Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

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A Green Orange 🍊 in Mexico - Naranja Agria

Youtube! A green orange?! 😲

My First Date in Merida

Podcast! My first date in Merida. 🤪

Black Art in Mexico

I found the most beautiful Black art here.

Bucket List Item Checked

Podcast! Just another obstacle on the way to my freedom.

My First Facebook Live About Living Overseas in Mexico

Youtube! An interview where I talk about Mexico and BeAForeigner.com

Walking Through a Merida Neighborhood

Youtube! I show you a neighborhood in Merida.

Signs and Symbols

Podcast! I see signs and symbols all the time to lead me in the right direction.

Do other countries have warnings about Dairy, Meat, etc?

Podcast! All these recalls of different foods in the US are ridiculous. I asked the people I know around the world does this happen in their new country?

Welcome to Jekyll!

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2018 is over! What did you do this year that was out of this world?

What did you accomplish in 2018?