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Sorry, Moving Overseas Ain’t For Everyone | Elyse Y. Robinson

Sorry, Moving Overseas Ain’t For Everyone

March 31, 2019


When you can’t figure out life in your home country, don’t think moving to another is going to solve your problems.

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This is the keen, ready, calm black woman in Mexico podcast with me, at least Robinson, coming to you from Mexico City, Mexico, one of the largest cities in the world. I’m here to dispel the myths and rumors about Mexico and also to tell you how to live a great life overseas, have been living in Mexico City since November 2016. And I truly do love it here. And just to add a disclaimer, these experiences are mine and mine alone, and I can’t speak for anyone else.

This is episode number 56.

And I was struggling to come up with a new topic, but I found one this morning. Because lady posted in one of my expat groups about wanting to, you know, move overseas or whatever, some read through. And and I stopped on her saying she struggled to move a couple of times. So I asked her straight up, you know,

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why were you struggling to move? So she comes back and it’s like, well, I had an unplanned, unplanned, unplanned pregnancy. Yeah, it says pregnancy pregnancies unplanned ever, but anyway, you have sex, you could potentially have a baby, if you don’t take the proper precautions. And so she had an unplanned pregnancy. And

she’s working two jobs and all this other kind of stuff.

So I told her in the nicest way possible, because I mean, there’s really no nice way you can say that, because you’re basically a fuck up. And you they get yo shit all the way together.

So I’m telling her, you know,

well, it sounds like you got a few problems going on. And then you know, you need to get, you know, some serious help and create a point in, because you can’t just move to another country and you have no plan, you don’t have no money.

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Because other countries are not like America, you know, the great whore. That opens up to everyone and lets anyone work there and live there. That’s not how other countries word.

And especially if you’re not a resident or a citizen.

So you have to have lots of money, or enough money in order to you know, figure out what you’re going to do next or a job or, you know, something.

Because, you know, moving to the contrary, you got $200 in your pocket k without some kind of hustle, you know, is not going to work.

So she comes back and was like, Yeah, well, I have my tax money. But my student loans took it and I’m like, Oh, well, we have another problem. You weren’t smart enough to, you know, refer your student loans. And so, you know,

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I’m not judging her. I’m not doing anything because people fuck up in life, of course, but you can’t fuck up in your home country so bad and think that you can move to another country. That’s not how that works. Because if you can make it in your first country, and you got bad habits, that’s what I’m going to call them as bad habits, then you’re going to take those same bad habits to another country and do the same exact thing. You’ll have another unplanned pregnancy because you can figure out how not to have an unplanned pregnancy the first time and you didn’t figure out how to defer your student loans. keep taking your tags money. So you know, and if he was working two jobs in America, you’re probably worth 10 in another country. So I mean, you know,

I tell people all the time like you gotta have

hustling skills. You got to be a straight Haslett. If you’re not a hustler, then I don’t know. Everybody I noticed in my expat circle is a hustler. Like we figure out ways to get money

we figure out ways to get these skills up so we can get even more money

we came with skills before we left

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so you know get your skills up get your money up because there are no safety nets and these other countries like America there is no abt there is no food stamps there is no WIC there is no such section eight there’s none of that there is no probably food pantries and might be some here in Mexico I don’t know if any

at the research it and see but you know there and if there is food pantries is not for you. It’s for the citizens is not for you.

Now I know a few stories of people that have their ass over to another country I’m prepared thinking you know well things so bad in America look I’m just gonna hop and skipping thing is going to work in another country now because you took them bad habits which you

and so they ended up big in and begin staying with people using them and brought the ass right on back.

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And second of all, you have to trust a lot of people and you have to be listening. Okay. So when I tell someone that gets killed skills up come with a skill a marketable skill. I’m not saying this stuff for my health, I’m telling you because I know people that have done terrible things, you know, fucked up. I’m telling you because I’ve experienced it as an immigrant expat whatever you want to call me. And that’s what my circle tells me.

So she got three strikes against that she don’t want to listen.

She unplanned pregnancy, she don’t take that bad habits is her other country. And she came forgot how to do for her student loans. You got to be a hustler have some serious critical thinking skills, because you can’t you got to think your way out of out of some terrible, terrible situation sometimes. And so, you know,

and then you gotta move somewhere where you don’t know the culture to customs, the laws of rules and regulations, and probably the language because most people a move into the you K, most people ain’t moving to South Africa. You know, they move on to Latin America and Asia,

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where people don’t speak English. So

you got to be able to think quick on your toes, I have tons and tons of critical thinking skills. And if you can figure out that, you know,

not using birth control and not different your student loans. And being able to listen to someone is the problem.

And you ain’t trying to fix that problem is trying to backtrack on the damn problem. You know what I’m saying? That’s the problem.


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I’ll tell people over and over again, I don’t want to see you move to another country. And I see you I’ll begin because this is really life and I know people that have done this to where they thought they was going, you know, leave all the problems behind. But then change the habits. And they were literally out begging

begging people to help them

I got my own problems I can’t be Captain save a whole lot here. That cannot be Captain save a ho trying to save you because you may piss poor as decisions.

And another thing is everybody I know that left or extra ordinary.

Okay, not basic. They not basic people they not Walmart greeters, no offense to Walmart greeters. And now reception is, you know,

they are people that have neck and think they way out of any situation, you know, and they have skills.

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And if you ain’t got no kind of skills that you need to be a hustler, where you can develop some skills very quickly and, and 1414 that you got some damn skills and convince people to pay you for them.


I know a woman that moved to another country and she didn’t have that much money she ran out, she became a hustler.

And she pounded that pavement

and she got clients teaching them English, making lots of money, start a little business.


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that’s the type of things you have to do.

I know another person, you know, times got high need a little bit of money, they got cooking nearby little American food. And you can probably could give them some fried chicken and some hot dogs. Probably not here because hot dogs is like a staple in Mexico, which I live, but cook you some pizza you some

and sell it. I know somebody that did that, because Tom’s got a little bit high. So these are the type of things you will have to do. You know, you might have to do if stuff gets Do you know, foggy, I just ended the story. So, you know, I had started me a little photo business at one point to get some little extra money because I learned and this is another thing. If you’re going to move to another country, you have to open your eyes to things like I’m saying you don’t know the rules, the culture is a customs, you have to open your eyes to so many things. And

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one thing you would have to do is find a need and so back to my little photo business. So I need a passport photos. Now passport photos are just different size and in other countries and in America because America likes to be so fucking special. But anyway.

So nobody had the American Standard passport photos. So I saw me

what you mean nobody

prints these type of photos, I thought that you know, if you have a digital printer, um, you could set your printer to a certain size and just print them out.

But nobody really wanted to print the American size photos, I had to go, like, a couple miles down the road just to get it get these done. And so, um, I saw a need, and I create a little business. I was getting people coming through every day to get American passport size photos printing. So, you know,

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but I gave up because I didn’t want strangers on my stuff. And you know, it was weird, weird people coming through an interesting. So those are the type of things that you have to do in order to maybe make it in another country. When I’m done, I’ll repeat that you have to be serious has low critical thinking skills, and you have to listen, you gotta you gotta you gotta trust people. You know, somebody tells me something. I’m like, oh, OK, OK, because I just don’t know, you know, I live in America for 30 years of my life. And my 30th birthday, a couple weeks out of my 30th birthday is when I landed in Mexico. I’m almost three years into this process. And I still don’t know nothing.

I’ve learned so much, so much so much. And I can navigate, you know, so much. But every day, every single day, I’m learning something.

And I mean, to be honest, in America, every day, learn something, you know, rules change, things change. So in the throw in another language, man, you’re not even knowing. So, you know,

I wasn’t mean, I wasn’t malicious towards the lady. I’m not I wasn’t judging her, you know, I try to be as nice as possible towards her. But she became offended. And you know, cussed me out and block me. But um, you know, at the end of the day, you know, I am I’m not a sugar coat type of person. And, you know,

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and that ties into my business, you know, my consulting business on and, you know, consulting people to move overseas, that you know,

if you ain’t gonna listen and hear the truth about you know what your situation is, then no one can help you. And I’m and I hope, you know, she doesn’t even with her two children in her man to another country. And you know, how to be big and, you know, GoFundMe and whatever else she needs to do, because it’s going to be a sad situation, especially when you have kids. And that’s a whole other issue when you have kids like me, is just me. You know, I don’t have to depend on anyone. No one has to depend on me. I can do what I want when I want. When when you don’t when children. What do you mean, you don’t have a plan? What do you mean? Like I’m scared for your children? I’m like, seriously scare for your children. So you know,

I don’t want to beat a dead horse.


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yeah, like, you know, I don’t want to see her how to do those little some little strange for little change, you know, in the bag and I here because that’s gonna be a sad situation.


to wrap it up, you know,

when I do my consulting business

I’m honest as possible, you know?


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obviously, honestly, honestly, is good because that him blogs, but you know, at the end of the day, that’s that’s just what it is and is real and those are my experiences. Other people have told me Hey, you did nothing wrong, she she was out of pocket for that. And you were right. So, you know,

I pray and hope that she gets her stuff all the way together.

Because, you know, if you if you that’s what you want to do that you should be able to do it. But you can’t you can be out here on a hope and a dream. And ain’t got a plan ABC, the g h i j. k l You know, that’s not how that works moving to another country, especially when you don’t have residency. So

shout out my blog, at least Robinson comm check me out there. Oh, and I’m starting a new series since I’ve been working on his business stuff heavy and I really ain’t been posting a lot of stuff about my life here in Mexico. So I’m going to start

my weekly grocery list budgets. I don’t know what you want to call it. Where our list my prices, food here and how much I’m paying and just how much you know, my weekly my weekly grocery bill is

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I need to get my my whole expenses together. But like I said, I’m really worried about that right now. Because my business stuff. So

um, yeah, so just on my blog, posting, my weekly grocery list the prices on there, my first one is on there. Sign up to be subscribed to my blog so you don’t miss it. And also check out be a foreigner calm, where I have daily opportunities to move overseas, sign up for that list, so you can see what I post every day. And

that’s that’s the don’t move your ass to another country and you’re not a hustler. You ain’t got no critical thinking skills. You gotta be a hustler here. So

as we say in Spanish, when a SWAT day Good luck

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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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