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In Awe of this Melanin and Health in Another Country | Elyse Y. Robinson

In Awe of this Melanin and Health in Another Country

December 20, 2018


My wonderful spa day and how I was treated like a Goddess. They were in awe of this melanin.

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I want to talk about managing ailments in another country. People think they can’t live overseas with their ailments and it’s just not true. I’m baring a huge part of my soul and who I am, so be kind. 😁

I have some of those “hidden ailments”…I look “normal” but have many underlying conditions that can flare up at any time. What do I have? The list is long but I’ll give you the ones that give me the most problems:

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Epilepsy: Long story short…I was going through some things during my time in Boston and got on the antidepressant Zoloft. It gave me horrible side effects and I literally almost died. I had to quit cold turkey which you’re not supposed to do. I was in and out of the hospital, back and forth to the doctor. Not one doctor wanted to believe it was ZOLOFT. Then came the seizures. To this day I have them because of this medication. This also why I’m weary of doctors and medications now. I thought I was going to lose my job and my life.

My friend came to visit me in Mexico City and while riding the train I had a seizure and blacked out. Thank goodness he was there or I could have been seriously hurt or worse dead. He caught me and the security guards brought a chair and some water and an apple. 😂 We never made it to our destination and just went home. Shout to Brandon…you saved my life and I’ll never be able to repay you!

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Asthma: This one hits me every now and then. I carry my inhaler everywhere I go because it has hit me out the blue once. That “I felt like a fish out of water” is oh so true.

I’m able to get an asthma pump whenever I need it here. Just walk into any pharmacy and ask for it. And when I say pharmacies are abundant here that’s an understatement. I can also walk to a health center that has an array of specialists to treat me if needed. An asthma pump is under $5. Speaking of I need to get a new one…this one is a year old.

Anxiety/Panic attacks: As much as I seem fearless and carefree, this hits me often. The other thing is I don’t know what triggers it. I have to change my thinking and slow down. Take deep breaths and rest.

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Migraines: These sometime put me out for the day. I’ve blacked out before due to the pain in my eye and head. Which brings me to a nerve in my eye being abnormal. Optic neuritis. I have had temporary blindness in one of my eyes. I’ve been told I could go blind permanently.

All my other ailments: They all have to do with pain. I hurt constantly. Chest, hips, elbows, feet, ankles, back, you name it. Good thing I have a high tolerance for pain or maybe I just developed a tolerance. I push through the pain to live my life then come home and medicate. Wine helps, painkillers help. I try not to take medication because I know I’d be addicted real fast. This is why I spoil myself with a housekeeper, delivery, and taxis. I can only do so much.

All this makes me easily tired so I nap almost every day.

Those are my major problems and what hinders me to do more. I wish I could order up four more of me for a total of five. 🤣

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I know I don’t have anything seriously and immediately life-threatening such as diabetes but most ailments can be managed successfully overseas.

Outside of the one time on the train where I blacked out, I’ve been managing my ailments very well. The happiness I feel every day I wake up, natural foods, and lifestyle change grants me better health.

I believe if I had something major here I’d get great care. And as someone who has been to countless doctors, hospitals, and even worked on Obamacare the US system is not better. Also, with all the talk of how Black women don’t get great care in the US… I’m going to stay right here. My access to care here is phenomenal. I plan to get a full work up soon and I’ll do a write up on that.

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I’m a firm believer of when it’s your time to go…it’s your time to go. So until then, I’m going to make the best life possible for myself. Not stress too much nor worry.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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