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Black American Woman in Mexico

America Almost Kill Me | Elyse Y. Robinson

America Almost Kill Me

February 25, 2021

Texas Freeze

I was in Texas during the snow storm and it was horrible. I have lived in China, Guatemala, and Mexico and I survived.

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[00:00:01.935] Hey, my name is Elyse Robinson, I am a Black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico? Because my mother passed away from lung cancer in November 2016. And I quit my whole life in order to take care of my my mother and help out my family. And so since I had nothing left, I decided to go mourning Mexico instead of falling in love with the place called my father about a month and a half and told him I was never coming back.

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[00:00:33.545] And. Yeah, the rest is history. Please be sure to check out the blog, at least Elyse Robinson dot com subscribe if you haven’t already. Be sure to like this video. Leave a comment. Be sure to check out my new endeavor News.In.IT. If you’re thinking about getting started in I.T. or upgrade your IT career with a foreigner, I got good idea for it. So maybe, hopefully I can get to that because I’ve been having so much success with news and I’ve seen.

[00:01:12.425] And let me see what else? Check out the podcast if you’re listening to podcast and subscribe to that if you love me and you can show me the cash at this, Miss Robinson, that’s mselyserobinson and PayPal is down below. And that’s a bit going to since that’s all the rage. Let me see. Let’s get right into it. Like I said in my last video, I am back in the States, I’ve been in the States alone.

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[00:01:50.365] Actually, I’m back home in Mexico right now. I came back home to check on stuff and everything for a couple of days. And then I’m going right back. As long as I guess my COVID test is is none positive rights. But like I said in my last video, I am here until the end of April because my sister took covid travel contract and I am here to basically watch my father and my nephew. So. So there’s that.

[00:02:26.535] At first, I was like, I’m not trying to be here, but I’m actually I actually want to go back home, actually want to go back home. So, yeah, I don’t know. I feel like maybe I’m just not maybe because I’m feeling rushed because I’m going back home in a couple of days, so I’m not even going to get time to even do anything really here. I’m just taking care of my business and going back home. So maybe that could be part of it.

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[00:02:55.335] But I want to talk about how America tried to kill me, try to kill me. As you know, my family lives in Houston. And so, of course, I was in Houston. And if you don’t know, Texas basically shut all the way down due to a bad, bad, bad snowstorm that we had. It got so cold, so damn cold. They said it was negative eight with the wind chill. I mean, what was that?

[00:03:30.825] That was Tuesday last Tuesday. I mean, I clocked it at 19 degrees. I mean, that’s the coldest I checked on it. I didn’t check it throughout the day, but that’s the coldest that clock today and. It was ice, fucking cold, ice cold. Literally, we were sitting in the car because we were going back and forth between my sisters and my my father’s father’s place and. I mean, we were sitting in the car, it was twenty three degrees outside, but the car was hot.

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[00:04:12.975] It was like really, really hot on the inside.

[00:04:15.885] Just in the ass. I mean, not the AC. The heater wasn’t blowing in the car. You just sitting out there in the sun. It was just it was crazy. Like the sun was hot, but it was so cold outside. I don’t know what to say, but my father’s apartment got down to forty five, I believe he told me my sisters got down to fifty five. We did one night, technically, we did two, we did one because the first night the electricity did go off and then I guess it came back on the middle of the night.

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[00:04:56.765] So we didn’t freeze the second night. We we all bundled up at my father’s house, which was probably a bad idea because his is not as insulated as my sister’s apartment. And we had stacks of blankets and. Yeah, I mean, I have so many blankets and clothes on, like I sweated to death, which is not a good thing, like I could have froze, like in my sleep. So I don’t I don’t know. My sister recently got a puppy for my nephew, and the dog just shivers all the time.

[00:05:31.265] Now she don’t know what’s going on. Crazy ass Chihuahua mutt dog, because, you know, a dog is not going to stick his head underneath the covers, inside your jacket and keep his head warm because it’s stupid. So she was freezing her ass off.

[00:05:49.595] But I guess the daytime was worse than the nighttime because I mean, a nighttime. You can just go to bed, right? You go to sleep and cover. It wasn’t covered. You know, I’m worried about too much in the daytime. You want to move around, you want to be on your phone, you want to do things and you’re not going to sleep throughout the day. So that was worse than the nighttime because my hands were out.

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[00:06:09.155] You know, I’m trying to eat is cold.

[00:06:12.275] It was just a mess. And honestly, if it wasn’t for having cars, you know all, I don’t think we would have made it. I don’t think we would have made it. We when they said rolling blackouts, we were like, OK, you know, it’s going to go off and on, OK, we can handle that as long as it goes off and on. Nope, just stayed off. Stayed off from sun somewhere in the sun night all the way until Wednesday or was it Thursday?

[00:06:44.735] Shit, I don’t even know. It was just it was so traumatizing. I don’t even. I don’t even remember. I don’t remember. Don’t care. Don’t care to remember.

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[00:06:55.345] I mean, I read stories of people freezing inside of their homes. I read one story of a lady. She said our house got down to twenty five degrees and the fish literally froze in its tank because thirty two degrees is freezing rain. That’s when ice, ice freezes. Everything is going to freeze. Like it was crazy. First day my nephew went out, played in the snow like he was a nut. And then after that she got real because she was like, it’s not coming back home.

[00:07:27.955] That going back on.

[00:07:31.735] There was no food because you can’t cook without electricity. Luckily, we had food, you know, leftover food to last us and then starve a little bit, a little bit hungry. You know, plenty of water, had plenty of water because, you know, you can survive a couple of days without food, drink of water. But, yeah, one day it was funny because the businesses got electricity, but the apartments didn’t. They actually had to come replace some things at my sister’s apartment.

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[00:08:10.915] And they worked two days straight to. Well, I’ll probably say probably about four or five hours straight to fix something inside her palm, I don’t know if something. I don’t know, but businesses were fine, but the apartments were not. They had to come re reconnect electricity in my sister’s apartment and in my father’s apartment. And then my father’s pipe busted, luckily was outside. I don’t think anybody’s apartment’s got flood or anything, but you could definitely notice outside that episcopacy.

[00:08:42.505] So they had to send someone to do that.

[00:08:44.465] And my father didn’t have water for two days, so I didn’t shower for a couple of days as was raw, as raw, like we keep baby wipes because it’s just too cold to even take a shower. It’s like, OK, this is how people used to die in the old days, like they used to, you know, not build a fire and and take baths and get out and catch pneumonia. So. One of those days, a business, some of the businesses had electricity and thank goodness a Thai restaurant was open.

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[00:09:23.665] And I told my son said, look, it’s people carrying out food, people carrying out food. Let’s go grab a whole bunch of food because, you know, you can’t eat. I mean, you can’t eat beans, beans, and the day you die if you must. But I was like, it’s cooked food. You know, it’s not going to be bad if if if if we have to eat on it again later, you know.

[00:09:44.355] So we got a whole bunch of Thai food. Yeah, it was crazy, but I mean, briefly lived in China for some shared experience, some shit. Didn’t try to kill me, went to Mexico, you know, I’ve been in Mexico going into my fifth year here in Mexico and. Nothing has tried to harm me here. Guatemala, I was there for three months and, you know. For as bad as they claim that Guatemala is, you know, I live there and I thought I have broke my foot.

[00:10:24.775] I went to the hospital and and got free services there. Didn’t almost die. But my home country to one that I’m born in, one is not supposed to be a shithole as country as Trump would say. Yeah, like this wasn’t even a natural disaster. There’s no reason. So. And almost died, how much people died? People didn’t have food. People didn’t have water and. You know, I’m not I’m not complaining, not complaining at all by.

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[00:11:08.315] It was definitely an experience, it was traumatizing for sure, when we saw it on my worst enemy. OK, maybe I would, but. You know, and I and I don’t even know, I don’t even know. At one point, it really got serious to me when my nephew said that he was going to save his protein bar for later. Because he might not have any food, so I was like. I’m right about here, ready to get out of here because, you know, if you baby your baby starts saying some stuff and feel a certain type of way, you know, you got to really do something.

[00:11:55.435] So that that was my breaking point right there. But by that time, we had electricity back on, so. It is what it is. My poor little third world country, poor little third world country.

[00:12:21.505] And yeah, I mean, if I if I was by myself, I would have fled before it happened. I’ve learned so much stuff. If you listen to my podcast, I’m fleeing the earthquake and coming back home in just my neighborhood was so damaged. That was an experience in itself, I mean, everything is dead, dead, and in Houston, like the grass is dead, like even before the storm even really hit, my nephew was like 80, like the leaves.

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[00:12:56.865] There’s no leaves on the trees. And I’m like, Why? Because there were leaves on the tree. And I’m like, yeah, there is the trees. Only they they burned off.

[00:13:05.025] They froze off before the storm even really got serious. That’s how bad it was. Like I don’t know how many things died, but somebody is going to have to throw down some seeds and regrow because so much stuff which is just out there out there is ridiculous. Yeah, anyway. See what else is going on in my life. Like I said, grad school. Coming back for grad school, maybe, possibly. Which means I’ll need a job because America is like super expensive, but.

[00:13:59.745] I have had so many wins like these past couple of months is ridiculous, like I said, news and I have been featurettes so many times with my business, I’ve even gotten my own talk. And speaking of like I had to postpone my little my talk that I was going to do last week because of the storm. And I’m so upset about that, but. Oh, yeah, that will happen next month. Praise the Lord, because I’m so excited about that, put in the talk for a couple more places.

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[00:14:39.885] Let me see what else is like, really funny to me, how things could just change on a drop of a dime. Because all of a sudden, I’ve become an expert in a lot of things and it’s just really funny to me, but I’ll play the role. Will definitely play the role. Not that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I do. But I mean, there’s, of course, way more people. That probably would be more qualified than myself, but.

[00:15:18.665] I’m coming with all the energy, all the punches and taking it day by day. Let me see what else anything else? Yeah. So I’m drawing a blank. I’m hungry, I’m waiting on my food. But. That was something I was going to say, I’m going to buy it now. OK, I remember. I don’t even remember what I was going to say, it was about losing it, though. But anyway. Will get up off here because my food should be delivered in a minute and I have something I got to do in a minute, but.

[00:16:17.175] I guess my next my next podcast, I’ll talk about reinventing yourself, because I have totally done this so many times in my life and I guess at this point, I’m a master. I’m totally a master. So. Oh, and listen to my podcast that I did recently released last week. I talk about. I talk about being black in Mexico, I talk about having an IT career, being a consultant in Mexico, I’m going to school and all this lighting and I talk about differences between I.T. and other careers.

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[00:16:59.095] So, yeah, I gave some some good inspirational stuff in that podcast.

[00:17:05.115] And with that said, I ain’t got nothing else to talk about because I’m drawing a blank at this point.

[00:17:11.535] And be sure to check out the blog. Elyse Robinson, dot com. Check out news in I.T. for opportunities to. To start or upgrade it, career testimonials speak for themselves, oh, I got some great testimonials, so proud of myself like the video. Subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast. Leave a comment if you love me. That’s mselyserobinson, PayPal link below and stay safe out there because COVID is very, very real.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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