Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

Will México Reopen Next Week? | Elyse Y. Robinson

Will México Reopen Next Week?

May 14, 2020

When will México reopen?

Day #44 of quarantine with Elyse Y. Robinson. Is México reopening next week and how is that going to work? México is in the “peak” what are the numbers currently. Crime is up here and people are restless.

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(00:01): This is episode number 80. My name is Lisa Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico? Because my mother passed away in November, 2016 and so I quit my whole life in order to help take care of my mother and help my family. And so I didn’t have anything in life. And so I decided to quit America and go explore the world. And so I settled on Mexico. And so even though I lived on the border twice, I had never stepped foot in Mexico. And so you always hear about Porto for yard to in Cabo and cane Coon. So I chose Mexico city and never heard of Mexico city. Crazy enough. And so I had a bunch of Southwest points. Mexico city was the cheapest point and so have to fly it about a week after my mother’s funeral and pretty much been here ever since, called my father for about a month after I had landed and told him I ain’t coming back.

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(01:06): Okay.

(01:07): [Inaudible] Coming by, you said okay.

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(01:11): And so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. And so let’s, let’s get right into it. Be sure to check out@leastrobinson.com my blog for other articles and other podcasts and YouTube videos that I’ve done. Be sure to check out my business via phone or.com if you’re thinking about moving overseas, I post data opportunities and other things in there to get you started. Be sure to, to like this video and subscribe to the podcast and the YouTube channel. Also, if you really love me, be sure to become a monthly donor. I accept all currencies with the link below or you could do a onetime donation and I just kind of talk about me and what’s been going on in Mexico of course. Cause that’s all I got at this point. I really, I really, before this started it was supposed to go on vacation and I had to cancel that.

(02:13): Yes, this

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(02:13): Is all I got to talking about at this point. I see. So me, my asthma, my allergies have cleared up. Hurricane season has come in early. They’re saying that’s the last week it rained really hard and I cleared up all the pollen. So what I’ve been reading and doing research on this whole allergies, asthma thing is that during the day the heat makes the pollen rise and all their allergens and then in the evening since it cools down, they fall back down. And that’s why people have serious issues in the nighttime because I feel great during the daytime is around five six, seven o’clock is where I start to struggle. And so my sister was like, yeah, I thought she knew. I was like, no, I didn’t know that. She said, I’m all her patients start to act up around around seven o’clock at night.

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(03:11): It’s like they’re going to die. I’m like, well she could’ve told me she didn’t tell me nothing and so awesome. So I’ve been trying to get exercise in every day if I wake up early enough cause I got out one time it was, it was like seven 30 airborne and mama was how I was like, Oh no, this won’t ever happen again. I’m up at the crack of fricking Dawn to come outside. I do a 20, 30 minutes exercise, 20, 30 minutes in the sun. So don’t let, don’t let no one tell you that black folks don’t need no sun cause we need lots and lots of sun. And I reckon that’s why my skin is horrible. Just horrible right now. So I’ve been damn near 30 days of sitting in the house when there was sun. And especially since I live in this part of Mexico where the sun comes out every day, every day, and it’s just beaming.

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(04:06): And so I wasn’t getting my daily dose of sunshine. And so my, my skin’s like the fuck. And so I just go sitting outside in the sun chilling. I was wondering about Google news cause I get a lot of my news from Google on my phone. You know, you just scroll over and I’m constantly refreshing to see that going on in the world. And so I’m like, well how do you get your articles on, on Google news? Right? And so I did some research and so I submitted my website to Google news the first time I was denied because they said I had too much shit on my web pages. So I’ve been redesigning my website, getting that together. Slowly but surely. And so I submitted it once. I took a bunch of junk off my off my web pages and I got cleared. So I’m really excited about that. I’m praying one day, one of my articles would be on the phone, front page of Google news. And so Google news will also drive traffic. So your website and traffic means money. I am so excited about that.

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(05:23): Mmm.

(05:25): And you can also follow the blog and Google news. There’s a others option on there to put the RSS feed RSS feed in there so you can follow along. When I update the blog I will post my RSS feed

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(05:46): In the link below, down, down below. And I will also post it on my blog post. So you can add that in. Follow me on Google news. I also need to get that together because it’s not the way I want it, so that’s going to take forever, but once I get the format down, it’ll be all, I’ll be all good. So I’m excited about that. Then this morning after I was done exercising and getting my son, I got an email saying that I won a grant for my business. I’m so excited about that. I feel, I feel so blessed, so blessed as much negativity and bad that’s going on in the world. I have had a lot of positive things happen in my life and so I just feel so blessed, so blessed. With my business, I, like I said, I’ve been doing this I always say it wrong even though I’m taking the damn class with the business, digital marketing ed you to city and no, that’s not how you say you, the city, they have a free month.

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(06:55): And so I’m trying to get it done before the 25th when it renews. So I’ve been working on that. I got a couple more lessons to go through and then I’ll, we’ll be certified. And the basics of digital marketing. I’m so excited about that. And then I’m going to start advertising my business on Facebook because I got a credit and then LinkedIn for sure, since my business has to do with employment of course all over the world. So be a foreigner, look out for the ad. I don’t know if y’all will ever see it, but we shall see. What else? I think, Oh my podcasts out of order. I fucked that up. I was trying to add beautiful or my commercial in the middle of my podcasts and I did not know that if I saved it, it would change the date.

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(07:44): I mean, what is the point of putting in a episode number if we don’t go by episode number? So I got to fix that. Sorry y’all. I think that is it on my side so we can get into to Mexico. And so I do not have the numbers for today yet because they haven’t came out as early this morning. And so I have the numbers for yesterday. And so the numbers for yesterday, we started at 36,327 that was on Tuesday, right? Cause it is Thursday. So that was the numbers on Tuesday on a Wednesday we had 38,324 cases. So a difference of 1,997 so one up almost 2000 cases in a day. Then we had 3,573 which was on Tuesday deaths and then 3,926 deaths on Wednesday. So a difference of 353 so the peak of Mexico was the six, I believe the 6th of May.

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(08:53): And so they weren’t lying because shit just shot up with the deaths and they’ve been going up ever since. So I don’t know what numbers we will reach on deaths every day. They have stopped reporting recoveries. I don’t know if people have stopped recovering or they’re just not getting the numbers or what, but even Mexico has admitted that the numbers are not accurate. They’re saying is up to 17 times higher. Okay. Then what they say in it is, so, I mean if we go in off just an even round number of 10, we have a 40,000 cases or no, excuse me, 400,000 cases, 400,000 cases and 40,000 deaths. If we want to go off at nice even number of 10, they said it could be a December 18 times higher. They said people is the doctors are saying they’re reporting deaths in cases in Mexico is not getting them and, and reporting it.

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(09:54): My peeps and other parts of Mexico shout out to my peeps is telling me that they reporting in numbers. They don’t want people to get scared. So I don’t know. I ain’t going nowhere. That’s the outside to get me some sun and to exercise. That’s all I’m about to do at this point. But you know what, I, my Pearson is fucked. As you can see, there’s no ball on my Pearson so I might have to go out and get that change cause I don’t, I don’t know how to change it myself. I’m scared to change it myself. Like I said, maybe I can try. Maybe I can try and maybe we can order something online, have it shipped here and try for myself. And I’ll show him enough me to here could cause I’m tired of this, this, this bushel on my head. I am kind of digging the Afro a little bit though, but I don’t like it.

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(10:53): He had Afro in a minute. So, but it’s cute. It’s cute. Let me see what else is going on in Mexico. There was an article about three nurses that were killed. They were all sisters. Now they don’t know the circumstances of the killings, but like I said in my previous podcasts and YouTube videos and people acting a fool about people helping about people, helping other people in the medical field, they don’t want hospitals in their neighborhoods threatening to burn them down. So there’s a lot of crazy people on this earth and I’m starting to just start to realize from shit, like every day, every day is a new shit that I’m realizing. They’re saying crime is up here. So they’re saying a lot of home invasions. A lot of robberies

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(11:54): And Marita here where I live is supposed to be the safest city in Mexico. So this is another reason why I say my black ass in the house. I don’t need nobody knowing that I am an American, even though I ain’t even got my stimulus check yet. I don’t even know where the fuck that is cause I shouldn’t be using all my business. And so yeah, I don’t need no one knowing that I exist. No one needs to know I exist except for the handful of people that already know why I exist. So due to the crime here, they have hired some private security company to patrol, to patrol the city rich people share, right? Like married is a very rich city. Like I constantly see BMW, the Mercedes Lincolns and I don’t even know if those, those dealerships even exist here in in this, in this city, but a lot of rich folks not to say that there isn’t rich peoples in all of Mexico, but Marita has a high concentration of them.

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(13:14): There is no wine, there hasn’t been wine for over a month. Now I believe I’m not that I’m an Alkie alcoholic or anything I can do without mine. But I was saying yesterday that I need, I need a drink of wine. Like it really would call my nurse, especially since my allergies is over with. Like I need a glass of my favorite Chilean wine. So supposedly they’re going to open it back up on the 15th. We don’t write the no, but we shall see. Cause I show enough could use me a glass of wine. There has been a lot of people dying from the fake ass liquor that they’ve been making. So, but people just don’t understand that people need liquor to survive. Sadly, sadly it isn’t an addiction. And if you, some people don’t get it, they can die. They can literally die. So to cut off like that is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Open in Mexico. That’s the last subject. So opening a Mexico was supposed to start on the 18th, so next week, which I believe is Monday.

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(14:36): Yeah, it’s Monday. So people are supposed to go back the words, people are supposed to go back to school, they’re opened up, they’re doing three phases. So the first phase, it starts May 18th and next is like a week after that. Then the final phase is June 1st so I don’t know what’s going to happen looking at the rest of the world and we ain’t even hit the peak of deaths and infections. I don’t know what’s going to happen y’all. But like I said, I will, I will definitely keep dog away dated. Keep your update on what’s going on, what I hear. But I mean there’s three things that I’m probably going to come outside and do I need to get this Pearson change because it’s just hanging on by a thread. I’m going to go get me a haircut probably and I’m going to go to give me a Manny petty massage.

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(15:38): I will risk it all for those three things at this point. So yeah, the tourism industry is supposed to open up June 1st CanCan was supposed to be back open for business. It can’t show. It has one of the highest rates of infections and deaths. So y’all go ahead. Y’all won’t come to to make me go. And we ain’t even started this. We ain’t started this thing yet. We just, we just starting, we just started popping off. So y’all come if y’all want to. Yeah, I’ll come if y’all want some. Just know y’all won’t see me. Y’all will not see me and ask that. All right. So I ain’t got nothing else for y’all. We would comment on what y’all think about what’s going on on this earth. Mmm. What’s going on in Mexico? What’s going on with me? Be sure to check out the blog@leastrobinson.com you should have check on my business. If you think about moving overseas, be a foreigner.com. Hit the donate button the link down below. If you think, if I’m moving overseas, I will also post my RS S feed so you can look at me on Google, Google news and keep track of me and the link box below and on my blog. And hit the like button. If you like the video, subscribe to the channel. If you love me and subscribe to my podcast, and again, at least Robinson peace.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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