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Black American Woman in Mexico

Killing The Blacks Make the Coronavirus Disappear | Elyse Y. Robinson

Killing The Blacks Make the Coronavirus Disappear

May 30, 2020

Killing The Blacks Make the Coronavirus Disappear

The Coronavirus is suddenly missing in action due to the killing of The Blacks. I support my #ADOS people in whatever they do. Updates on my life and the coronavirus is ripping through México.

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Hey y’all. My name is Elise Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And so I quit my life in order to take care of my mother and help my family. So I had nothing left after she passed away. And so I decided to explore the world and I chose Mexico.

You always hear about Cabo

and home whatever yard but I settled on Mexico City, which is one of the largest cities on earth, and pretty much been here ever since I call my father up after a month and told him

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I called him back daddy.

He said, okay, just make sure you happy and safe. And so like I said, I’ve pretty much been here ever since. Be sure to like this video. Be sure to subscribe. To the channel

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hit a review button Subscribe if you’re on my podcast hit at least father son calm which is my blog for more information about my life in moving overseas and also if you really think about moving overseas and you’re looking for work, or you want some tips and some tricks to skill up anything, hit be a foreigner comm where I help people move overseas and if you love me, hit the donate button down below and become a monthly donor or one time donor. Let’s get into it from I mean, I guess the Coronavirus has disappeared in the states ain’t no more talk about that no more right. I just want to do a video to show my solidarity with my people. I wish I was there. I do I do. I would be out in the streets getting all the smoke Oh smoke, but Lord knows I don’t need to be there because I’m gonna shoot first and ask questions last um I do got guns

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and ammo. So

I want me to share

my place

my places here and I’m assuming love light energy and my spirit Fisher o goon is working real hard real hard if you don’t know who ogoun is he was a warrior. Warrior God way back when and nobody knew he was a master warrior.

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I appreciate my people and like I said I send all my lone light spirit energy to my people. We are the only Only a group of black people that has continuously thought white supremacy. And that’s why we’re hating so much slavery hated so much. That’s why everybody’s scared of us. So why they do everything in their power to the greatness and to keep us at the bottom but still, still we rise. And I think it’s such a beautiful thing. And like I said, I wish I was there.

Just to put it into perspective, I mean, whole world should be riding right now. This is the this is the opportunity. This is the best opportunity you can bring in. But here everybody is quiet. Why it’s right now, quiet is a fucking mouse. I do see some shit popping off in London. But I mean, that’s one thing they always ask me for where to,

but not as hard as we go.

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I am an American descendant of slave. My ancestors been in America since forever, forever ever. I don’t know where I come from America’s home. I am a black American through through



my sister asked me last night if the Mexican news is reporting on this and so I don’t watch TV at all like I literally have a TV in my room and I never turned it on.

But I do read the news local news here

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in Spanish.


only one newspaper I saw it was on the front page news not in big beep receivers like on some other page or, or something like that, but only one newspaper out of maybe 10 had front page news, which I thought was very odd, very, very odd. So, either they don’t care or they’re really not trying to report it because maybe they think that people don’t get to act in a fool to I don’t really know. But I thought that was very strange because I mean, whole United States down here is burning right now. So

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do with that information what you will

I won’t even say any names there’s so many names since we’ve been stolen. Just too many to name, but this is this is for them and I’m glad my my generation is waking up to the bullshit and we don’t take it no more.

That’s our time to shine.

If you want to sponsor a ticket, and let me come out, they’re probably gonna take me to Three days do they know flights right now? But I’m afraid my ass on out there

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let me see anything else


yeah I don’t no more Coronavirus going on I guess you know II mean they were reporting on their normal. So you would think a deadly disease that’s wiping out hundreds of thousands of people all over the earth with a Trump and emphasis on Trump which Trump racism and you know the killing of my people, but it does not. It does not and it’s very sick and very sad. So yeah, I just wanted to do a video Do to show my solidarity speak only? Like I said in my life spirit energy you know, the funny part is I predicted that there was going to be a virus and black holes listicle take this shit no more. And 2020 is gonna be the year actually I thought in 2019 was gonna be the year but I was kind of

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early, kind of early.

I have

I have the gift

to where I see things and feel things before they actually happen.

So I’ve been on it for quite

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a while quite a while.

So it’s poppin off. And like I said, I send my energy,

my light and my spirits and my peoples

So that’s that

reason why I didn’t do any updates is because

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I have been having serious serious pain in my neck in my neck has gone all the way up African brain like if I literally press right

here like I could fill it

fill the fill the nerve going up to my to my head at one point I thought I like had a tumor or some shit because like my hand would be hot. It’d be like hot in there. Um

so I don’t really know what that was about. Maybe I did

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have like a slight infection. I don’t know. I got

some antibiotics and some muscle relaxers

and some anti inflammatory so

I’m on Medicaid it up and ain’t doing a damn thing for me, that’s for sure because I still have to work on my computer. I still got to do updates for y’all. I still got to do a lot of shit. So Cuz like as soon as I started exercising, I could just flip my whole neck. My neck is weak is so weak. So I’m gonna do make exercises um so yeah, I’ve been trying to pace myself I got a till June it kind of helps a little bit. I just don’t know what to do cuz I’m like hurting right now. I’ve been kind of late at night, not doing very much unless I can do it from my phone and even just lay in my head on a frickin pillow. I don’t lay right it effects up my neck so Oh, dude, I think he taken muscle relaxers but I can’t freakin function on the light weight on drugs.

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so that’s that was me. I

I did

the made one of the biggest decisions of my

life and I got me Some investment property here in Mexico Of course and

I’m so excited for my future

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I was I have been looking since last year so it’s been about six to nine months I don’t know when I started within six to nine months I was doing research taught a ridiculously number of people went out and looked at you know, pieces of land whatever.

And you know, like I said, I let

my I let my my spirit ancestors guide me on shit and so I felt like it was not the right time last year to invest and so I waited to this year and and all this shit started happening and the exchange rate went up so you know, that’s always good. So pennies on it Dallas a lot of money, sir by last year. Because what the exchange rate was at 18 pesos, it went up to

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26 pesos and it hovered

around 24.

So I think right now it’s about I think it’s at 22 right now.

It’s even 22 or 23.

So I feel

like a real adults because I was so scared I’m like, oh my god such a big decision.

So yeah,

I was I was nervous. I was very nervous.

is the right spot is this is this everything but like I said, I talked to the ancestors and

Coloma felons party on it,

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and it was the right thing to do. So

I am excited for my future.

Let me see.

Mexico numbers

have been staying steady. I’m trying to think I think it was Tuesday. Tuesday was the highest day for the numbers. We reached like 527 I think it was 27 deaths. And so we’ve been hovering around maybe a 425 or so. They definitely have jumped. So do with that information as you will, like I said, in my last podcast, Mexico is

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keeping the numbers low.

So they’re lying on the numbers, especially in Mexico City, they said, they said people are dying from a mnemonic


and they’re classifying as unclassified pneumonia instead of kovat. So potentially thousands more have died. So like I said, do with that information which you will

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I recommend you not come.

I mean, I know I know Mexico was hiring for tourism. I forget what percentage they say it was tourism, I think it was like 20% or something. It’s very, very high. But I truly believe we’re about six weeks behind America and the rest of the world on death, Latin America is just getting started with the deaths. So they’re gonna jump and they’re gonna keep jumping.

And plus, we never really shut down so

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in America did shut down. So what do you think the numbers are gonna be like? And Mexico has a huge population of obese people with diabetes and high blood pressure and other ailments. So I want to be cold and say they should be dropping like flies, but I don’t know. I don’t know. From what I’ve researched on the hundred thousand people that died. They were obese, high blood pressure diabetes. Asthma wasn’t even a factor. They said

in old those are

if you if you want it or just stay in the house and let’s talk about these crazy asked and people

that are moving here.

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My friend has sent me another one today. And I’m like, how are you going to move somewhere and you don’t even know where you’re going. Number one. She’s literally flying into Cancun and Cancun is four hours from here by bus. I don’t even know if the buses are running like that. I know certain things are blocked off. I doubt they have the freeways blocked, but I’m pretty sure they’re not doing like I think they had like maybe 15 20 buses a day coming from can’t come to where I am. And they probably might have like five now.


I guess push comes to shove she could do a day in Cancun and then take the bus here. But where are you going to stay if things are still shut down? You know some people crazy yeah, I don’t know how somebody looks something when shit is normal and they don’t know where they’re going and now everything is closed down and fucked up and you try to come here and don’t know where you’re going as I saw people come up missing

is that we will come on

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I don’t know.

But um

people crazy people crazy

I can literally say I don’t really have any complaints In my neck this but kill me did me trippin thing and I only go to the hospital that I got a brain tumor

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but nothing’s wrong with me

now he’s freaking COVID hospitals

are Mexican family treats me so well. I’m spoiled rotten rotten and I appreciate them I do do they treat me so well? Oh it’s a head about COVID hospital so I was reading the article on Mexico and how the hospitals are so bad they’re short on staff and everything like that and I’m looking at the picture in the article

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and I’m

like that looks so familiar. This is a Mexico City that looks so familiar. They did paint the sidewalks in there. thing like the steps don’t like that looks familiar. It’s a dedicated COVID hospital that was up the street from my apartment and when I meet up the street, I mean literally maybe three blocks away from my apartment in Mexico City. Which is very scary. Very scary. Um,

so yeah,

I’m just, I’m just so appreciative. I feel blessed.

Because I could literally still be there right now.

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Just insane. I’m sort of thinking anything else I get up off of here. I like I said, I wouldn’t recommend coming to Mexico for a holiday for vacation because it’s just so up in the air. Right now we’re supposed to open on Monday. Everything’s supposed to be open on Monday. I’m debating if I want Well, I’m not debating if I want to go out. I probably am going to go out because I haven’t had a glass of wine in months now. And I’m gonna go grab 20 bottles at the grocery store. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna grab 20 bottles from the grocery store.

I go here from me, I’m having a hard poisoning.

I’m gonna have alcohol poisoning library. Oh,

I just I just need a glass. I could taste it now. Yeah.

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But, um,

let’s see if I can get something delivered on the app first. I’m gonna get up hill early. Put my order in May. I’ll put my order in. Being up at crack if I can die I will put my damn like order in it hopefully I can get it delivered otherwise

I’m having my ass up any Stokes real

this is Chilean wine I love so much it is so good so good huh? Okay Wait, I cannot wait you’re not even knowing and I think is there anything else again? I wish I was home only to see my family. I want to write to. I want to write to for my peoples from our peoples Abo s American descendant of slaves. We are powerful. We are the most fear we are. We just everything we just everything in our sly

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sweida hate us


Proud to be to be one

and I’m proud of my people

for doing what they doing.

And again, I’m sending out my light, my love, my energy, my spirit.

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let’s get it poppin

again, my name is Elise Robinson

check out my blog Elise Robinson comm check out the foreigner calm. If you’re thinking about moving overseas, hit the like button on this video, leave a comment. Same goes for the podcast, go for that if you’re listening. And if you love me, hit the Donate link down below and send me some dinero

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I’ll run out

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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