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Black American Woman in Mexico

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Torta Food Festival in Mexico City

We went to a Torta Food Festival and had free food.

Review of The Lena Cup Menstrual Cup

I'm in love with the Lena Cup...it changed my life.

My Daddy is Fine Now, I'm Coming Back to Mexico City

My father is all right...needs to eat better and drink water....but that will be the day...

My Father is Sick

My father is sick in the hospital...let me go home.

Minimize Your Expenses While Living Overseas

How to minimize your expenses as much as possible when living overseas.

Review: VivaAerobus Mexico's Discount Airline

I review VivaAerobus Mexico's discount airline.

How Easy it is to Obtain Medicine in Mexico

It's really easy to get medicine and care in Mexico.

Pics From Cancun

Back home in Mexico City and Cancun was so much fun with the family.

Review: Airbnb in Cancun

I don't fool with Airbnb anymore.

Made it to Cancun!

I'm in Cancun and it's HOT!