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What Skills Are Needed Overseas? | Elyse Y. Robinson

What Skills Are Needed Overseas?

September 04, 2019

Skills Needed

A few updates on my life and what skills are needed overseas? Is entrepreneurship the way to go?

Here is the article about the three entrepreneurs: Challenges Met: Expats Who Succeeded Off The Beaten Path

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This is episode number 64 and thank you for subscribing Thank you for listening if you love me said donations check out my blog at least Robinson com if you look at him move overseas check out be a foreigner.com please please please join my facebook group be a foreigner I started to get momentum for my business number one number two to to say same same more of what I want to say I guess put it in writing a little bit about me. My name is Elise Robinson Of course and I am a black woman that lives in Mexico. I’ve been here almost three years come November 26 2019 YM

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when my mother passed away from blood cancer November 11 2016. And literally like a week after her funeral I have to fly to Mexico City never heard of Mexico City because you always hear about Portugal yeah to Cabo Cancun. So I was like well I’m gonna go to Mexico City and try it out. Little did I know that Mexico City is amazing freakin amazing. And I ended up staying. I am in a small town on the beach now though so

to focus into

to keep my life right


I love it here and

I changed my life I always tell people Mexico City alone changed my life Mexico changed my life. So this this episode I will talk about updates in my life and then talk about skills for you want to move overseas you need some kind of skills or be a hustler hustling is skill though. Right?

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my Dave Pearson

It was not healing so I got it switched out to a titanium titanium piercing. You can listen to my podcast on that. So basically a Dave piercing is for migraines to help with migraines. And it’s helped because I noticed about two weeks ago like I did I didn’t have me until my sister oh my god like I haven’t I haven’t had any like crazy but when I first got it the the migraines were intense and I’m just like, oh my god, what did I do to myself but they ended up being non existent or just a little bit, just a little bit. So I highly recommend getting a date person for $30 which includes the the extra Pearson that I had to get was hurt like hell when they changed it. So yeah, migraine sufferers suffers as someone they can poke the right hole, the right spot, because they could poke the incorrect one. And it can be worse or better.

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Or just not not anything happen at

all. So shout out to my my piercer, if that’s

what if that’s even a word.

He hit the right spot. So I’m

forever grateful.


I don’t know what the hell’s going on my ears, I want to say is allergies. Cuz like I’ve been having sinus pressure and everything. So I’m going to go to your nose and throat doctor today and see what the hell is going on with that because I just, it’s painful. And it’s just really irritating at this point. So yeah, we can add that to my list on why I flew to Mexico because I can just literally just walk into the doctor and probably see him today.

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Hopefully he’ll squeeze me in


see what the hell’s going on. Maybe I need an internal steroids because the steroids that they gave me that were drops ate the fuck out of my damn ears. I had sores in my ears. And that could be another reason why I’m still having issues. It might be healing down off in there. I don’t really know. But that should fuck me.

royally Oh, it’s painful.

Um, so yeah. A

huge, huge update. As you know, I am the founder of be a foreigner, again, add yourself to my Facebook group. So I can approve UMB a foreigner.

And so I’ve been pounding the pavement.

And if you read any type of article, you ask any type of black woman on this earth, how hard it is for us to number one be first generation entrepreneurs because we therefore out of out of slavery, right?

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Number two,

together get funding, they don’t give us very much funding. Okay. And number three, to get just any type of help. I’ve been pounding the pavement denied all kinds of programs and everything, even though everybody I talked to says My idea is wonderful. And I’m doing the damn thing. But to get help is ridiculous. So I don’t have thousands of dollars to to pay someone for the help. So I’m trying to get in a program where you know, it comes with funding and they and it’s free and they give help, you know. So when I become rich and famous, I will tell the real true story on how hard it is to be a broke ass entrepreneur. Because, you know, people want to tout, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, you know, these big ass companies. But when people came from nothing, and they never tell the real story, oh, how hard it was like, it’s like, Okay, well, one day I was I was struggling and and, and one day I was in like, detail it all the way out. I even thought about doing a YouTube channel with one of my peeps. He’s really great.

He’s really great.

But I just I don’t I don’t know why I don’t have time I’m already doing so much. And number two, I just don’t know if I want to put all that

out there yet.

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When I do my memoir, it’s gonna be so late.

Today’s movie, so live. Um, it’s gonna be on the bestseller lists, like for real. So, um, I had got accepted to a program in Canada that was free. But Canada is Canada’s more expensive in Mexico. And so I had to come up with all my living expenses, like a room was like $1,000 alone. So yeah, I couldn’t justify that. So I turned that down. So whoever got my spot, we need to thank me, because it was me that gave up my spot for you to be there. Just Just know


I’m and so

I’m a firm believer was meant to be will be. And so I turned that down. And the next day I got a scholarship to a program that I applied to.

in the UK.

I would love to go Decisions, decisions decisions, but I’m going to try to push it back to January. because number one Brexit then people were is like acting a fool they writing acting crazy. So I don’t want to be in the midst of that. I just read an article Saturday, about the Prime Minister there, he’s just basically not trying to talk about it and people are angry. And they’re rioting in the streets. So I don’t want to be there with that. I’m Brexit is really serious right now.

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Outside of that,

I’m going to have to give up my life in Mexico. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. My Spanish is not where I want it to be. So I’m trying to get back on track with that. I’m back with my lessons for sure. For sure. Not that I like married but married is very easy to navigate and I found out so many things here so many things easy. And I’ve made some good connections here. So

I don’t know if I’m ready to leave that yet.

I’m also fond of a person I will never ever in my life without a ring stay for a relationship but like I said my Mexican life is all that I know at this point.


I’m gonna push it back to January plus is dangerous in the UK right now. I think I need to find out what’s going on with Brexit. Because I have left I have left mother fuckers before and got no problem leaving people cuz opportunities only come around so often. And that is my goal has always been my goal to be entrepreneur.


I will I will leave us at a job

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so yeah, for someone that didn’t graduate from barely graduate I did graduate barely graduated from high school barely graduated from college. I got my high school GPA was like 2.46 College was like shit, I think I got a 1.99 and

it was like we don’t let you graduate.

Graduate so I’m like, Okay. Because we know we are about to go through this. No mo no mass no mass.

Um, so yeah.

So right, so he can’t get scholarship. Graduating shit. that’s for damn sure. And my mother was a cleric. My father was a janitor. So everything that I’m doing is brand new knew, as I said, when when I when my memoir come out, it’s going to be so late because I don’t come from GIFs fact. Everything I’m doing is I guess phenomenal. Extra extra ordinary extraordinary at this point. So I’m making new connections, new foundations for



my, my last name in my I guess my future last night whenever I decide to get married. But anyway.

Um, yeah.

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that’s that on that I’m still a pound to pay my planet programs. I’m willing to move wherever is just the UK is kind of scary right now. Yeah, I’m getting I’m getting a lot of interest in what I’m doing.


that that

topic is skills. So these countries ain’t like the US young, like the US just opens his legs up

to everybody.

I understand why. Because everybody believes the US is utopia is like one of the greatest countries on Earth, blah, blah, blah. It has good and is bad,

of course.


these countries, you can’t go work in Walmart. And they’re going to let you that’s not how that works. You know, they’re not going to let you go work at a restaurant flipping burgers.

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they want you to have skills. So doctors, lawyers, accountants, speech therapists, people in the health field, you know, finance, engineering, all that. I’ve even

seen carpenters, farmers,

veterinarians, psychologists, pharmacists, I guess these, like I said, my art is kicking your nose and throat doctor, but skills. So if you ain’t got no these type of skills, you need to get so fast, quick and in a hurry. Because these countries won’t let you just just hop on over. Or you can be a hustle like me entrepreneur, bring money and set up a business. So if you don’t got those type of skills, you need to get them. Okay. So before I moved to Mexico, I had applied to move

to Australia.

I use Australia as example, because I’ve been through the wringer with them. And so I know all about the process. And so my background is accounting, I was an auditor. And so since I am auditor, I can pretty much work anywhere on Earth. accounting is a needed skill. Every business needs an accountant, every country has a tax system. So I will always be needed if I want to go back to that route. And so Australia had me do a skills assessment. Now most of these countries have skills assessment, make sure you’re not lying about your skills, they want to make sure that she has so many years worth of employment, sending your transcripts and make sure you have certain classes, and that you actually are what you say you are. And so Australia had me do the skills assessment. And I had been working as an auditor for a number of years already. But yet, they wanted me to get a master’s degree or finished my master’s degree because I was working on my master’s degree at the time. And I’m like, Well, I’m not about to do that, especially when I have all the courses that you’re asking for. So I gave up on Australia. But my career field at least the last time that I checked, I should check again today is still on the career lyst auditor, internal and external. So yeah, when you go these countries, they want you to have skills, and they’re going to assess those skills, I can name off for other countries that I have moved to that I have actually researched, that needed my skills. And so you want to be put into a position to where number one you can find employment, if you want to go that route. Number two, if you need to move around, you can move around very easily. My teacher friends, they move around too easy, because teachers I need it all over the world, right? Every country on this earth has teachers. And so they move around very easily. And people want American teachers, because we speak English, and supposedly the American system is so good. I’m not going to say too much on that, but whatever.

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And so.

And plus, they want to make sure that you’re qualified and online about stuff, right? Because if you say you’re a doctor, we want to make sure that you went to medical school and actually did your residency and training, right.

The other thing is

you have to have a couple years experience usually, most countries don’t want fresh newbies off the boat. So if you ain’t got a plan, at least probably a good five, five to 10 year plan. If you’re not already skilled. It’s gonna take some time in order to put this into motion. Or you can go the entrepreneurial route, shout out to IK never say her name in Consuela. She sent me an article is an older woman that I talked to every now and then about three entrepreneurs and moved to three different countries and is doing a damn thing on simple things, simple things. That’s what the funny part is. And I tell people all the time that you know, you usually already have skills, and especially in these other countries that not that are not as developed as as the United States. There’s no competition. And the and the thing about being an American, I can’t speak to other countries, because I’m an American,

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is that

things happen in America First, usually, right? So that means that we get to touch and smell and feel things first. And then you know other countries get a year later. Or you know, they don’t have it at all. So for example, I know a guy in Mexico City. He is doing like Zumba mixed with booty shaking glasses. And he’s playing off his blackness too sad for the stereotype, you know that we like to shake our ass or whatever the hell but he’s cleaning up. He’s cleaning out with, you know, I don’t want to call it no skills, because I guess it’s a skill. But it’s something as simple as that can make you a lot of money. He has he he travels around. And he has a studio and he teaches booty shaking classes. And he’s cleaning up off of that he just recently became a Mexican citizen. Funny enough. But back to the entrepreneur, so three entrepreneurs was a lady that did I last growing serum. And so the way her bottle was designed, it leaked. And so since you know the United States sold manufacturing to China, she went to China and didn’t know a lick of Mandarin. And so she had to learn Mandarin. She learned that and got her manufacturing done there. And she decided to stay. And so out of that came another business. So when you move to these countries, you see so many opportunities. I tell people all the time, if I have 50 people on my team, like we could literally be billionaires because I see so many opportunities every single day that I just walked down the street. The second entrepreneurs, he had baked a cake and gave somebody a piece of cake. And they were like, Damn, you should sell this. So that’s what he did. opened up a bakery. Anna’s is famous for opening up a bakery, and a selling cake. The third person I believe they were in a touristy area, but nobody really spoke English. And so they they picked up on that and offer tours in English instead of the local language. And he’s claiming that. So those are well the first one wasn’t simple, but the other two were very simple. And then the guy that I know of the teach the booty shaking classes, one of my pizza lives another part of Mexico, people are constantly asking her do she braid hair? You know, the whole stereotype. But if you can make money off of it, you know, you should do that, of course.

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so yeah.

So people think they don’t have skills, but they do. What the equation comes down to is basically money, right? So save up money, and move to another country and find these opportunities and play off them. Because it could be as simple as braiding hair, making cake, or offering tours in English because nobody speaks the local language. Another thing I want to touch on is teaching English. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t recommend teaching English. Because I have a lot of teacher peeps. And they went to school for teacher number one, it is a career field, you know, they have years of experience in dealing with children, adults, whatever. And that is a career. So to get your little

TEFL, whatever you want to call it, and yeah, I’m

gonna go and teach English

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I don’t recommend that stuff. For people. It’s very doable. I know people that have done it and you know, satisfied become but come down to it, they were they weren’t happy because

you know, it was forced upon them.

don’t recommend it in Latin America, because you will be poor and hungry, you will be living tend to her house. A lot of a lot of people in these countries unless you’re rich, cannot afford to learn English. And don’t really care to learn English, just like you know, people in America do not have to learn another language. These people in other countries do not have to learn another language because they conduct all business in their local language.

So to cut it off,

just know that these countries want skills, they want you to bring money and become entrepreneur, they don’t want you to,

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to live off them, they’re not going to take care of you.


get your skills up, make a plan to do that.

Gonna take some time.

I would recommend visiting the country that you’re thinking about moving to scope out some opportunities if you’re looking for entrepreneurship, and go that route.

I didn’t do none of that. That’s why

so recommend people doing in this is one reason why I started be a foreigner because I don’t recommend people to do it. But it’s only me so I can do that. And in my last podcast, but they do that, Oh, I’m a firm believer of taking chances. So I took my chance I’m still here. And I’ve always been a planner. So one thing don’t work out I got a plan B C D, E F G so with that, thank you for watching. Thank you for listening.

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Be a for now on Facebook. If you love me send donations. Check out my blog, at least Robinson. com check out the business be a forum. com and adios

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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