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A Visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor in Mexico | Elyse Y. Robinson

A Visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor in Mexico

September 17, 2019


For two weeks I’ve been having ear pain. I finally figured out the cause after visiting an Otolaryngologist in Mexico. One thing I don’t take for granted overseas is the ease of getting healthcare. You can walk in a doctor’s office AND especially a specialist…and they will take care of you quickly. This is my second time with a specialist…ear, nose, and throat doctor.

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little bit about me.

My name is Lisa Robinson, as it says, and I live in Mexico. I’ve been here almost three years come November. Why am I here? Well, my mother passed away from blood cancer November 11 2016. And I literally hopped a flight like a week after her funeral. And I’ve pretty much been here with since I did a little short stint in Guatemala get my Spanish up, but I’ve been in Mexico. So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. If you like my context and donations, they are appreciate it. And again, like my channel and

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And so this podcast is about me going to see ear nose, throat doctor and you know, the process and the costs and everything. And so, like I said, in my prior podcast, I’ve been having issues with my ears. And so like painful, painful, I couldn’t sleep I had to take painkillers. And so

the first time I went to the doctor,

they were like, it’s a little inflamed. I was like, okay,

so they gave me some drops,

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drops burnt the hell out of my damn ears. I had to heal from that. So that’s what I was thinking you know, the secondary pain was from is that my ear canal is still healing because the drops burnt my ears is a very strong steroids. And that’s a side effect, Bertha ears or whatever you use it on. And so, you know, waited a couple of days. And then I thought it was allergies. So I got nettle leaf, which is a very good anti histamine and histamine. And so I jumped on that for a couple of days no no results. So I seen the doctor again a regular doctor. And she’s like, maybe you need to go see your nose, throat doctor because I see nothing wrong with you my bullshit. That’s true, some wrong with me. Like I’m having pain, severe pain, what are you talking about looking there again. So I waited a couple of days, like I said, drinking my no leave team. And so

I found that ear, nose and

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throat doctor on Google Maps

at all places, you know, because you can review people on Google Maps. So I found one and went over there. It’s like this huge medical complex with all kinds of specialists and everything in it. So I know where to go now if I need, you know, something else. And so just to give into the process on how it works in the United States, since you know, that’s where I’m from, that’s pretty much the only other process I know outside of Mexico, I would have to see my primary care doctor my regular doctor first. And that might not be a quick appointment, they can probably give me in the same day or the next day or a couple days after


depends on how urgent your your symptoms are, right. And then if the doctor can find anything, you know, and they’re telling you there’s nothing wrong, they might might refer you to a specialist. So in my case, I’ve been here knows. So doctor, right. So specialists in the States, usually our book months out, only way you can really get to see one is if it’s like a complete emergency, or a cancellation, EI literally called like, you know, once every couple of days and see if there’s cancellation for a specialist doctor. Just just crazy, right? And you would have to get approval from your insurance company, right? So just because you can go see the doctor doesn’t mean that the insurance company will pay for it. So you can end up with a denial and you know, thousands of dollars. So, to put that in comparison to Mexico, like I said, I found my doctor on Google Maps.

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And I went over there

without an appointment. I thought about making an appointment. I just want to see you know, I just want to see how it is. See how long I wait and everything for him to see me. And so the initial doctor I was supposed to go see he wasn’t there. I guess he was on vacation. And so there was two other doctor exactly the scene. So I just walked

down the hallway

and saw the next one.

And so you know, I’m talking to a lady a Spanish like I need, you know, an appointment. My ears been hurt me for about two weeks now. And there has been no changes on everything I’ve done. I don’t know what to do. And she’s all like, okay, the doctor doesn’t really know English, but we will work with you. I’m like, Whoa, cuz I understand a lot, you know, but I, my speaking is like, still, it’s okay. I’m getting here.

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Practice it every day. And so

I wait you know, fill out the paperwork with my name and everything and I’m waiting maybe about 20 minutes

or so. Now

when I go to the doctor are you when I used to go to the doctor in the states I could have an appointment is still waiting around for half an hour to an hour for the doctor right? Oh times you know, appointments go over because in America, they only have 10 to 15 minutes spots. And that’s just not enough time usually. So appointments run over so you can literally sit there for you know, 15 to another hour hour and a half for your appointment because I’ve been there done that before. So like I said, I sat there for maybe 20 minutes at the most and you know, I saw the people going through being you know, taken care of and everything and so he calls me back there and he’s like well, I don’t see anything you know, there’s there’s nothing wrong with you. And so he’s you know, pressing on my jaw and stuff. He’s like, well, Does this hurt? Does your neck hurt and stuff? No, it’s like he had a hurts like hell like it was hurting so bad in my neck. And so that’s what I kind of figured it was because I you know, to stay, to stay mentally mentally sane. I go get a massage every week. helps with my entrepreneurship goals and everything else that I do. So I will that’s in my budget every week I massage. So when I get my massage, you know she would press on my neck and it hurts so bad. So that’s what I figured it was because it’s on this side and you know, all this shit in here is connected. So he was like, Yeah, he just need to take some muscle relaxers. I’m like, bro, are you serious right now? I’m thinking I’m about to die I got him somewhere on my brain because it was hurting all in here. I was hurting in here just just hurt. So he prescribed me you know pain killer some some aspirin I think it was and I must relax already got muscle relaxers in here from my from my teeth. But I have a lot of issues with my jaw and stuff. And my neck was my two pain points. So I’ve been taking the muscle relaxers for three days now and no more ear pain. no muss, no muss, no more pain. So the cost of the appointment was 800 pesos is like, like $35 I think it is 3730. Now how much would it have been to see a specialist without insurance in the States? And all right, lindo can even tell you to see how much your nose doctor would be probably $500

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probably $500.

And I was kind of mad to even pay 100 pesos because all he did was press on my neck. I mean, he did look at my ear and stuff and he was like, you just need some muscle relaxers. I’m like bro can give me some medicine because the soccer makes make sure it’s worth it. Just give me some kind of I always my time and my money over here and stuff. So I have to submit that for reimbursement to to the travel insurance company that I use here.

Shout out

to Seven Corners because

they they are they’re good. They reimburse me. I’ll put my link in the comments. If you’re looking for travel insurance health insurance overseas to their good company

I shall say good enough. I mean

they pay my claims so I can’t complain.

So yeah, that’s my

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story on seeing an ear nose throat doctor here in Mexico.

Easy peasy.

Quick and easy.

Very fast.

Trying to think Is there anything else? Um


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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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