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Terrible Dental Care & My Crazy Ass Neighbor | Elyse Y. Robinson

Terrible Dental Care & My Crazy Ass Neighbor

July 16, 2019

Dental Care

What a terrible few days I’ve had and a Black Expat discussion on conspiracy theories, brain drain, and are there definite things you can do in life to be “successful”?

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This is episode number 60. I know it’s been many that it’s been live in life because you have to remember that you know, I’ve been in Mexico almost three years and so nothing is really new to me at this point.

So to stay on top of my stuff, it’s kind of hard now especially with be a foreigner calm, which is my business I’m working on so

I get to you when I get to you and I got some good stories for you this time.

This I’m going to talk about going to the dentist into dantis. I’m

getting my tooth pulled and my crazy ass neighbor

Christmas maker.

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So I started experiencing tooth pain again, on my right side. So last year, around the same time, I was having the

So they didn’t say I needed a root canal or anything I just say that you know, like, there was nothing going on like it was just stress

probably from clenching my jaw whatever because I said that

I clenched my jaw and trying to must leave and probably want them to sit at the computer and stuff. I was having all kinds of pain in my neck and I was having major headaches and stuff like to paint a no Joe like, it’s really nice. So,

you know, I’m taking painkillers muscle relaxers and stuff because I thought it was just enough stress in my neck. I didn’t think it was my tooth. So I finally figured out that it was my to this I go to the dentist and he’s like, you need a root canal and I’m like,

damn about a root canal like everybody I knew.

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No knew they had a root canal. And I hadn’t go back to the multiples or they ended up just getting into food and in anyways,

so a roof

canal basically means that the nerves and your tooth is irritated and so they go in there and kill the nerves so therefore your tooth is dead. So you have to Sydney your head and so they cover up the big ass hole that they putting into was probably about this deep in there. I actually watched a root canal and I was younger because I had this idea in my head I was going to be a dentist one day yet right like as if I like school like I barely graduated high school and college like I’m struggling on my Masters so but I’m going to hit that

so Dennis This was never in a car plus as my sister says I have retarded hands and so like my hand eye coordination isn’t good so

and if anybody knows me out there, they know my hand eye coordination is a laugh at me if you want to

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know was going to be intense.

So I watch a root canal is nasty, real nasty because I drill a deep ass hole in there.

They clean it out and


say herbs and spices

everybody’s in there and and you know and then they put a crown on top of it is so like a fake to so at that point is like say two to four way they take the tooth out it doesn’t get a fake one because

it’s pointless. So

I decided I was going to get the root canal

actually this one over here and got to know you know some told me just go ahead and get the tool but try it out. Try it out. You don’t want to use it.

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It’s not like it’s a major to, you know, if I had

to force at this point.

Get a fake one one of these days.

So the dude is recommended this this end Adonis for me so I go over there and stuff even know me up very well.

And so he gets drilling

and I’m in paying, you know, a jerk he could have drilled the hell out my damn face You know what I’m saying I could just get all fucked up looking like Joker and stuff at this point. So I’m right about it there I literally run about telling you don’t fuck you’re doing

tell him that and I ran out.

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I didn’t pay didn’t do anything. You don’t say bye. Okay. Um, so that was one and then I find another one.

And they were like, We can’t get you into the next day. So I was like, Okay, cool. So my crazy neighbor that I’ll tell you about later, you know, I’m crying to him and everything and I’m like, like, I need I need help. Like, my tooth is got a big ass hole in it like I don’t know what to do, you know, and I’m in pain. So he takes me up the street to

Adonis and stuff and like, I’m not filling the facilities like oh, you know, so I’m just like in like the snow cabinet. So I go back to the lady that you know, I scheduled my appointment with.

She handed me a very well even. So I’m in there, you know, in pain she’s drilling telling me it’s gonna hurt. I’m like, I don’t think I suppose I Ma’am, I don’t think it’s supposed to hurt and I one bit

so I’m in her home like a damn fool. Okay.

I’m either howling, like screaming like about I have panic attacks already so don’t don’t really help me. You know, I’m saying I’m in there panicking having anxiety attack. I can’t shut the fuck up. I’m like, I want my mama.

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hollering she’s in a dry my tears hold my hands and consoling me and stuff. And I’m like, yeah, now this thing, this thing. Go

We’re so lucky that you know, routing out a new say could potentially hurt a little bit. But I mean, you can deal with somebody like I’m saying and like is hurting like the big old jerk, you know, and you don’t draw a face. That’s not what’s supposed to happen. So I asked for a recommendation on one of my groups and

they point me to the the expat dentist, you know, there’s there’s certain things people and countries that you know, they they cater to expats, they speak English and you know, they have updated facilities and they keep them clean and all that other kind of stuff. So

going over there and making the appointment and they were trying to talk me into the root canal and I’m like, yeah, now at this point, so the tooth is dead anyways, and I just I had two bad experience. I’m about to have a third. So y’all just go ahead and pull it

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out. So let’s go to me for the next day and everything. And I’m like, you know, at this time

I need some movies.

So they give me some drops and stuff and my crazy ass neighbors you know, I asked him to take me over here

because I’m not gonna be able to come back on the bus and I didn’t want to come back on an Uber and stuff by myself, you know, and I’m all

and so leukemia drugs I weighed about you know, half an hour whatever. And they know me really well. I’m all them all up in here and stuff. I’m like, Okay, okay, maybe this the one maybe this the one. And so

I got notes.

And it was painless. I wasn’t swollen. I wasn’t anything. She was so gentle. I’m in love with her.

Because after that, like I don’t even trust the dentist. No more anxiety when I go to the dentist. She’s like, and I went back

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because I was having pain on this side too. So

It’s like it’s necessary she doesn’t need to fill in. I’m like, okay, because I can’t do another one I just paint. So um

She Was I being surprised. I was like, Nah, let me just breathe. Just breathe through it I’ll breathe through it. So now everybody when I go to the dentist and so part of my problem is is that the white fillings don’t last for me.

I don’t know why probably cuz but like I said, I grind my teeth and play someone for you. So but the dentist told me the white fillings don’t last long anyway, they need to put the silver in the bag and say the white for different for vanity.

Like literally I’ve had fillings and white fillings last less than a year on me. I don’t want to keep john on my teeth but they don’t do the silver anymore. So I don’t really know what to do. So at this point, I’m going to do this every three months.

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Because the dental appointments only like $25 here so I’m, I gotta stay on top of my dental care. So again, like like I talked

By my blood and previous podcast, I just wasn’t focused on my health. And so I was just living morning. um you know, just just having fun that’s what I did and so I wasn’t paying attention to nothing

and then I didn’t know what to do when I was in Guatemala and I was like three months I was going to so I say when I came back to Mexico I was going to get all my my health concerns taken care of

and so that’s that’s what I’ve been doing. And so

says my experiences with dental care Mexico terrible and I have anxiety I probably need drops every time I go to the dentist. Speaking of I gotta get another filling because this to rotted out the one next to it, so

I gotta go get that done.

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And I need to go pick up my mouth guard, but I’m not to Mexico.

anything because the same stuff has happened to me in the States. I’ve had bad doctors, I’ve had bad dentists. So I mean, I’m not going on Mexico.

Just make sure you do your research and

you overseas and gave recommendations.

The dentist that I saw in Mexico City I got a recommendation for and so that’s my that’s my fault. That’s all my fault all the way around.

So, recommendations recommendations recommendations only. Um, let me see what else I’ve been doing. I’ve been on I just been vacation in Mexico has was cheap as day trips which are probably expensive for Mexicans but nowhere near expensive for

people that use dollars of course.

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Went on this trip and

you can see it on my blog is still check and synchronous currents same crew song though I believe it was. And so that was beautiful I have lots of fun I actually got my ass in the ocean because I’m terrified at Ocean swam all up in it saw all kinds of stuff he was scared the hell out of me but I have fun

and like I’m addicted to the ocean man I need I need to go back to toe tag.

Water was very warm and so clear. It was just amazing. I see why people say they want to live by the ocean because it got me want to do I just can’t leave out the middle of nowhere if I could have mountains and ocean

I’ll be a love so in love

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because I live by the mountains like most of my life and I love waking up and looking at the mountains especially snow capped mountains. So

but the beach, the beaches nice lived on both coasts.

And I live near the beach now I never go

maybe I’ll go one of these days

um so that trip was was $25 for me No I might have mentioned Where did that because I think they might have a special or do something so I think it was like $15 you can beat it

was round trip transportation and everything it didn’t include food or photography or anything like the other one I went to but yeah these day trips are cool real cool. Like you know just to get away for a day and come back in

and chill.

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Next thing I wrote about on my blog was I got a nutritionist because my father thinks I’m dying here.

So you know I was skinny all my life but this heat makes you not want to eat is cold.

Down live since this hurricane season now because we were like in 105 678 so

you know, I’m like I’m not cooking is too hot even what is the pot I’m not saying in my kitchen doing nothing. So as I was sit up there and starve myself until

until I couldn’t start myself anymore. And she’s all like you need more protein, because I’m not really a huge meat eater. I’m not a carb eater either.

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To two main reasons why I’m bony is him in genetics. Like my mom was my size when she can marry my father at 21 years old. So now I don’t really think anything of it, but she’s all like yeah, now you need to do something about that and get on the exercise program. So I’ve been exercising every other day four or five times a week with resistance bands. So I’m I’m doing before and after pictures, and I don’t think I put on

Anyway, because every time I go to my massage place, I’m weighing myself every week and ain’t going Oh, shit, so.

So we’ll see. I have noticed a difference in my body though, so I don’t I don’t know.

Wellesley’s. Um, it hasn’t been a month yet she’s like come back into my scene. And I also started B vitamins.

That made a Costco membership. So I’ve just been buying stuff in bulk is like me some B vitamins, which I believe I was short on to. Because they said if you’re short on B vitamins, you will not eat and so

since I’ve been taking the vitamins I’ve been starving. Like literally, I’m about ready to rip my stomach out.

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Made I don’t know what to do. I’m eating like every half an hour is ridiculous.

It’s so bad like I can’t keep up with my cooking

Okay people when my cooking is so bad, so I’ve been going out to eat and you know, so and I don’t want to because I’m not saving money like I want to so it’s a catch 22 I need to get some groceries today and cook up a lot of food today. So I don’t know what to do at this point.

And as for Let me see anything else I’ve been dealing with my health shakes, smoothies, lots of protein mean

Brynn sugars, not only sugar like them. This is fruits and vegetables. A snack to me is a fruit or vegetable. Lots of cheese since it has protein in it.

Just a nutrition is like you need to put on 10 pounds of fat. 10 pounds of muscle. I’m like what?

So we’ll see my heaviest I was 155 that’s when I was living in LA and I was really I was doing weights. I was I was I was eating

out all the time so it’s very possible for me at this point I’m like 121 and I want to be 121 a good good way for me is 135 so

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so thanks daddy for telling me you know i’ll see

you my health in order

I’m weekly massages I’ve been doing especially since of exercise and muscles is sore.

And the hair started Ricky but I kept it with it.

That’s pretty much it. The nutritionist was $25 and I don’t think I have to pay when I go back. I think that was a one time fee and put that in comparison in the States. Nutrition is is

between Episode 75 and 250 every appointment so

yeah, getting over out here. And as for my crazy

neighbor Oh my gosh. So

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my neighbor I let him into my life I really don’t don’t do the neighbor thing like that because there’s you know she pops off like that time between the moon and you know article folks and stuff so I was like okay I don’t really know nobody out here that’s Mexican Mexican you know I got my American expat friends and stuff but no Mexican friends so but okay I lay me for three year old man that pretty much adores my is like he carries my baby and

does everything gives me all kinds of free stuff takes me places and

for me

I took him to Texas Roadhouse, and I know he ain’t never been so getting some food. And

ultimately, he’s crazy. He has been a Lago I think his name, the Michael Jackson disease, and we’ve discussed

Mid games a 50 year old man. So he’s kind of touchy feely. And so I’ll be like you

and I know it’s their culture to be touchy feely, you know, kiss kiss on the cheek is

known to them.

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So I let I let him slide for a little bit, but he recently had a stroke. And so

he texted me at three o’clock in the morning. And I’m just like, what are you doing? Like we have no no boundaries obviously.

So he texts me Good morning Good night every day and then one night he thought he’s gonna sit up on the phone with me and talk to me and I’m just like, no, I got stuff I gotta do and I don’t you know, my man, I can’t sit up on phone with you like that. Like, I don’t know what you’re doing.

In person, you know, you can’t teach me Spanish I’m teaching English and stuff. So I Ok, I got free language partner here. So I just

This whirlwind for the time being the head stroke so again it says me a big clock in the morning I’m like you know I had a checking I’m like what do you

know then he tried to like like, just brush it off like it was the thing to do tomorrow This is for your entertainment no it’s not not at three o’clock in the morning

we need boundaries obviously.

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And so I’m saying stop sending me messages unless it was important like unless was emergency about your health my health like something like don’t text me not mobile. Okay. Because obviously, like you think is haha fun. So, um, he texted me again with the with the with the messages and I’m like, Yes, that was what we not gonna do. Okay.

And so that’s looking this movie

cuz his his left side of his face.

You can’t really talk that well so but um yeah, you know try to be nice, man just walk all over you and you nice this is what I mean.

So you know that’s what seems to be the only language they understand so had to be me. And he’s oh sorry I’m sorry yeah you sorry all right now we now we really don’t have relationship no more so

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how well I’m not telling

my texting The other day I somehow he was in the face

and he’s like oh, thank you for checking on me yeah that’s about the only thing I’m going to do at this point because you know, you don’t understand some things. So


no, I don’t know where to go with that relationship at this point.

But he’s been very helpful. He took me to the go get my driver’s license, which I need to finish it in there.

So many of you some fish, you know, Mr. So, you know, I like to keep them around but you don’t we gotta have boundaries here. So, I don’t know.

Other than that, let me see what else going on in my life

I didn’t get the France thing, which

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I’m not mad about it because I wasn’t trying to go to France and it was I would have went

because you know it’s a good opportunity but

it wasn’t meant to be found.

And I was in this other competition and I knew I wasn’t gonna get that I thought in my interview because you know why folks think that you know, he lied all the time. Are you really in Mexico yet and I’m lying. I’m lying about being in Mexico okay. You know the jealousy be real so I’m didn’t win that. I need to look up and see who actually won his car, some stupid ass company that they

Nothing special. So

I put in for a bunch of other stuff. Patience is a virtue like they say because I literally have none. And that’s basically why I just been fucking off this past couple weeks.

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Having all kinds of fun, cuz

I ain’t got no patience. So

that’s that, check out. Be a foreigner calm if you’re thinking about moving overseas, sign up for consultation. I post opportunities every day, okay, almost every day when I feel like it. Sometimes I’ll feel like it. Um, check out my blog, at least Robinson calm which is my name of course. And

next time, I’ll put out another one next week next week. I’ll bombard job with that one next week because I got some

interesting tales about men.

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Yeah, like he like China propose to you and stuff like

Oh no. I guess I’m getting close to finding the one I guess.

Who knows? Anyways, let me get up off here because this probably one might be my longest podcast that I’ve done

for you stay tuned for the for the dating stories next week

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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