Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

What Are Are You Afraid of Exactly? #Fearlessness | Elyse Y. Robinson

What Are Are You Afraid of Exactly? #Fearlessness

May 18, 2020

When will México reopen?

Updates with me. Updates with Mexico. What Are Are You Afraid of Exactly? #Fearlessness - A few times I realized I was fearless…maybe it can help you to live your dream life.

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Hey y’all. This is episode number 82. My name is Elise Robinson and I am a black American woman who lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico because my mother passed away for blood cancer in November 2016. And so I quit my whole life in order to take care of my mother and my family. And so I didn’t have anything left and so I decided to go more in another country and explore a new place I’d never been before. And so I settled on Mexico City. You always hear about Cancun part of our yard and Cabo but you never hear much about Mexico City. So let me go check it out. Did it Little did I know that Mexico City is an amazing place amazing this month. I don’t know if it’s my first and my second love La La is an amazing place to, but ended up falling in love the place caught my father after mother Tom, I won’t come home. It’s like okay, just make sure you’re saving your happy spirit I you know, and the rest is history. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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please be sure to like this video and subscribe to the channel. And if you’re listening on the podcast, be sure to leave a review And a comment whatever. And if you love me become a monthly donor using the link below or do a one time donation. And let’s get into it. I’m going to talk about being fearless. This will probably don’t belong. There’s some probably going to be alone. I base myself and of course, where I live, Mexico.

I saw a day so myself,

I’m doing fine. I’ve got into the exercise and gear, get out, get up every day and hit these weights and walk in

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leg lifts and stuff


pretty sharp amounts of weight. Eat normies plant teams I don’t know how does got addicted to them, but I’m addicted now. I don’t know. There’s this fish restaurant where I give them although I try To get some delivered second cook them myself I’ve got waste of freaking money and it brought me bananas. So I’m gonna try again today and see how that works. And plus I can cook them myself make sure they’re more healthier than what the restaurant is giving me because I don’t know where they’re using. Um But yeah, like I’ve been putting all the weight away to

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move away

but nothing I put or at least a good five pounds, but it’s like I’ve got to lose as much as I could, like for real

but now I like my like I like my new body.


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I wish I knew how much I weighed them. At my heaviest I was 155 but that was pure muscle that was muscley as a woman I was hitting Waste every day. Some man complaining and complaining goes with

age territory and eaten right?

And I did not know that plantation was like potatoes and no wonder why you put on way to fallen on plantations because of felling as our being eaten him shit smells younger. But part of my culture, some song eating sheets like that. I just I actually just found out about them. But I’m going to Mexico My friend was I hear there’s some plants ain’t going to fuck his back. No plantations is my grandparents on both sides of Southern planetariums. So I’m putting Monica right now. Um, as my allergies. I had an asthma attack Sunday morning, early Sunday morning, which I’m mad about because I did not get my ass up and exercise. Because if I don’t get my ass out of here by 630 there’s too many damn people out and I ain’t gonna deal with it. So row It was about 515 ish. And I had asthma attack was really stuffy in here I don’t even know why because we didn’t even worry. But not in a way this is sprinkled a little bit also like my friend told me it did rain I was like why didn’t hear it. So it was really stuffy. I have my finger on I can’t see but the air conditioner on I wish I could but I’ll wake up sick. So I just can’t as I woke about on the day asleep asthma attack and puff my asthma pump and then I have some of the most severe cramps I’ve had in a long time. When I was younger, I used to miss school and work because of cramps like I miss a whole day or two just clinical Williams and birth control saved my life taking appeal, so I do not knock the appeal at all, because I never got pregnant, so not too bad. But yeah, I haven’t had cramps like that a long time. So I guess I forgot what it felt like I was like, I got to go to the hospital bruh Take me to the hospital. And I thought about it like, I can’t go to the hospital might get the world. So if Asperger knock it out, so do you know find out so this little frames

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that’s what’s been going on with me. I, um, none of the servers here have been disrupted. Knock on wood or something. My lifestyle hasn’t changed much before it is. I was doing the same stuff. I’m doing now. So I’m blessed. I can’t complain. No my point okay Ha. So my point okay. And so I can’t complain too much here. Mexico reopen today with the school starting so let’s see how that goes I’m gonna give it two three weeks before

I start venturing out a lot

I definitely have to hit the tattoo shop to get my piercing change because it’s just hanging on by a thread here. It’s not moving so I’m guessing I’m fine for now. I’ll see me go man Petey and I need a haircut. Oh man, I’m looking so bad today is actually kind of cute. actually kind of cute. I was thinking about coming off this weekend, but I was gonna wait it out. Wait out. class. I don’t want to look like a 12 year old child. Like people when I’m bald people really I am a 12 year old child. When I get on the bus, I was getting money back and I’m like, why am I getting changed back?

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We thought I was a child.

And I want to go sign up for this

class. And he was like, Okay, well, I need your parents permission. My parents permission for I am a 33 year old boys woman. What are some parents permission? He was like, I need your parents permission. I’m like, no you don’t he’s into a child. Oh no, sir. How would I look at my fucking ID says I’m 33 Oh man, look at the date. He was asked my child he was in shock. So I try to keep hair. So I look more mature and older because I’m bald headed me up to much higher ridiculous and plus being bony and skinny probably don’t peel the tiniest fuck.

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probably likes a little African child, little Somali child I like to call myself a small child. So I don’t know. I got a need to keep hearing I in child care office start all over again. Um, my friend told me that a man flew to Chicago for his daughter’s graduation.

And he came back and

perished. Know why anyone want to do that? So rip, but I guess people are seriously not taking this serious enough. I mean, I know. I know for a fact there’s a lot of lies out there that my system works in healthcare. So I have a clear tunnel vision on what’s really going on. So as my uncle He works in healthcare too.

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I mean, it’s better to be safe than sorry. is better to be safe than sorry.

I don’t know why people are defying

the Fine. I won’t say law, but I guess it is technical kind of law. You know what I’m saying?


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I don’t know. As for the stats here in Mexico 2075 cases since yesterday 132 deaths, and the deaths have dropped as of today. They have been hold steady around 250 cases have went up a lot, but I’m not really worried about cases. Because I think I believe at this point, like, a lot of people are the one infected, going to get infected and seen a lot of us are asymptomatic. Amina do a no cure ain’t no remedy for the shit. So, I mean cases don’t really matter, right? And

the tests are accurate

and says given a false negative or false positive.


anything is not enough. So how to testimonies people? Lastly, yeah, I really think they test them out and people like that

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they used to work for the government

saying competence and I’ve had my pee in my blood go missing before and they had to redo samples. So my sample might be getting mixed up with a Todd’s from, you know, a testimony. So I’m not really concerned about the cases at this point.


Here in Mexico, all the stories that I have seen the people were obese, high blood pressure, hypertension, as you want to call it, diabetes, the sugars. One lady that was in her 20s had heart disease. I don’t know she was born that way or she developed differently obese and other issues but that’s the stats here in Mexico. I haven’t heard of the so called healthy person passing away here. Not one bit. They’ve all had one or more of those things. Unfortunately. So if you if you are obese, overweight and healthy, change it up now. You still got time. still have time. That’s why I got my ass out here. Exercising for my loans are probably weakest From being having these allergies and oddest asthma in adults I’ve been trying to build them up they don’t take much doesn’t take much cut out so this student at the bottom of me drinking my water would help me drop 50 pounds alone um and i only exercise for 20 minutes because you don’t mean much if you do when they write

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but you know on the topic of fearlessness and

that’ll be it.


just got an Erica Badu made a performance was it two weekends ago and so they were talking to each other and so something that stuck with me Was I believe it was Erykah Badu to say to Jill Scott, that How did she get to a place that she want to share her poetry? And she thanked her for for, you know, showing the world her soul. Basically, that’s what it is your soul, baring your soul your gifts. And so she was like, yeah, you know, I just

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do what I do.

And so when I moved to Mexico, I, I struggled with baring my soul and my story to the world. You know, if you Google My names, I come up, right

and you know,

especially being a sexist Scorpio. Like we we have a hard time with share sharing certain things of ourselves and so it’d be all been your business, your business, but don’t be in our business. And so as you can see I’m here in the corner you can see my apartment, you can see nothing else about what’s going on here. So in private to an extent, but I wanted to share my story because number one, a lot of people don’t do what I do or have done what I’ve did done. Number two, not a lot of black people have done what I’ve done. Number three, not a lot of black American people have done what I’ve done. Some I am a descendant of a slave need them far removed from being slaves especially. And so, you know, we have done some amazing things amazing things, but we still have first, unfortunately. And I know a lot of people in my position and they don’t share their story at all. So I wanted to add to the history books

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a black person that left their home country in his experience in a whole new culture world. All of that jazz. And you know, I get a lot of kudos appreciated. Thanks for people all the time. I got one yesterday, matter of fact, but I don’t think anything of it. I don’t think anything is special, but I tell them straight up. I’m like black people’s original people been here forever. First the last gonna be the only and we’ve been moving around the world since since the beginning of time, so I don’t think anything of it

one lady had told me that

that Um, so, so

you’re here in the now, so,

but Dude, I hit me up.

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He was like I’ve been watching you forever

and he asked me for a job where I’m just like, Yo, I know people is unemployed right now. I mean, I’m watching my my De Niro for sure ain’t got nothing for you. I mean, I do. So before you always got something for somebody to do, because I didn’t want to do it. But I’m not in a position to pay people yet. I wish I was as I would help out so many people so many people out a lot of shit I can delegate to people one day so I need you to sign up for be a former co right


I tell real soon come soon come soon


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he said thank you he’s appreciative. me tell my story. So this is why I put my life out there my story because of what I just see.


being fearless and back to the topic fearlessness

people also come to me and say I wish I had the courage to do what she what you’ve done and I’m like, why don’t you Why don’t take as my models to my model. I got a couple of models but one of them is you only live once So I don’t want to be at nine years old, because I’m

gonna be eight, nine years old.

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And looking back at my life and saying, damn, I could have had the opportunity to do that. I didn’t do it I don’t have that at this point in my life oh man or grids. And I say that. I say that honestly, I ain’t gotten up to this point. I have done a lot of things ain’t got nothing like damn, I wish I wouldn’t do that. Okay, maybe one. I wish I would try try harder school. me my 2.46 high school GPA in I think I might have had like a 1.98 GPA in college. They look they rounded up and was like, okay, you can graduate So my

email to my graduates

I was like cool compare 2.0 but because I’m looking at stuff now and I’m like yes enough time passed to where I can apply for it and you know I can hear it because I got a fascinating story I’ve done some stuff in there like I get this Can I get it? There’s a lot of shoots will be based on fucking GPA. Boys don’t make a big deal since GPA don’t take a shit. So and I know mines didn’t do so but were blessed as one of our brands I do without supposed to do in school by whatever has a Tony tour and my key is I’ll be on my kids. When I asked the key is I’ll be only as good that 3.5 GPA but I will handle regrets. I will look back at my life and be like I should have do that so if you know the devil in your heart You’re supposed to be here doing this get to work and only because another saying is time Don’t wait for nobody you know he’s saying all dams gonna take me it’s gonna take me six years to do this okay well you’re gonna get to six years and be like damn well shit I could have been done by now I started so start do what you got to do or if you believe deep down in your heart is supposed to be with somebody I mean she go from not only don’t my roommate though How does he know? All I can say is no my sister gets on me all the time and she’s like you don’t even qualify for that. Oh my god no fucking class Anyway, let them tell me I don’t qualify shit. I check boxes shoe I no qualified

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so you know people are people

are terrified of nose in a no wrong would have no life is all about knows all about nose so I apply for everything every and anything that suits my fancy, right. So that’s that so I’ve got some crazy shit that I wasn’t even qualified for just because I


so then

another one is nothing is promised So, you know just going back to the nose I mean you did it but no one ever told you that you don’t get it. But you did it and you know you got to answer

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satisfiability right. Take it a leap.


that’s that.

And let me say I have another quote another quote for y’all know the model that I live by.

But yeah, courage not being scared. I mean, you know, I don’t know what happens after we have to pass away, but we’re here now so do what you got to do to to do what you want to do. Cuz Time waits for no one waits for no one.

Even if you have to

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do it intimidate you grimace every day I tell. I’ll tell my I tell my friend. She lives in another part of Mexico. And she’s been struggling with some of the jobs she’s been working out here, you know, especially now with the Coronavirus says that and I’ll tell her you know, me you guys feels good. need to go out on your own? You know what I’m saying? But fuck all these jobs I mean keep the job keep the job don’t don’t let go to a steady income until you know who you ready and can live off of it but I mean you got lots of skills that we bring from America that’s awesome season education round. I’m telling her be so salty so many damn Mexicans want to go escape to the US like it’s some kind of better thing. So my big consultant Tommy can get them into college and in there you know have all the essays and shit so she didn’t get her some business cards made a little group and shit. And you know, she don’t have time for why she would do for you waiting for and if it takes like 10 minutes. It takes 10 minutes, you know, take 10 minutes out of your day.

We’re going

would be in tomorrow.

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They okay 20 minutes ago. Getting, but unless you go,

nothing is there when you dedicate time to it right.


I’ll talk about a few times that I found out. I was fearless.

I think I’ll talk about the first and

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last time because it was in the middle. It’s kind of personal kind of personal. Maybe I’ll talk about that another another time. But first time I realized I was fearless and I didn’t give a fuck. Because I mean, a lot. A lot of fearlessness is not given a fuck. Okay, worry about what other people don’t saying. And that’s a whole other topic in itself. Make a seagull and haters you’re gonna have the people that’s gonna tell you

no evil hand people don’t call you crazy.

You don’t have people that don’t tell you that ain’t gonna work.

But yet motherfuckers was out here selling pet rocks.

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I Bay Hill He was telling him he no siano fucking rocks, but yeah, he, he became a millionaire. Have some fucking rocks, rocks, that story always just hurts that story just hurts

to find out what the dude’s name is, so the paint route


A large percentage. fearlessness is not giving a fuck. And so I was about 16 and a half. I’m still in high school course. And I found out that you can graduate early. And so I had to go to summer school in order to graduate a whole semester early. And so I did that.

I think I barely passed the class on that one too, but

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grades didn’t matter.


So I only had three classes and one semester. I didn’t do my second semester for high school.

And so

I realized that the people I was fucking we’re kicking away did not matter. It wasn’t no matter after high school kid with a Momo. And we I know people that still do they said that high school friends but I knew I wasn’t because they went on my level like I was grown now make sure not to say cylinder when I was growing. So, but now they wouldn’t try to do them with a life. They wouldn’t be trying to go to college. So I plus

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I mean, if

I’m in college and y’all still in high school, I mean, what could we possibly be talking about when folks are here for lunch in the cafeteria? I mean, we don’t hold up surgery, right? So I ended up graduating early and people said Oh, you must be so smart. And GPA one point on life. Barely about to graduate though. What I found out you can graduate Riley

So I started kicking it by myself.


of course people was talking shit.

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Fuck it, I want to talk shit. And it was like, oh, like is she gonna freeze and start shooting barsa because at that point, you know, I had to kind of find myself forgot what to do after I graduate high school only a couple days left you know I’m saying


I’ll get my I was getting my shit together. I didn’t offer this over there.


that was the first time I became fearless.

Last time I became fearless. Um,

I have moved to Arizona,

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as I had lived in LA in LA is my heart so I love me some la Mexico. Pretty is like a close very very close second but la Ain’t no place on earth like LA


so moving from LA to to Tucson Arizona bumfuck middle nowhere

by myself

and so

that’s a whole other story. So

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I was in a relationship and I told them motherfucker deuces no matter with this money. No.


so moody about myself, moved myself by myself.

Everything and I was terrified. I was terrified because I drove from LA to Arizona and I was fine. Maybe 11 hours. I stayed in a hotel one night, and my mother was always sick about me. She was like, are you okay? Are you okay? My mom, I’m fine. I was so worried about stuff was gonna get stolen because I parked at a hotel.

But it was fine. It was fine.

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got there and stuff I’m packed and everything and you know, figuring out a new city a new life.


that was one of the times I was very fearless. Um, but I got in my head that I was going to another country and I started planning out the sheet. And that’s when I was going to go charter. I will I did go to China. And so I had to figure out whether Africa travel by myself and go on a solo vacation, which I don’t know where my hand was

on that one because I’ve

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done a solo vacation before when I was 20. I went to Dallas by myself to check out this college. That did end up going but anyway I guess I just had to see again and plus I was traveling for work by myself. So I don’t know where my mind was on why, why why I need to go on vacation by myself. Mostly I could do it, see if I could do that by myself. But anyway, so I ended up going to Vegas by myself for three or four days and a helicopter ride on the Grand Canyon and you know, all that, all that good stuff. And I loved it.

loved it, it got good to me.

So I went to Hawaii because I wanted to see the volcanoes and I did

helicopter ride over that tour and basically the most delicious fish of my life there. Try to go snorkeling. That didn’t happen. I’m terrified ocean.


so yeah. So start getting good. And we’re like Dana solidification is she is like really, really cool. And so

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I was like,

and then of course, I went to Mexico City by myself, but I wasn’t really Wasn’t really scared. Oh no, even though he and I didn’t even speak them later, so wasn’t even really scared. I don’t know it because I was


fresh off of a mother passing away. But

yeah, that’s that’s, I mean

a lot of times you have to force yourself to do these things and just in watching the hearts can be beaten. I’ll be sweating your head as spiky as stress wet. But once you get there and figure out that

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not to be scared of

go away.

It will go away by a couple times. I was fearless and I learned a lot about myself. And, again, I do this. Do this for other people, not necessarily for myself. So now lot of people have had this fearlessness, both in courageous bone and

I wish more people had it.

I wish more people had it.

It probably a lot more

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happier people on this earth I’ll tell you that tell you that a lot of people are scared to do things. It just don’t make no sense. So, put that out there as an example of how I became fearless. Um, I got way more examples, but this will be a whole frickin hour to our podcasts YouTube video. Plus, a lot of them are very personal. So anytime they DPN So with that, I appreciate all the compliments the love And I do this we all do this we do this for you.

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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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