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Black American Woman in Mexico

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Deodorant Review #6 of 12 - Stank Stop Deodorant

Youtube! I review an all natural deodorant called Stank Stop.

Review on Google Voice

I keep a Google Voice number to be tied to the US.

Out and About with Steak Tacos in Mexico City

Youtube! I grab some steak tacos.

I'm Growing Jalapenos in Mexico City

Youtube! Never in my life did I ever think I could grow something and eat it.

Black Folks Get Followed All the Time

Podcast! I get harassed in the US all the time for no reason...do I get harassed in Mexico?

I Visited the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

Such an amazing museum filled with Black history.

New York City Day Trip

I visited NYC for the first time.

Jobs Here in Mexico City

México City is truly an international city with tons of opportunities.

Black in Mexico and Hair, Body Care and I Don’t Want For Anything

Podcast! Is it easy to find products for the melanin here? And how am I treated here?

Zombie Fest in Mexico City

A waste of time 'Zombie Fest'...the makeup was nice though.