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Why You Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) When Leaving the Country | Elyse Y. Robinson

Why You Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) When Leaving the Country

May 07, 2017


I am back in the states and visiting with my family in Houston. I will do a write up on DC when I get back to Mexico. Of course, good and bad things always happen to me when I step foot back in the states. I am here to pick up a few things I need and also to get my dog. I will also do a write up on the process to bring your dog to Mexico. So stay tuned!

I want to talk about a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Someone had messaged me today asking questions about it.

I use a VPN here in Mexico to get around websites “thinking” I am in Mexico. By being in Mexico I am not able to access any government website from the US, login into my Paypal account, or use the English version of almost every website on the internet. Having a VPN allows you easy access.

  1. I use 12VPN as it was optimized just for China when I went and just stuck with it. I love it because you can add it as an extension on Chrome. This makes it very easy to turn on and off when you need it with the click of your mouse. You can also download an app for your phone to access blocked websites

  2. Their website is VERY EASY to use. The directions to add the Chrome extension and the app to your phone is very clear and user-friendly.

  3. The price is reasonable and I see they recently changed their plans at 12VPN. You can either pay monthly ($10.99), twice per year ($53.94), or make one payment for a whole year ($71.88).

  4. They have tons of servers to choose from. I like to utilize the Los Angeles server as that gets me around a lot of websites.

  5. Customer service is top notch and I have used it a few times when I got stuck. They are also prompt in giving you updates on their business and any servers that are currently down.


  1. This VPN also works with Netflix. I have successfully used Netflix with the Los Angeles server. I haven’t tried any other servers.

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