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México Finally Reopens | Elyse Y. Robinson

México Finally Reopens

June 11, 2020

México Finally Reopens

Proud of my people back home. México officially reopened this week. I’m going outside in the world to take care of some business. Mani pedi and massage this week. Tropical storm ruined México. $20 for 4 questions. Residency in a 3rd country. Flights return next month. Corona virus deaths, cases, and recuperations in México. Success is on the horizon.

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Hey, this is Elise Robinson and I’m a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why did I live in Mexico because my mother passed away from blood cancer November 2016. And so I quit my whole life in order to take care of my mother and help out my family. And so, you always hear about put the VR to Cabo and Cancun. So I chose to go to Mexico City, which is one of the largest cities on earth. And I knew nothing about Mexico City. I never heard of Mexico City. I lived on the border twice and never stepped foot in Mexico, because you hear about the cartel, the drugs, the sex trafficking, the violence, and so I was terrified, but um, I decided to come check it out for myself. ended up falling in love with Mexico City, and I’ve pretty much been here ever since I called my father up about a month and a

half later. I

told him I wasn’t coming back and he’s like be happy and safe in just my story I’m sticking to it.

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And so

please be sure to like this video. If you haven’t subscribed please be sure to subscribe to the channel. And if you listen to me on the podcast Be sure to subscribe to that. Leave a comment review. And please be sure to check out Elise Robinson comm if you haven’t already, be a foreigner calm. If you’re thinking about moving overseas, I post daily opportunities along with other helpful things. If you love me, be sure to donate with the link down below. And let’s get right on into it. Again, shout out to my people back home in America. I’m sorry I can’t be there. But I realized this weekend that my destiny is not to be there because I will be In the streets helping out. And so again, I’ll give you my love light and energy. And be sure to keep the momentum going and ask for them reparations because we are owed we are entitled to everybody else got a shit. Let’s get our shit. Okay.


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Let me see what else oh it’s been a stressful stressful past week. Last week was a tropical storm. It’s like nothing even happened now. It was a huge Tropical Storm Tropical Storm crystal ball and it rained for days and days and days, none stop. I just I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life. And I’ve lived in a lot of places and I just have never seen it. I’ve been in. I’ve been in flights. I’ve been to hurricanes. I’ll be there tonight. I’ve been to earthquakes I’ve been in it all but this shit right here with me the hell out I don’t ever want to hear rain ever again in life. I don’t want to hear rain. Rain is traumatizing. Now. You know people be like, Okay, well the brain puts me to sleep. Nah, I’m traumatized. Now traumatized, traumatized. I don’t want to hear rain anymore. It flooded so bad throughout the Yucatan area, which is the state I live in and they had to evacuate a whole bunch of people and get them to safety

of the streets around me were flooded

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part of the underpass which which makes sense because it’s is deep is still flooded. I guess they’re not gonna drain it they’re just gonna let it dry out because I mean, at this point we should be driving is nothing nothing in this heat last long. Um

But yeah,

I don’t even know what to say about that. And it lasted a whole week. No sign. No nothing. It was just it was just terrible. Terrible, terrible. Um, let’s see what else? Um, oh, I should have said this first. So I’m just starting this new thing $20 for four questions, and so people keep emailing me, messaging me on Facebook Messenger, which I think is rude. But anyways, um, because I have a whole ass business page. I have a whole last business and all that other kind of stuff. Don’t Don’t shoot me. No, no stuff like that. That’s my personal page. And so I’m $20 before questions. So if you have any questions about moving overseas, immigrating with some things that you need to do before you go with some things you need to take a look You go or do something because there’s certain things that you would want to take with every country that you go to no matter where you go, right. Um, well, some other good questions. What’s the immigration process where you can ask a question about Mexico? And I can if I don’t know, I lead you to some resources, or some people, so no people all over the world. So $20 for for questions. Okay, and the link is on my website. Elise Robinson comm is at the top. You can’t miss it. It’s in the little intro. bolded You can’t miss it. So $20 before questions, I’ll take 1015 minutes out of my day. If it takes longer than that, then I’m gonna have to charge you more. Okay, and I’ll let you know. So that’s my new thing I’m doing because I’m tired of these questions. I’m tired of questions like, I want to move overseas. That’s number one. That’s not a question. That’s a statement and I mean, And who am I supposed to do with that? Okay, where do you want to move to? What are your skills? Are you entrepreneur? Okay to make any sense. So I’m and to put it out there. I’m looking for residency in another country. America don’t do right. Mexico don’t do right so I’m looking for country that actually does right and takes care of a damn citizens I need to notice shithole country under my belt. So So yeah, once I get done with that polish, I don’t know. But at this point, it’s just I’m, I’m applying, I am applying.

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Let’s see.

I’ve had a lot of good things happen every single day. Is this shocking to me? Is this what it’s like? When you Like the big thing happens the big change happens and you become rich and famous. I can just magically $1 million in your in your bank account. Because Yeah, it’s like every day is Sunday shit. And it’s those small things little small things, which I’m gonna like I’m saying it’s gonna lead them to one big thing because yeah, it’s like I’m I’m very very grateful very very grateful

but yeah

less see so Mexico reopened on Monday not everything opened. Um but a lot of things that I frequent opened like the spa and my piercing fell out. Right rights um, right before quarantine. was over with the ball had fell off my airing and so I have been trying to keep it in. And so during the tropical storm I wasn’t really paying attention to it because it was just like I got more important things to worry about. And so I saw it on Saturday and it kind of was just hanging in there. So I had to find a piercer to actually repair it and I’m kind of upset because she didn’t pierce it in the same fucking spot. So I don’t know how that’s gonna affect me and I got a different type of piercing I didn’t get a ring anymore. I got a barbell so hopefully that helps with the healing because the ring was moving around too much and I just don’t think it was ever going to heal. So um I’ll see how it does. It shouldn’t like fucking crazy right now. I’ll tell you that. I can’t pull out and I’ve been poking at like, you know, on the outside like, but I can’t touch it on it. Inside So yeah, I had to find a piercer found one and then my spa day experience. So, at this point, you know, everybody pretty much has to wear a mask and Saint America, people are wearing a mask, you know by fighting wearing a mask and it fucking sucks. Cuz it’s routinely over 95 degrees every day and it probably feels like 120 It feels like 120 so I already got anxiety and so I can’t be breathing at the time and his damn air already so to put a mask on my face is some bullshit. Um

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I was out walking

the other day

trying to find a place cuz I want a little fucking oil gas mission.


I was about to pass out. I was literally about to pass out. I don’t know how people here were in a shift. I try not to wear it if I don’t have to, because it’s pointless. It’s like, seriously pointless. So we just have to let it run its course in my opinion, unfortunately, because my sister, she’s a required worker, and she’s like, yeah, there’s lots of cases in there now. And all of them look like death. They’re all old, unfortunately, with underlying conditions, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure. And she’s saying they just look like dead. And you already have like a 5050 chance of surviving on a ventilator anyways, so I don’t know my sister and the rest of my family members that work in healthcare, they work about wearing no damn mask or nothing like that. I’m not gonna worry either anymore I’m not gonna worry either anymore but since I live in Mexico, I have to wear it a dumb ass mass. So I’m gonna start going out doing things I actually wanted to go to the beach today, but I heard that the beaches are so closed here the public beaches. So I don’t know. I have to find some someplace to go to actually want to rent a place that’s on the beach so I can just so we could just have some time. Just chill, just chill. Like even for even if it’s for a day, even if it’s for a day and they have some very nice beach houses out here that are cheap like $50 a night is ridiculous. So my spa day experience so people some people use drugs, some people drink, I like to get them sighs where you know, to calm down, therapy, whatever you want to call it and so I put it in my monthly budget every month to get you know minimum to hopefully for one one every week

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and so

went to the spa yesterday and it was an experience I couldn’t walk in there with my sandals on. She made me take them off and put on the little phone phone shoes and walk around. That was number one, she sprayed the bottom of my sandals. And I had to use hand sanitizer. made sure I wear my mask and on the inside. My massage therapist had one of those plastic face shields on um, what else? Oh, I couldn’t use my cell phone when I got my Mani pedi done. Which is some bullshit because I like to read while I get myself fingers and toes done it was boring and I was just sitting there looking crazy the whole time I guess maybe next time I’ll bring a book I guess I don’t know how long this shit is gonna last because I hope I hope this shit doesn’t stay but I just hope it does not stay this way cuz this is fucking depressing um my massage was good. The same lady that always works when we worked on me. She has magical hands

Let me see what else I was it

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might think about buying a gift card from them because

yeah, they have any discounts.

I’m used to discounts

Let me see what else flights return here July 6, come and visit me. Let me know.

July six

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are united And then last week, American Airlines started flying back to Miami which don’t really help me because I would have to go to Miami. And then if I wanted to stay on the same airline which is American Airlines I would have to go to Dallas in Houston but I guess I can find a flight from Miami directly Houston so yeah, I’m still trapped at this point to a certain extent still trapped. Uh, I won’t be able to go home for Fourth of July no that shit but I’m probably won’t go back home until I probably go back home in July. I probably will go back home in July because I got some stuff I need to do when I’m home anyways home home. The malls are open. A lot of businesses are open. I haven’t been out to eat yet. I might go I have because I’ve been wanting some pancakes, some hashbrowns and omelet. So Want some pancakes so bad? And I wasn’t able to get them on quarantine because I don’t think they were open and I want to go to Texas Roadhouse to pf chain which I usually frequent a lot. They closed down for a little bit but then they reopened back in the middle so I don’t know what was the point even closing and I actually did get delivery from them Texas Roadhouse. I don’t even know they were even open. I should have called I should call but whatever. I want some new earrings. I’m tired of wearing the same ones. I don’t know where I’m going to go to get them. No. I guess I can go to the mall and see but shit in the malls overpriced. Oh, the Pearson place was downtown in El Centro. And no one was out like it was it was like The Walking Dead or so. It was just it was weird. Nobody was out. So I don’t know when the traffic and you know, the day to day stuff is supposed to return is when it’s going to return, but it was kind of weird. Um, let me see if we can talk about the COVID numbers. See? So last week, we had two days of over 1000. But Mexico was claiming that those were old numbers that they added to the new numbers. I don’t know how true that is.

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But yeah, so we’ve been, I think as low as 200. And something and as high as like I said, almost 1100 deaths in the past.

past week in half past week and a half.

From yesterday, to today to today. 708 deaths. 708 deaths. And I’ll give you all the whole numbers. So 129,184 cases, and that’s up from almost 5000 yesterday that’s almost extra 5000 cases 15,357 deaths and total and like I said it’s up 708 cents yesterday and then 94,733 corporations and that’s about another 3300 since yesterday so um so yeah, that’s the numbers in Mexico. I’m not saying don’t come

to Mexico on it. I am saying don’t kind

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of Mexico. But I’ll see you in posts where people were here during quarantine and I don’t even understand why they was here during quarantine because nothing was open. It was, at least in my city. Everything was closed. I don’t know what it was like in Cancun in quite every yard in Cabo. But nothing was open here. So I didn’t I don’t even see the point. have even come in just to escape and sit in a house. Um, there’s actually been a couple people that moved here and can come in. I’m just like, I wouldn’t be caught dead in Cancun. People’s out there dropping like flies. But like I said, I’m not gonna worry about it. My family’s not worried about it.

And I don’t fit the demographics of the people that are

that are dying, unfortunately. And I think I already had it because for a whole month and a half, I had really bad asthma where I couldn’t breathe. I had to go to the hospital and get a shot stairway shot in my ass. And I’ve never had asthma like that before in my life. I’ve never had allergies symptoms like that before in my life. So I don’t know what I had and they sent my lungs are full should go get another X ray and see what they’re looking like now, but they were like, man, your lungs is fucked. We don’t know what’s going on with you. I’m like, you mean you don’t know what’s going on? What the fuck do I that? Fine now I just woke up one day and I was fine. So I haven’t been sick in a very long time. So I don’t know if that’s how B and C works Do you just wake up one day and be like, Okay, I’m fine now. No more asthma no more coughing no more. I had kind of like runny nose a little bit. Eyes was um, was he and read and it was to the point where like, shut up that I was going blind at one point. So um, yeah, I think I think already had it doesn’t mean that I can’t get it again because people routinely get the flu over and over again, right. But, um, like I said, I’m not gonna worry about More commonly if and plus being cooped up in a house makes your immune system raggedy not getting any sun makes your immune system raggedy, but I did quarantine myself so I didn’t make other people sick if I if I had something if you look at my past podcasts and videos, I quarantine myself for a good I think it’s 26 days 26 days I quarantine myself and I was still sick after that I was still having problems

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so hopefully nobody gets sick off me if I if I had it


Oh man, I ain’t got nothing else for you. But Mexico did reopen if you want to come You can come supposedly things are back to as normal as possible as they can be especially in the big cities Cancun. But do know is hurricane season. Now. And

The rain is unpredictable. The weather is unpredictable.

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So you could come on Monday it could be nice sunny and hot and Tuesday it could just transform because it is rainy season hurricane season and it’ll just rain at the drop of a dime on you.

Do it’s a good month to come June’s a good month to come. Yeah.

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Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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