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Black American Woman in Mexico

I Went Outside on Day 26 of Quarantine in Mexico | Elyse Y. Robinson

I Went Outside on Day 26 of Quarantine in Mexico

April 26, 2020

Quaratine Day #26

How am I on day #19 of my quarantine in Mexico? Just a quick update on my life inside the house. And what are the current coronavirus cases in Mexico? I talk about how obesity will be the death of Mexico.

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This is episode number 80. And my name is Elise Robinson, a black American woman and lives in Mexico.

Why did I live in Mexico?

My mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. So I quit my whole life to take care of her and my family. And so

at that point, I didn’t have anything left.

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And so, I left, I decided

I was going to leave the country to mourn into

to explore, you know,

on a new life,

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and so I found it in Mexico.

I moved to Mexico City, you always hear about Cordova, yakka and Cabo and Cancun. So I’d never heard of Mexico City. I had never even stepped foot in Mexico, even though I lived on the border to Weiss. And so I have the Southwest Airlines fly with points which Mexico City was the cheapest and the rest is history. I’ve been here almost four years.

I caught my father one time I was never coming back home.

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And I met that shit.


that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And if you love me, please hit that like button hit the subscribe button if you’re watching me. If you’re on my podcast, hit the subscribe button. For more information about moving overseas and mean Mexico. Check out my blog, Elise Robinson calm my name. And if you’re thinking about moving overseas,

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update you on Mexico. What’s

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going on here? What’s going on with my life and what’s going on in the future I suppose. Me as what’s been kicking my ass again, I thought I was kind of over it, but the web They’re changed

up on me as more human now.

So I don’t really know what to do at this point Um, and I cannot get an appointment to go see a pulmonologist. I’m actually I’m gonna try again tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment because I haven’t tried to spend a month it’s been a month so I will try again tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment cuz

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Yeah, I got a new symptom at this point my lungs

started burning me last night, like burnin kind of my big gas because I had some plant stains and I looked up if they look great, they can give you gas and I was bourbon a little bit but I’m not 1,000% sure at this point because it kind of burned me now but I did have some planting. So I’ll see. Um I thought I might have had to go to the hostel Spittal not last night but the night before.

So yeah, we hopped in Uber and

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poco magma pump.

It just takes forever in my mind for it to work and then I also have anxiety so anxiety will have you not being able to breathe in your mind to.



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be panicking for no reason so told the Uber driver to go back home take them back home. But I did see that everything is blocked off. Unfortunately, if there really was emergency, I’ll probably take a while to get there. And that ain’t that ain’t something you want to happen at this point. Um, but yeah, they have caution tape everywhere everywhere. It was around 1130 at night so not to say the restaurants wouldn’t be open because a lot of them Things don’t open until like six o’clock seven o’clock here because of the heat. But everything just looks dated. Today there was some some to man out cook and tacos, trying to sell them but I mean Mexico is the under the word of hustle in a dictionary so so yeah. And plus Mexico is huge on day labor. So they probably needed the money. Um, the heat here is ridiculous. It’s been like 108 give or take every day for weeks now four days. So that isn’t helping with the fires number one, because we have fires because

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of being so dry and no rain.

But I did

go outside today. Early this morning I got my wish that I’ve been praying for which was

some rain and drizzle a little bit.

So I figured that cleared

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up the smoke that cleared up the pollen a little bit. I decided to go outside. So is my sign that you know everything was good because I hoped and wished and prayed for it and I eventually got it. I did run into a couple people outside I went out it was about 737 45 ish. Had my mask on, as you can see from my my video pitcher asked me it was strange. I went to the main road to see the buses were still running. And they obviously are because it was a man sitting out there and I did see a collect TiVo which is basically like a fan that takes you to the same places. The buses will take the bus smaller

faster and quicker.

I got home dad

we got honked at so

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we’ll be going to the Main Street anymore

won’t be going to the main street because I’m not trying to be out here being seen. So I will just walk around in my neighborhood Excuse me. So those pertains um one reason outside of my asthma why I don’t want to come outside is because I’m not to say that I look like an American because people don’t think I’m American 99.9% of the time. Here I am Cuban or belizian. So, American is like the last thing that they think I am But those that know I am American or would speculate that I am that could potentially pose problems. I have heard in other countries I have heard in other cities not necessarily where I live of them not wanting Americans around because we are the largest country with the most cases and the most deaths and everything else that goes along with it. So am Plus, you know, I haven’t gotten my 1200 dollars because I don’t know what’s going on with that. But I got my $200 but $200 is a lot of money. And you know, I could potentially come up, Rob kidnap Who the hell knows. So that’s another reason why I have been in the house. so damn. 26 I finally broke my quarantine and

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decided to bring my black ass out

and get some sun which was

beautiful beautiful I got all the sun also

on this scanner so yeah

that’s that

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my front office lady is telling me

not to bring my black ass outside

she said that someone died about 45 minutes from here yesterday and that they couldn’t get the body which makes sense because suppose the device contagious so they’re not going to give it to the family to bury and do whatever they want to do with it right? I don’t know if they’re burning bodies here or hurry burying them here.

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So she’s like, no, don’t come outside. I might look

lady I’ve been 25 days in the damn house like

I know

I have to come out at this point

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for I go freakin insane

Oh, I ran up on a Cat.

Cat show me some love. So

I thought it was gonna come home


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it didn’t stay where it was

so I don’t know if that’s a sign I should get a pen or what but only only one I don’t need one.


let me see what else oh yeah stories of

craziest Mexicans basically out

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here attacking healthcare workers, which I’ve heard stories in America to have people coming up not attacked but you know verbally abused. My sister is a healthcare worker and I’ve told her specifically do not leave the hospital with your scrubs on and be out and about with them on because people are crazy out here. They have been attacking healthcare workers they don’t want them around. I don’t understand the logic on that. But okay. I have also been threatening to burn down hospitals because they don’t want them in their neighborhoods with the infected people is crazy. Mexico is in phase three. Basically they’re trying to they’re they’re saying it’s uh, trying to control it. Tell people to stay in the house because if we overload the hospitals, then that is the most serious problem and I don’t think people understand that is that the reason why they want us to stay in the house is not because people are getting infected is because they don’t want to overload the healthcare system. So because if people have well the health care system then won’t be enough help so

stay in house

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here’s called could that day in pasa

GoDaddy in Casa

so stay inside as much as possible.

Let me see what else

any other crazy stories I’ve seen the cartel

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has been feeding people on the President’s like stop and I’m like but you’re not doing anything. So,

you know.

I don’t know if Mexico is going to do something. I have seen people out passing I don’t know if that’s the government passing out so called care packages. I don’t know if that’s the government. But I have seen that.

What else? What else

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has it that I could think of We we have started and have some some plants and some seeds. When I lived in Mexico City I grew jalapenos and garlic garlic, I think takes forever maybe I didn’t grow right but you know growing but I didn’t get a chance to eat it the jalapeno

so I ate

all the time. Like I would have like five

jalapenos a week. And that was just awful. One plant which is crazy.

This Imagine if I had like 10 plants.

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so excited about that because I actually got to eat what I grew. So I’ve got some stuff growing. I started yesterday. I got it in hydroponics right now, soaking in lenda sprout that I’m going to transfer it to soil because I can’t do hydroponics here I don’t. I don’t have the patience. So I’m keeping myself occupied at this point because It can get so boring.

Just sitting in the house not

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doing nothing spectacular. If you have it, excuse me. If you haven’t

got all the freebie stuff

that they’re given out for this virus, please get it. I signed up for a digital marketing certificate with Udacity. And I’m on the first part, which I’m going to finish up today and start on the second part tomorrow. I’m slumbering keeping myself occupied with that digital marketing guru pretty soon.

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See, I have a lot of time on my hands because

I don’t have to work as hard

anymore to stay afloat, here in Mexico. And so if you don’t want to work as hard to make sure you sign up for a subscription app via Florida, okay, and check out my blog Elise Robinson calm Let’s see we can get to the to the numbers get to the numbers what’s going on here in Mexico? Let me see did I close out? I did.

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There we go.

So total which I don’t think that’d be Amiga as a total on any of my videos or podcasts.

Total confirm is 1305

which from what my peeps is telling me in other parts of Mexico. That ain’t true. So it’s not true. They are they’re definitely cooking the books as we say in the county, cooking the books.


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Oh excuse me. 1300 500 die scratch that 1500 died.

I don’t know if the deaths

are real, but the Confirm cases are not real. So we have 13,842 confirmed cases. Of course, the bulk of those confirmed cases are in Mexico City

in the depths, of course.

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And so going from

my nose, going from yesterday, to today, supposedly 970 new cases and then 84 deaths that’s from yesterday to today.

Excuse me some fun times.

No, no, we’re corporations so nobody got better.

So yeah, back in the house,

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trying to improve myself while I’m here. I got a lot of time. My pick up some work or something to keep myself occupied even more and get some more money in my pocket. sighing got my stimulus check it I got my stimulus check.


wait on that

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and from what I hear the IRS is supposed to open back up tomorrow and that’s a hot mess and it’s not because I said they supply in some mass and nothing. Funny enough I was thinking about my last government job that I had and how that would have been going if I had stayed at this point. I was really thinking about it and then here comes IRS with this article.


I guess that’s a sign and I’m at the at the right spot where I need to be

at this point in my life.

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So yeah, I can’t think of anything else I need to talk about. Make sure you check out the blog, at least Robinson calm. Think about moving overseas, that would be a foreigner comm subscription. articles on successful people that have moved abroad articles on different countries to move abroad and what it’s like. Of course daily opportunities like fellowships, scholarships, jobs, remote work all the whole nine to sustain you

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So good that they incasa stay in the house as much as possible and

I’ll talk to you next time.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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