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Spanish Progress in Guatemala | Elyse Y. Robinson

Spanish Progress in Guatemala

August 27, 2018


An introduction to my new blog, Overeat.it, I’ve been sick, and how am I doing with Spanish?

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This is the king ready calm black woman in Mexico podcast with me Y. Robinson coming to you from Mexico City, Mexico, one of the largest cities in the world. I’m here to dispel them the myths and rumors about Mexico and also to tell you how to live a great life abroad. I’ve been living in Mexico City since November 2016. And I truly do love it here. And just to add a disclaimer, these experiences are mine and mine alone, and I can’t speak for anyone else. This is episode number 34. And I can’t believe them on episode number 34. So I decided that episode 50 which would probably be around October ish, November

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ish time,

possibly. I will run a contest so stay tuned to that. Okay.

So I’m sorry I haven’t been posting I’m sorry, I haven’t

been doing my podcast. Sorry for everything. Because I’ve been sick. So

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I thought I was going bad that I

have malaria or Dengue fever,

especially since I’ve been getting aided by these mosquitoes all over the place. So between last week and this week, I had got food poisoning black bean soup, I think it was from, so I won’t be eating that. And I love beans, which is sad. So I think what happened is they did they keep preheating the beans over and over again. And yeah, that’s not good. So I had serious body aches all over and I actually missed a couple of hours of school this week,

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I wasn’t practicing dindim do my homework.


yeah, this was just a bad Week in Assam parties I have never been sick not one time in Mexico come here

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and I’m just like

so sickly.


I’m better now I think I was dehydrated I took some emergency.

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If you move abroad if you go on vacation abroad I recommend you take emergency with you. Because it really helped me not to say that I couldn’t have went to the store and got some electrolytes but already had in my bag. I didn’t even have to go out or tell somebody go give me something. It was already here. I just got up and got me some emergency put it in a cup, added some water to it. So next morning, I felt 110% better so

had to be the dehydration.

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I haven’t

been drinking as much water as I usually do because I don’t want to pee like a racehorse every time every 30 minutes. And so especially since I had to use public bathrooms at school So I would have these abandoned at least three or four times while I’m at school. And since the bathrooms can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet, so now I have body fluids in there looking at me in my face, and that’s no fun. So I don’t drink as much water as I usually do. So yeah, that’s me being sick. And I have an announcement to make. I started a food critic blog. And so I research and research and research and it’s like, no, no famous black food critics. And so I’m like, that’s, that’s a problem. That

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is a serious problem.

And say, you know, black people who’d like to eat, you know, our taste buds is on point we know all about the condiments and the seasons and everything. So, you know, give my honest, black ass opinion because we can’t go off others. So since I like to eat and I live all these different places travel a little bit every place I go to I’m gonna critique a review it lets you know what’s up where to go where not to go.

So yeah,

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my blog, my new blog is over eat it, which is over eat that it not calm that it that it will do basically Italy but overeat it so because if you love something so much, you’ll want to overeat it right.

So overeat it, that’s my new blog.

tell everybody about it.

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Cuz they’re like I said, there’s no black food critic. So hey, I’m trying to be one.

Let me see what else am I Spanish progress?

Let’s see.

So this week I finished up my third week. This be my third week I have nine more weeks to go before you know I would have to get extend my visa here. I came on on a tourist visa. But I can only stay here three months maximum then I had to leave. So I’m on birds now and burbs not to say they’re difficult.

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conjugation can get kind of tricky, weird,

but they follow a pattern. And that’s one thing I can say about Spanish, unlike English is that they all they usually follow their patterns. So I motivate myself by saying that English has almost 130,000 verbs by Spanish only has almost 13,000 verbs

because these verbs are kicking my ass.

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Especially with the conjugations because there are some like weird ones out there but How am I get it down because I want to release I think I still want to my speaking is getting better I can actually hold a conversation and I’m listening and


like I said after nine weeks I should be I should be pretty damn versed in Spanish I think I want to do another three months, somewhere I don’t know if it’s going to be Guatemala or another country. But because I want to do business in medical Spanish business because Rome businesses and if I ever stay in one place I want to open a business and medical Spanish because I mean, that’s important. And plus I’m sickly, so happy and that’s it. So in itself, I mean, I can actually market myself as someone that goes with people when they don’t speak Spanish, so, or English for that matter. Either way. So that’s that. And next weekend, I think I’m going to go to thermal spa. I love the spa.

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probably write a review on that. See how that goes. Give me a massage and stuff. And so a thermal spa is usually at a place where they have volcanoes. And so it’s basically the water that comes from the volcanoes like he did in a spot. And so people make whole resorts and hotels out of them and stuff. So they go sit in a little warm water

and chill

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in the thermal spouse will be really good for your skin and your bones and everything else So I’ve been kind of stressed out being sick and these verbs are kicking my ass. I’m gonna go probably chill at the spa next week. So yeah, that’s that. Again, check out my new blog over eat it,

check out my, my service

and be a foreigner calm, where I can help you move abroad if you look into. I send out a daily newsletter

with opportunities to move abroad.

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My story is close at this point since I’m not in Mexico right at this point, but of course you can still get my book and my course which is leave that

life. And

that’s it stay tuned.

Because Yeah, I’ll have way more stories to tell real soon

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Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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