my money goes farther here too. I went

and um you know just go some groceries and I’m just thinking in the back of my mind it would be probably quadruple, quadruple this you know because every time I go on a stage I’m like

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about to drop like hella money. Pella money. That’s why you know, I’d like to stay a month or so back home because you know, I go long

Without seeing my family now but

being there a month, you know takes a toll on my pockets for sure for sure. So I’m like hey

so yeah those those three factors alone made me stay

I got word yesterday that the driver’s license office is closed until further notice so they are slowly but surely closing things down.

I checked flights that was Sunday night.

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No. Was the day I know today is Monday today’s Monday. No today’s Tuesday. Hmm. actually fly Sunday night. And um,

there were flights available. But the flight that goes direct to Houston for me from here. They have flights every day. They only have flights. It was either like three

times a week. So I was like they’re either full or they cut back. So I got word yesterday, after I had checked that the route is being canceled through united because united was the one that had a direct route, from Marietta to Houston.

And so today is the last day the flight probably just went out. I think it goes out at 725. So we just went out doing making this video early this morning.

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And so that was my last, my last chance to leave marito at least on the direct route now have to either traveled to Mexico City or

travel to Cancun to fly out. So

I’m home as my friend said.

I’m stuck. So Mexico has not closed borders being closed. No damn borders. It’s the airlines that have been stopping

Because they’re just not making a profit so they’ve cut back on a lot of routes a lot of flights

you can still bring yours here if you wanted to.

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So and there’s actually been people in a couple of my white groups is what I call them because they are white groups

I’m talking about they were trying to hitch a ride to Mexico and you know they were getting on them so you still come into Mexico he wanted to

maybe not as easy as before but you definitely could still come here. I’m

trying to think what else going on Am I still business as usual here I was out yesterday I went to the pharmacy walked to the pharmacy, like it was nothing everything’s still open.

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I don’t go downtown much. So I don’t know what’s popping in downtown. And at this point, I’m not gonna risk my health trying to go down there to see what’s poppin down, down. So if I get word that stuff is closing down there.

I know but word is as far as I know, everything is still open here and, and poppin when the grocery store the other day, everything was fully stocked my local grocery store that so the street I was in I was kind of right it was bleach, but there’s still a couple bottles left if I wanted to get them. So they’re not going crazy here yet that I’ve seen. But I did go out yesterday actually. Yeah, I went to the pharmacy and I went to

I went to

that was Sunday. I got my days right sorry. I’m on days where I don’t want to Sunday. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy. That’s the only place I went to yesterday. Sunday I went out to Best Buy and Walmart.

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I don’t go to Walmart because Walmart sucks here is not like the Walmarts back in the States. They might just don’t don’t have nothing and it’s overpriced.

Most of the Mexicans I’ve talked to they do not go to Walmart. So the rated Walmart had to have been, the white people have rated it.

You know, people don’t change their habits they go to Walmart and, and America they’re still gonna come here and go to Walmart like dummies even though they have Mexican grocery stores and white people tend to avoid a lot of Mexicans and so

they go with what they know. So

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Walmart was raided, they have a lot of things in there. I just went there to get me some sheets to cover my

couch. Because I’m

Kenny and Nick. She’s from my house.


So yeah, I needed couch covers. So

I need to catch a card from my new couches. And so

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That was that I’m trying to think what else? Um,

there has been no announcements from the craziest president here that things are going to be shut down. I mean, I get it. I read an article, you know, that put it into perspective for me that Mexico among other countries, among a lot of other countries on Earth, because Guatemala is like that. I mean, China’s like that. They have the so called underground economy, you know, people everybody can’t work at Walmart. Everybody can’t work at

the bank. Everybody can work at the gas station, you know. So they have the underground economy, which is legal, I suppose here, you know, nobody’s gonna come in and shut you down like in the States, which I appreciate and Mexico and other countries

and people get paid a daily wage, you know, they go out and hustle. And that’s

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What they make for the day there is no, you know, there’s no standard wage that you can make per day.

So when you are hustling, you might get 100 pesos, you might get 500 pesos you might get 1000 pesos just depends on the day and what people’s buying. And so

they can’t really tell people to stay inside.

You know what I’m saying? Because people will starve. People were literally starve out here.

And like I said, That goes for a lot of other countries. Even it goes for mistakes too. But like I said, people literally are scouting people on the streets telling people not to do certain things, you know,

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with Eric Garner that was supposedly selling cigarettes, and they killed him for it, you know, so things like that happen in the States.

So nobody’s gonna kill you for out here selling cigarettes on the street in Mexico. They can buy them cigarettes though.

They will

If cigarettes

you know I have bought things from people off the street a lot of times of stuff that I don’t need and I feel bad because the stuff I just I’m never going to use and I just, I’m a minimalist, so I’m not going to buy stuff I don’t need


So yeah, so that puts it into perspective. You know, people don’t make Go, go, go don’t go out and hustle for the day they’re not gonna eat. So they can’t tell people to, you know, shelter in places what they’re calling in, in the space stay at home.

They can’t enact martial law here. It would be the death of a lot of people and not from the corona virus.

So I understand that.

I’m trying to limit my outside activities, not because of the virus because I think already had it. But it is a virus you can definitely get

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The game especially if it mutates, um, but because of my allergies every time I go outside I feel like I’m about to die when I come back. And you know I’m I don’t honestly think it’s the virus but

um I came back from going out on Sunday when I went to Best Buy and Walmart and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Like I felt like I was drugged somebody had really read me I didn’t eat anything I didn’t drink anything. So I don’t know what that was about and I slept like six hours I literally when I finally went to sleep because at first I couldn’t go to sleep. You know, I felt felt like a like those woozy or something. So finally went to sleep and I went to sleep around 630 I didn’t wake up till 1230 I haven’t really slept for six hours. I probably needed it because like I said, I’ve been stressing over my sister

you know in my own situation.


I don’t go outside because it is damn out and he’s I’m taking allergy pills. I do help a lot. I feel better now that my asthma isn’t as bad as it was, but

I don’t know what to do about these allergies. But anyways, back to me having it I believe I had it it was when you know, it first got know everybody got notification that it was, you know happening very badly in China. And I was like, I left December 16.

So yeah, we were deep in it by then. And so I flew united because as you know the direct route from Marietta to Houston.

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And so

I got sick real sick about two weeks later. Now mind you, if I get sick off airplane I’m usually sick like the next day. The next day, this way to two weeks I hadn’t really went outside because it was cold in place. I didn’t really

wanna spend no money, because I was about to drop dollars already in the states trying to handle my business. So I didn’t really go out much except to visit people. But the first two weeks, I didn’t really go anywhere because I was babysitting my my nephew. And someone just chillin in the house and I woke up one morning and I had body aches, like severe body aches, I had a fever, I was, you know, sweating a lot.

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And my nose was burning

in my throat.

And, you know, we’re going to go off the two week incubation period, the claiming that people have I mean, most likely, I probably had it. But I ran to the store. Had my daddy get me some episodes of coal. And they cured it. I was I was over and down within three days. Now.

all know about the SOC code is the remedy if you catch it early, but again, I’m not

Um, you know, and I don’t have any underlying conditions outside of asthma and that’s another reason why I’m not really trying to go outside because my asthma is killing me. If the road violence Don’t kill me to asthma go kill me, y’all.

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So, I mean, every time I you know, get a little tickle in my throat or my nose on or something, I get that. Okay, so the colon nucleus of that.

So, I don’t know if I had it, but I had all the signs and symptoms and united goes back and forth to China. So if I picked it up, it was on it was in the airplane. Definitely in the airplane. United airline, I flew to China, so

I don’t know. I’m trying to think.

Um, so yeah, there is no there is no shelter in place here because, you know, they really can’t do it in a enclosed I mean, at the least they could do is close the borders. You know what I’m saying? But they don’t want to do that either, cuz people depend on it.

I believe

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ships are still coming through this motherfucker. You know, because people make a lot of money you know when I’m when I go to the beach I see people you know going there with their wares you know to sell on the beach

for people that come off the cruise ships so I mean, this is just a bad situation all the way around when this is over and done with the world is gonna be fucked off these economies it’s gonna be seriously fucked.

I don’t know what to think.

said I don’t know or I just don’t know so many times in the past couple of weeks. It’s ridiculous. It’s gonna be Manning saying I just want to put that on the shirt. I just don’t know. I

just don’t know. I don’t know anymore. So I am safe. I am trying not to start

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I really haven’t even been getting anything done because stressed off my sister.

So yeah,

I’m trying to think anything else

snapping out else at this point.

Just a quick, quick trying to do a quick update. We are almost at 20 minutes at this point, but

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my name is Elyse Robinson,

black American woman in Mexico. Like I said, My and be sure to check out my blog at least Robinson comm check out your former.com if you think about moving overseas, and hit the donate button, hit the like button, send me some cash out money. Subscribe if you want more updates about me in Mexico

and that’s it.


Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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