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Black American Woman in Mexico

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Review: Six Flags Mexico

Youtube! I haven't been to Six Flags in YEARS!

Bull Fighting in Mexico City

Mexico City still has bullfights and I went to one.

Real Live Black Expats

I met another Black Expat!

Review on WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Canvas Rucksack Vintage Duffel Bag A2021

Youtube! I love this thing for travel!

New Apartment in Mexico City

My brand new second apartment in Mexico City.

Review of the Radisson Paraiso Perisur Hotel in Mexico City

I love a good spa day and so you know I had to check out one here in Mexico City.

I Visited the Zocalo Area of Mexico City

Youtube! One of the areas you must visit when coming to Mexico City.

Elyse is Missing in Action

Just a quick update in my life.

Review of the Oasis Coyoacan Mall in Mexico City

The malls in Mexico City are amazing.

A Wasted Day

Ugh I hate when I waste a day, so useless.