Wing It Girl


My second Auditor job. I had been interviewing for a month or so with the feds plus I did mystery shopping on the side so winged shit all day everyday. I used to call it my “acting”. 🀣 So eh I didn’t practice before my interviews.

Anyhoo…this job sent the interview questions beforehand. Did I look at em? Hell no! I actually forgot they sent them. I was working full time and doing my masters part time AND doing my “acting”. I didn’t have time!

So the interview comes and they ask me…did you take time to look at the interview questions? Me…I’m honest…nope sure didn’t!!! They’re like ooooook well let’s just start then. 😲

I must have done something right…they called me a few days later and offered me the job. I took it.

My boss later tells me they called me ‘wing it girl’ and was so impressed with my ass. #strokethatego 😜

Anyhoo again…I never plan my presentations. I just go in there and “wing em”. Each time it’s a challenge.

I have my first pitch today for all the way in Poland and I’m sooooo excited. And this Black Woman right here πŸ™‹πŸΎ is not about to prepare SHIT. #wishmeluck I’m going to look real gorgeous though. πŸ€ͺ

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