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2017 Earthquake in Mexico City, I’m Safe! | Elyse Y. Robinson

2017 Earthquake in Mexico City, I'm Safe!

September 10, 2017


Maaaan that earthquake on Thursday night was scary! There was at least an 8.1 earthquake in Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas is about 10 hours away from Mexico City. I went to bed around 10:30 like the early bird I am and it hit around 11:45 pm. ALSO, there is a tropical storm…Ms. Katia on the way so that’s what I thought it was. My whole apartment started shaking with me in the bed and I finally figured out what it was. All I had on was my bra and shorts so I had to put clothes on, grab my keys to unlock the door, and RUN! My dog ran after me and we made it downstairs. I felt one aftershock but nothing else the whole night. After that ordeal, I packed a bag to sit by the door with snacks, keys, wallet, passport, food for my dog, and slept with my clothes on. Nothing more happened…I also didn’t fall asleep until almost 6 am.

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People laugh when I tell I had never been in an earthquake until I moved to Boston. Yes, I’m born and raised in California, but Sacramento, and we don’t get them. I’ve been in really small ones in San Diego and LA after Boston but NOTHING like THIS! There were no aftershocks that I felt and I wasn’t waiting around to find out or for Ms. Katia either. Although I was told since Mexico City is so high up (about 7,500 feet) and surrounded by mountains it would be nothing but rain.

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The past almost three weeks have been so stressful with checking on my family every hour with Harvey and now this! I decided to pack me and my dog up and head back “home” to Houston to love on my family. I have a family reunion to go to in two weeks anyway so I’ll be here until at least the 25th.

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I thought I needed a health certificate to fly back to the US which isn’t true. For the US, you just need to show proof of a rabies shot. I wasted $350 pesos on getting one but someone told me I can use that to re-enter Mexico with as long as it’s not over 30 days. I’m hoping so because knowing this information I can fly back and forth with my dog a lot easier now.

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Anyhoo…I’ll try to give some content while I’m gone for the next two weeks. But until the 25th (which I’m 110% that’s the day I’m leaving again lol)…I’m on vacation!

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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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