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I Did Ziplining in Guatemala | Elyse Y. Robinson

I Did Ziplining in Guatemala

September 25, 2018


Sorry, I have not been posting…these past few days have been blah. Not a good week for me at all. I’m really starting to hate Guatemala. Keeping my eyes on the goal though…

I finally got around to doing something exciting and special here in Antigua and guess what happened? I got discriminated against!

I love ziplining and the first time I ever ziplined was in Hawaii. I’m not an adrenaline junkie at all and can really do without stuff like this on earth, but it’s such an amazing experience!

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I head over to Antigua Canopy Tours which is at Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours. I thought I had a few minutes to grab a muffin or something but didn’t so left. The first time I was there, the people were helpful.

I run over to the zipline window and they tell me they’re going to wait a few minutes to see if more people show up. I actually got to zipline all by myself. So I decide to go back to the restaurant to grab something. No one could be bothered to help me this time. Hola, hello, help, ayuda, necesito asistir. Nothing. Nada. The people there were definitely helping other people or just walking by staring at me. So I get mad and decide I’m not spending a DIME in this damn place!

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I head back over to the zipline window and tell them to give me my money back. They give me some bullshit excuse about the money already being on deposit and since I was supposed to go last week, there are no refunds. They are apologizing and trying to figure out what to do amongst themselves. Finally, they come back over to me and tell me I can have a free breakfast. I really didn’t want that as they may harm my food or something. But I reluctantly agreed. Breakfast was probably $20 at this funky place so I got half my money back and a full stomach.

Like I said, I’m the only person on the tour at 9am in the morning. I guess no one else wanted to get up that early but since it rained on me at 11am the first time, up I was! We ride all the way to the top of the mounain in a bumpy vehicle and you can see the city of Antigua down below and the beautiful landscape of Guatemala. So beautiful! The only thing that could ever keep me here is the beauty of the city. It’s surreal!

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I put on the equipment that included a helmet and gloves. Why gloves? Because their ziplines suck and you will have to pull yourself a good 50 feet to the finish line which is BEYOND SCARY. The man did come get me because I was taking too long to pull myself back to safety but never again. It felt so dangerous. Also, my helmet was scraping the line a few times. This was never an issue in Hawaii. I will never recommend this place to anyone. I repeat…I will never recommend this place to anyone.

Plus, there are only two lines. $40 for two lines is ridiculous and should have been more like $20. You have to hike back up to where the vehicle is located and it was definitely a hike. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath.

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All in all I had fun but for your safety I cannot recommend this place…and especially if you are Black.

Antigua Canopy Tours Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours

After, I got my free breakfast with no hassle. I ate two omelettes that were delicious and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and walked home.

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