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Black American Woman in Mexico

I’m Getting Married | Elyse Y. Robinson

I'm Getting Married

June 18, 2020

I'm Getting Married

Cancun deals are all over the place. Coronavirus updated numbers as of today. Marriage proposals.

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Hey, yeah, don’t listen from my bed because she just keeps malfunctioning. I don’t know what’s going on. And I’m not sitting up in that chair. No more of me hurting. So, my name is Elise Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico? Because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And so, I quit my life in order to help take care of her and my family. And I have to fight about a week after her funeral. And I moved to Mexico City, which is one of the largest cities on earth and I’ve pretty much been in Mexico ever since. almost four years deep here. Call my father up on the phone told him about a month, month and a half and like Daddy, I’m not coming back home. He was like, okay, just make sure you happy, safe and I said

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I am. Don’t worry about me

and So that’s that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And so please be sure to check out the blog and subscribe to that for updates at least Robinson


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opportunities and things like that.

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Let’s get into it. Shoot I meant to write down the Mexican numbers. I remember them off the top cuz I’ve done this video a couple times, so

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I’ll give you updates on

Mexico. Like I said in my last podcast YouTube channel last week, Mexico is back open. And I did go out, I went to spa day, got my toes done, and I massage and went out and explored a little bit so we’ll just go along, nothing’s blocked off like it was. The beaches, the malls are still not open, restaurants are still not open. In fact, I just read an article saying that the governor is acting a damn fool because the restaurants wants to open on the weekends and he’s like, Nah, only during the week.

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Don’t make no sense but

I let them I let them fight it.

Always want to go to if I have yes they had I hop here and give you some hashbrowns and some pancakes

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are so bad. So, so bad.

That’s all I want. That’s pretty much all I want at this point to go out and do and go to the beach. And they’re not open. So

only so much I can do at this point.

The numbers

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so as of between yesterday and today, 730 people died 90,058 I think was the number we’re at now and the total of the country. Like I said in previous podcasts, YouTube videos, Mexico said those numbers are not accurate. It could be up to eight times higher.


do with that information as you will.

Clean is open. You can come and go. I mean, but that was I mean, Mexico never really shut down. So

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We can say

it’s bad because of that, or it’s good because of that. who really knows? Nobody knows right? They’re doing really good deals I saw online for Cancun I seen up to 72% off on was the words.

And that was a nice one too. I forget the name of it.

Oh, I forget the name of that one that was up to 70% office as a name brand went to that they have in the States. Supposedly they’re doing 50% of hotels and two nights free and two nights free of car rental. I have not found that deal. I don’t know where I do is if y’all find out let me know because all I’ve done is read information on it in the past saying they were going to have it but I haven’t seen anything on it. So I

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don’t know where that is.

I also check

flights Going from here to Mexico City because I was curious. $30 one way about depending on what day I go, but 65 to $70 round trip and I’m just so tempted. I’m so tempted, because of course I love Mexico City. That’s my hot fights are definitely cheap especially going from here to

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here but

it stays to Cancun and probably other countries to

Cancun from going back and forth to Houston was under $200 round trip. So

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tempted, tempted, tempted.

Anyways, I think that’s pretty

much it for Mexico. I really don’t have too much tea. Just know if you come stay in the touristy parts, I guess don’t go into the neighborhood. Cuz COVID is rampant and the big cities here

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so yeah,

conditional, that’s bad.

That’s bad

updates on me. Actually, I forgot I totally forgot. I can’t believe I forgot. I want to shout out my peoples back home. Like people just know that America the world, the world would be nothing without us without us

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as a whole. And

we built it. Everybody profited from it, unfortunately, and we are entitled to we deserve reparations and my places not supposed to be there, of course, are awesome. Be there it’s not my destiny. But yes, I’m giving you my my positivity my energy, my light monkey doing a damn thing don’t give up.

Okay. And okay, so me

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I don’t know about y’all but I have gained and have lost relationships during coffee



I guess at a certain point, you know all things must come

to an end right and nothing is forever

but the funny part is I want to speak on is getting married and having children to move overseas. So

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this can be one of those.

Shout out to my $20 $20 for for questions. So on my blog and I’ll send the link below $20 For four questions. So ask me anything about moving overseas Mexico, China, Guatemala, United States because I lived in many places in the United States. Anything about FISA residency, I will help and if I don’t know are pointing in the right direction because it’s what I do. And so, marriage and having children so I always advise people, you know, one of the quickest ways to secure a residency somewhere is to get married, of course, or to have children. And so,

you know, a lot of people laugh and I tell them how children I’m like,

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you have a child with a local, preferably not necessarily one that don’t bring a boo with you and have a child with them. That chip on my neck.

Don’t Don’t bring someone with you and then have a chat with them that’s already your same nationality.

Make sure it’s a local.

So have a child with the local and, and or marry a local


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And you’ll get residency really easy as what we call in the states that anchor baby, anchor baby. Although in the states they have birthright citizenship, so it’s a little bit different. Like you can literally just fuck anyone and have a baby in the States and other countries, they don’t usually have birthright citizenship, such as in the EU and Africa and Asia. So therefore, you must have a child with a local. So yeah, but anyway, so the point I’m trying to make is I knew this was coming because like, like I’ve said before, I can see things before happen and so I have been getting marriage proposals

with benefits of course.

And so this will be my second it’s

the first one was kind of a joke


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I don’t think he was joking. I think he was very very serious. But anyways, second one I got

and he said he’s gonna pay my rent and I have

free flight so I’m like, Okay, well can I move back to Mexico City? He’s like, yeah, cuz Oh, shit, I’m a bye bye, cuz somebody’s gonna pay rent, paid his fucking mortgage so that you can pay

his mortgage.

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And so I would buy in Mexico City and utilize that money for myself and but I’m gonna need to get Like the first year payment of front, so

I’m gonna eat in dollars up front. So

if you’re out here trying to propose marriage to me

I’m a need to step the game up on the offerings.

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Cuz you just pay it here and there don’t mean nothing to me. I need it in writing, and even writing, although I don’t think anyone would have forced a contract here in Mexico, I would have to go back to the states in order to enforce that, but

well, you Yeah.

free rent, mortgage and flights. And he said he wouldn’t bother me. I would just be giving him residency status, of course, because I’m a

permanent resident

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at this point.

So you Yeah.

Other than that,

my ex have been talking to my ex. I guess they say that that uh that COVID article that they put out about your exes is true. They’re all they all come out, they’ll come out. Matter of fact one hit hit my sister today. I think I have him blocked. I think I have him blocked so he hit my sister. And he was asking you know how we were stuff my sister’s life is

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the same.

Saying ugly and ugly and fan. Yeah, that article is true about exes coming back. Anyways, I was talking to one of mine and I’ve known him ever since I was 17. He was 18 so shit we better 20 years deep in this shit. And he wants me to come see him.

And we’ll get flew out,

flew out. And

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he’s like, you ran away from me. I’m like, well, you hate you wasn’t making our planes. So what did you want me to do? I’m all about a man that knows what the fuck he wants and makes plans and share. You know, so I ran off from them when I was living in LA. And the demo thing, and that was what that was a little bit more of a four years ago, four years ago.

And it’s like, I

still want to marry you and have children and I’m like, well, you should thought about them left. So I want to get food out though.

Food out.

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Go check that out.

Go check that out.

Who knows might get married

by alright in total My life is here Mexico like I wouldn’t even be able to function in the states anymore I don’t know what the fuck to do like I have the Easy Street only stressing to be worried about nothing a lot

you know so I was just like

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go back for what

he claimed he don’t want to go to Mexico so I don’t know but definitely gotta go check that out

by yeah

so yeah marriage proposals

are the right price

I can do certain things for you I don’t know about that marriage shake cuz I you know just one consequence of marriage is someone having control over your life

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Life or death

and the kind of crap that comes with marriage, my crap but you know stuff good stuff. Good stuff that comes in marriage. I’m not against marriage. I want to get married one day just to the right person.

the right person

funny as hell,

cuz Yeah, I was supposed to supposed to marry him like years ago But like I say you taken too long I guess I’ll do the title for the day

if you know you want it,

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then grab it. Take it hold it


but yeah, I’m not against selling, selling, what I the benefits that come with having a second home of course a second home of course. Listen to half a third soon to half a third. I’m working on my third So, so one reason why I need to head back to the states so I can, so I can handle some business so while I’m with him, I will be handling my business. I feel if he doesn’t bother me to lead.

Oh man, but

by Yeah,

I should also Yeah, oh, um

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Sunday I will be interviewing a man I’ve known for a couple years now, a couple years now. I guess I knew him when I first like moved to Mexico, Mexico City, and he’s lost a lot of weight. So he wants me to interview him because he started doing remote lessons with all this COVID stuff. And I have a worldwide audience and so he wants to see if he can pick up clients all over the world so anyways, be sure to check out the blog Elise Robinson calm my business be a foreigner calm. If you have any questions about moving overseas Be sure to check out the blog Elise Robinson calm and hit the $20 before question link. I can answer some questions for you. If I don’t know we’ll find out or I’ll point you to someone that does know because I know lots of people all over the earth and we should hit this like I hit the like button hit the subscribe button. If you listen to me on my podcast it is saying if you love me, hit the donor button and donor like down below and send me some moolah. I’m very appreciative Thank you can only grasp this and

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I will see y’all on Sunday.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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