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I Know It’s Been A Long Time | Elyse Y. Robinson

I Know It's Been A Long Time

February 07, 2021

Long Time No See

Just a quick update on what’s been going on in my life. Safe and happy.

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[00:00:02.640] Hey, my name is Elyse Robinson, I’m a Black American woman that lives in Mexico.

[00:00:07.000] Why do I live in Mexico?

[00:00:08.480] Because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016.

[00:00:13.040] So I quit my whole life to help take care of her and my family.

[00:00:17.000] And so I had nothing left.

[00:00:19.440] I decided to hop a flight and go more

[00:00:21.400] in the country, didn’t think I would want to stay forever.

[00:00:25.040] I would just be in like a month, three months, come back home.

[00:00:28.800] But I live in Mexico City. Called my father out,

[00:00:33.800] tell him I wasn’t coming back home and I’m going into my fifth year now, so.

[00:00:40.760] So the rest is history.

[00:00:42.400] That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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[00:01:04.680] BeAForeigner has been put on hold because of covid.

[00:01:09.560] For any of those who thinks covid is not real, it is real.

[00:01:15.360] And.

[00:01:17.840] So people are not moving around, so I put that on hold to work on other

[00:01:21.760] projects that have been very successful, so I can’t complain about that too much.

[00:01:25.400] I guess

[00:01:27.120] I will speak about that later.

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[00:01:46.640] Let’s let’s get right into it, because I haven’t done an update in a very

[00:01:50.040] long time, so let me tell ya what’s going on with me, what’s going on with Mexico,

[00:01:57.040] just just life in general.

[00:01:58.840] So.

[00:02:01.720] I came back home to visit my family in December for Christmas,

[00:02:07.920] pretty much the only place I go is flying at this point.

[00:02:12.880] I don’t really go anywhere else.

[00:02:16.720] And so

[00:02:18.720] I came in December and my sister decided that she was going

[00:02:22.560] to take one of these travel contracts were covered.

[00:02:25.320] So like I said, for those, I don’t think that covid is very real.

[00:02:28.680] My sister is dealing with it on a daily basis when she goes to work.

[00:02:33.880] And this is very bad.

[00:02:35.880] So

[00:02:38.200] I won’t say where my sister went to, but.

[00:02:42.360] She took a travel contract, you making bank? She’s making good their money.

[00:02:50.280] And so I am here until April,

[00:02:56.160] April, unless she decides to cut her contract.

[00:02:59.160] Sure. And

[00:03:02.120] so I’m in Houston until April.

[00:03:06.080] Fun, fun, helping with my nephew and my father and.

[00:03:13.240] Eating all-American foods and spending all

[00:03:15.720] this expensive ass American money are so fun times, fun times.

[00:03:23.600] Houston is wide open.

[00:03:25.160] I can go wherever I want to.

[00:03:26.640] But like I said, I have insider information.

[00:03:30.160] I get information before it hits the streets.

[00:03:33.000] Therefore, I don’t go nowhere. I don’t go nowhere.

[00:03:37.560] I suffer on the airplane.

[00:03:39.640] I will be visiting my my sister with my nephew

[00:03:45.160] next month, next month for spring break.

[00:03:48.440] So that’ll be fun because I love I love the city she’s in.

[00:03:55.640] So.

[00:03:57.320] There is that, and that’s why I haven’t

[00:03:59.120] been giving you any updates, because there’s no updates to really give.

[00:04:01.800] As for Mexico,

[00:04:06.200] I will go back home at the end of this

[00:04:08.800] month, February, because I’ve got business I got

[00:04:12.240] to take care of, check on my house, make sure it’s cool.

[00:04:15.960] Everything you know,

[00:04:17.040] like that runs some pipes because let’s get fucked up if you don’t do anything.

[00:04:21.560] So check on my plants, check on my family that’s there.

[00:04:26.240] So make sure everything’s good.

[00:04:31.840] So.

[00:04:35.240] I can give you the Mexico numbers,

[00:04:38.600] shit, I meant to write it down, but I know we’re over a hundred and sixty

[00:04:42.000] one thousand deaths at this point and today is where February 7th.

[00:04:47.800] Yeah, February seven, so as of February 7th,

[00:04:50.560] we’re at one hundred and over one hundred sixty one thousand as I looked at it this

[00:04:54.440] morning, but I didn’t think to write it down.

[00:04:56.480] I really wasn’t planning on doing

[00:04:58.000] a YouTube or podcasts or any of that stuff, so.

[00:05:02.200] But

[00:05:04.000] I’m in a mood, I feel like talking.

[00:05:06.600] So I decided to hop on real quick and and give you some updates,

[00:05:12.120] trying to think anything else I need to update you on.

[00:05:14.480] I just want to make sure that y’all know I’m alive out here and I’m OK.

[00:05:19.240] Speaking of, I went and got my hair cut and this fucked up damn haircut.

[00:05:26.000] As you can see, a shorter and it’s like lopsided and choppy.

[00:05:28.960] I’m thinking about it all the way off, but.

[00:05:33.200] Oh, no, just leave it like it is.

[00:05:36.440] Anyway, I went to the barbershop and it was in my regular barber.

[00:05:40.680] It was emergency barber.

[00:05:42.240] Y’all know how that goes as black people.

[00:05:46.000] And I do came in there and he was coughing and Putin, as my grandma was saying.

[00:05:55.600] And I caught the flu,

[00:05:58.680] I caught the flu, I didn’t catch covid, so.

[00:06:05.760] I guess I can delve into that I flew and.

[00:06:12.960] Yeah, caught the flu at the barbershop.

[00:06:15.360] So.

[00:06:17.760] I had the flu,

[00:06:20.080] but it wasn’t like

[00:06:22.560] anything like out of the ordinary, I don’t know, but they said that 50

[00:06:27.120] percent of flus do not have symptoms, kind of like covid, so.

[00:06:34.640] Well, I think I was bother’s my nose, and it’s it’s better now.

[00:06:38.640] It felt like I told my itemizes, it felt like burn in hay or something.

[00:06:43.360] I don’t know. But it was just like burn.

[00:06:46.160] And that was pretty much the only symptom I had.

[00:06:50.800] I had a little bit of chest pain because,

[00:06:52.440] you know, the flu can potentially affect your lungs.

[00:06:55.920] But I just thought that was after effects of covid, you know what I’m saying?

[00:07:01.840] But yeah, my nose is burning.

[00:07:04.920] And so they were like, you don’t have any symptoms when I went

[00:07:07.960] to go because I went and got a Colvert test and

[00:07:12.840] they were like, you don’t have any symptoms.

[00:07:14.360] I’m like, my I feel perfectly fine.

[00:07:17.640] They’re like, oh, OK.

[00:07:19.560] Well, they were like, you don’t have coffee, but you got the flu.

[00:07:21.680] I’m like the flu.

[00:07:23.440] So

[00:07:25.320] I had the flu.

[00:07:28.280] I might have gave it to some other people. Who knows?

[00:07:32.240] I don’t know.

[00:07:33.040] But somebody gave it to me and I think it was somebody at the barbershop anyways.

[00:07:38.480] So for those that says that the flu has

[00:07:41.640] gone nowhere, the flu is here because I caught it caught in a couple of weeks ago.

[00:07:46.680] Some.

[00:07:48.920] There’s that, and it was funny because my sister’s co-worker was like,

[00:07:52.440] nobody’s caught the flu that I know of, and she was like, well, ding, ding, ding.

[00:07:56.640] And this is bullshit because she got it

[00:08:02.120] and I got the paperwork to prove it.

[00:08:03.760] So

[00:08:06.200] but yeah, it must not have been a very bad flu or maybe just affected me differently.

[00:08:11.840] I don’t know. But that dude that came in there,

[00:08:13.960] he was definitely coughing and he was going through with me.

[00:08:17.640] On the other hand,

[00:08:18.280] I really had no symptoms from my nose and a little pain in my chest.

[00:08:21.760] So I knew these Mexican vitamins be working.

[00:08:25.240] I’ll be working.

[00:08:26.480] So that’s one reason why I need to go back

[00:08:28.400] home, cause I got to I got to fill up on my bike.

[00:08:32.440] So because I take that every day.

[00:08:34.520] Every day.

[00:08:37.200] Other than that,

[00:08:39.360] what else has been going on with me?

[00:08:42.400] I

[00:08:44.400] if I know I well, I was consulting, I was consulting when I was in Mexico.

[00:08:52.720] Doing cloud stuff, I mean,

[00:08:54.560] if you don’t know about the cloud research, because it’s like the new thing

[00:08:57.080] now, it’s not new, it’s not new, but everybody is trying to get on the cloud.

[00:09:01.120] So a lot of money to be made in it.

[00:09:03.920] And so that’s what I’ve been focusing on.

[00:09:08.520] So if I know like I’ve always loved EITE,

[00:09:13.240] but I couldn’t find them job in it, so I switched to accounting,

[00:09:17.840] became auditor, which is fine because I love auditing.

[00:09:20.760] It’s fun, especially when you find fraud. Right.

[00:09:23.880] So

[00:09:26.160] fall back on my IT skills and started

[00:09:28.960] working with that and realized that I loved it.

[00:09:31.520] I really loved that shit again.

[00:09:32.680] So.

[00:09:34.400] I’ve been networking and mingling and I.T. and shit and

[00:09:41.080] pounding the pavement.

[00:09:44.400] I applied to grad school in the States

[00:09:49.280] because, like I said, I did not get a computer science degree.

[00:09:52.520] So I’ve been thinking about going back to school

[00:09:56.360] and getting my degree in computer science, applied to some programs.

[00:10:00.800] I got into one top 25 school.

[00:10:04.480] I’m so proud of myself or a person that

[00:10:07.160] barely graduated high school, who barely graduated college.

[00:10:10.600] I did pretty damn well for myself.

[00:10:14.280] You can go listen to that podcast,

[00:10:16.080] the last YouTube video on that one where I talk about that.

[00:10:21.680] So, yeah, I still have a lot of decisions.

[00:10:25.040] I’m waiting on one decision at a fully

[00:10:28.880] paid for scholarship and master’s degree program.

[00:10:35.440] So I’m waiting on that for this week. I’m excited.

[00:10:38.400] I would actually have to move back to the States, though, didn’t I tell you?

[00:10:42.000] I said I was looking for another adventure, so.

[00:10:46.440] That I’m scared, I’m scared because if I

[00:10:49.200] get it, I’m like, I wanted to wait, but it’s coming back home.

[00:10:53.960] Home? I don’t know.

[00:10:56.200] I don’t know.

[00:10:58.000] So decisions, decisions.

[00:11:01.680] I launched news and I te like I have had lots of things paid for.

[00:11:07.840] Like I recently got two certifications.

[00:11:09.840] It was worth twenty five hundred dollars.

[00:11:12.160] Got that pay for working on my certified information systems auditor.

[00:11:20.160] Certification right now, and that’s paid for,

[00:11:23.560] and I could probably pay for a whole bunch more certifications with all the stuff I

[00:11:28.760] have gotten, so I’m working on that because is it consultant?

[00:11:33.360] I need the certifications.

[00:11:37.760] Although in Mexico, I don’t think anyone cares about certifications in America.

[00:11:41.680] And if I want to stack my dough.

[00:11:45.880] And get to my retirement goal.

[00:11:48.960] I’m going to have to do some consulting and I need those certifications, so.

[00:11:57.600] That’s what I’ve been working on, so I’m very involved in the black white

[00:12:01.440] community right now, and that’s why I launched a news and I.T..

[00:12:07.720] To help those like myself that are trying to get started or upgrade their skills

[00:12:12.320] and I’ve had lots of success with it, I’m really pat myself on the back with it.

[00:12:16.920] I have been featured on a podcast

[00:12:19.240] that comes out on the 17th, so I will post about that on my blog when it comes out.

[00:12:25.600] And I’m also doing an event on the 16th where I talk about news and I.T..

[00:12:31.240] And I’m so I’m so proud of myself,

[00:12:34.640] especially since be a foreigner, Dotcom has been detained thanks to covid.

[00:12:42.080] Oh, I cried some real tears about being a foreigner, Dotcom, because.

[00:12:47.800] I mean, I’ve I literally moved to a whole

[00:12:50.440] nother city just to work on it and to launch it, and it’s been revised and.

[00:12:57.080] It just basically like when and where,

[00:13:00.960] but I launched NEWSNIGHT and it took off the first day I launched it,

[00:13:07.320] which is like really hurting my soul, but maybe before Dotcom was too early.

[00:13:14.600] Maybe it’s not my destiny.

[00:13:16.360] I don’t know, but.

[00:13:19.160] I’m a I’m going to do something with it,

[00:13:21.640] because people have told me that, if anything, they would buy my course on,

[00:13:26.400] you know, moving to another country, becoming an entrepreneur, becoming

[00:13:32.360] getting a work visa, whatever you need to do.

[00:13:35.800] And I’ve done all that.

[00:13:37.760] So I’m experienced on it.

[00:13:39.640] So I need to get on that at the minimum.

[00:13:42.400] So when.

[00:13:44.560] The world does open back up, I’m ready for that, so.

[00:13:53.040] Yeah, I need to work on that, so

[00:13:56.640] stay tuned for that and my other project, since I’ve been researching Scholarship’s

[00:14:01.440] is full scholarship STG, I found a domain name which

[00:14:06.400] just meant to be, I guess,

[00:14:09.720] because, yeah, that’s that’s top of the line domain name right there.

[00:14:13.800] So I will be launching full tuition scholarships around the world.

[00:14:20.560] Because people are people are hungry for that, too.

[00:14:24.040] So we’re going to launch that since I’m already doing the research.

[00:14:28.000] So basically my thing is solve your own

[00:14:32.440] problems while also solving other people’s problems.

[00:14:35.680] So.

[00:14:37.600] There you go.

[00:14:41.120] Trying to think anything else, grad school.

[00:14:45.760] My new found passion of Tity

[00:14:50.160] and I got I got a little boy toy that I like to program with, so I should be.

[00:14:55.040] That’s always fun. Always fun with him, I.

[00:15:00.680] Let me see what else, um.

[00:15:07.120] I miss Mexico so much as cold here in Houston, and it’s nice and toasty

[00:15:12.400] back home and it’s killing me every day, I try not to look at the weather.

[00:15:16.680] Hmm. I should go outside today because it’s

[00:15:18.760] actually sunny and it looks warm, but I doubt it is.

[00:15:26.600] Yeah, covid is still real.

[00:15:28.520] I don’t know what else to say about that.

[00:15:32.560] As far as I know,

[00:15:35.400] yeah, I don’t think I talked about it

[00:15:36.640] in Mexico, I would be the last on the list to get the shot because of my age.

[00:15:41.640] And Mexico was talking about that.

[00:15:44.960] Foreigners might have to pay for their own shots.

[00:15:47.000] So I guess I can go and get the shot.

[00:15:50.640] Like, why would I pay for my own fucking shot?

[00:15:52.480] No, you make no damn sense.

[00:15:54.040] Well, I guess I can come back home and get it, so.

[00:15:56.760] Oh, no.

[00:15:58.320] But

[00:16:00.320] this flying, this new rule of flying back into the states and needing a covert test

[00:16:05.440] is really going to fuck me up because like I said,

[00:16:10.840] Mexico doesn’t test.

[00:16:13.760] The tests are not readily available.

[00:16:15.920] I’ll just keep saying that I’ve tried twice when I actually had covid

[00:16:22.360] and I couldn’t get a test.

[00:16:25.960] And then I thought I had covered again.

[00:16:29.800] And they laughed at me.

[00:16:31.120] They laughed at me at the emergency room was like, we don’t test.

[00:16:34.480] So we’re like a test is six thousand pesos, which is like.

[00:16:40.920] Three hundred dollars so cheap as I’ve seen it is one 50, at least in my city,

[00:16:47.040] but my friend tells me that you can get it for cheaper in other parts of Mexico.

[00:16:51.920] And that is confirmed because I looked on the app for Mexico City

[00:16:56.480] and it’s fifty dollars and they actually come to the house and come test you.

[00:16:59.680] So

[00:17:01.360] I don’t know what’s going on with my city.

[00:17:04.080] I really don’t know.

[00:17:05.520] But my city has a lot of rich people in it though, so maybe.

[00:17:10.560] I don’t know.

[00:17:11.760] I don’t know.

[00:17:13.280] I’ll see if my my family can hook me up with with a test, a free test.

[00:17:19.680] And if you hear anything in the background, my sister got a puppy

[00:17:21.960] for my nephew and I’ve been taking care of it.

[00:17:24.240] So fun.

[00:17:26.840] Hush, hush.

[00:17:30.960] Like a little Chihuahua, my thing.

[00:17:33.680] She’s cute, she’s good, she’s good now, but I’ve been taking care of a little my.

[00:17:40.240] And like, I need to go clean up shit right

[00:17:42.000] now, like the poop, that’s part of why whining,

[00:17:45.240] I tell her, hold on,

[00:17:47.360] because I’m picking it up right now.

[00:17:50.120] Oh, my God killer.

[00:17:52.400] So I get off here, I will clean it up and

[00:17:56.760] yeah, because she’s still a puppy and she

[00:17:58.320] had all our shots yet, so we can’t let her outside.

[00:18:01.080] Plus it’s cold and she don’t want to go outside.

[00:18:03.720] So it’s like a catch 22,

[00:18:05.880] like we try to put her outside one time and she was like, fuck you.

[00:18:10.800] Like What are you doing.

[00:18:12.000] Got me out here in this cold.

[00:18:13.440] I’m not going to the bathroom.

[00:18:15.440] So she’s sitting in the house and in my house.

[00:18:18.680] I worry about it, but I do get to clean it up because I’m living here right now, so.

[00:18:26.840] Let me see anything else.

[00:18:31.360] So, yeah,people keep asking me,

[00:18:34.560] am I going to come back home and I’m like, hmm, I don’t know how to add to that.

[00:18:40.640] I also got into an online program, but I would need the scholarship money.

[00:18:46.520] And so I’m waiting on all of these

[00:18:48.720] decisions and it’s killing me like it’s my life is in limbo right now,

[00:18:54.320] like I’m back home, home, waiting on decisions going on with my life.

[00:19:01.440] So.

[00:19:03.680] But I’m excited for my future because it’s very bright and I’m excited about all

[00:19:09.840] these things that I’ve been winning and all these opportunities I’ve been getting.

[00:19:15.720] So, oh, I have another talk that I’m going to do to

[00:19:21.440] see the three talks, three talks.

[00:19:24.080] I didn’t think that I would be this successful at this point, but.

[00:19:28.360] Somebody loves me out there.

[00:19:31.840] Other than that, I guess I have nothing

[00:19:34.320] else, I’m alive, I’m safe, I’m happy, I’m healthy.

[00:19:38.320] I’m here with my family.

[00:19:43.640] Again, covid is real

[00:19:46.520] for those that still don’t think that it’s not real.

[00:19:53.400] Be safe out there if you’re traveling.

[00:19:56.560] If you’re out here doing shit today,

[00:19:58.560] Super Bowl Sunday, so case is about to go up and desco and go.

[00:20:04.800] It’s ridiculous here, so.

[00:20:08.680] Again, my name is Elyse Robinson, I’m a Black American woman who lives in Mexico.

[00:20:13.880] Please be sure to check out the blog.

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[00:20:36.960] S and

[00:20:40.240] PayPal link below.

[00:20:42.440] And I will try to do another video.

[00:20:47.640] This weekend coming up,

[00:20:49.560] because I should have my decision on grad school, I should have my decision

[00:20:53.040] on scholarship, I should have a lot of decisions, so.

[00:20:59.680] Take care, be safe and. Peace.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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